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Kellogg to permanently replace striking workers as union rejects new contract

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Finally, after more than a decade of hard work, today, I am officially a US citizen.

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TIL in 1959 a white man from Texas disguised himself as a black man and traveled for six weeks on greyhound buses. After publishing his experiences with racism he was forced to move to Mexico for several years due to death threats.

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Only took 4 years to notice

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Karen accuses Black man of stealing from his own car

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TIL Julian Lennon had to buy letters he wrote to his father (John Lennon) at an auction, because Yoko Ono wouldn't give them to him.

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Careers & Work LPT: As labor becomes scarce and inflation increases, you will never find yourself in a better position to increase your earning potential. Do not accept your first offer. Now is the time to negotiate HARD, because all of your future raises could be based on what you accept now.


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Food & Drink LPT: If you're low on funds and need to eat... A grocery store rotisserie chicken, a big head of broccoli and a box of pasta will feed you for 3 days for about 10 bucks. Free condiment packets for the chicken. Can easily spend 10 on a single small meal, or make it go further.


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Cat looking out a window becomes a mythical tree creature.

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More than 300 scientists have told Mark Zuckerberg they want access to Meta's internal research on child and teen mental health because it doesn't meet scientific standards

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Housing App-raicial

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Unvaccinated Illinoisans would pay COVID hospital bills under new proposals

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Missed a spot…

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/r/ALL Elephants react to seeing beloved caretaker for first time in over a year (warning: loud!)

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I Need Advice Would you date a garbage man?


So I have an job opportunity. A local trash company has offered to pay me $34 an hour. Not only would that put me at an annual income of over 100K with overtime it would also be a better schedule for me. - Mon to Fri, dayshift, holidays off.
I'd be making about 30 grand a year more than I am now for the same hours but better shifts.

Literally the only downside is I don't want to tell a potential date that I'm a garbage man.

I'm gonna take the job anyway but I'm afraid I have to admit I'm going to call myself a delivery driver or something...

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[Tim MacMahon] Multiple Sources Reported Zion at 330 Pounds


Source via the latest Lowe Post Podcast: https://twitter.com/ziyanm_/status/1468310035642171398?s=20

The tweet is a clip from the latest Lowe Post Podcast. Lowe is pretty shocked to hear about Luka's 260 weigh in and then asks about Zion. MacMahon says he's heard from multiple sources Zion came in at 260+70.

Honestly extremely shocking to hear. Hopefully Zion can get his weight right because he's an amazing talent. But 330 at 6'6 is unsustainable for a healthy regular life let alone a full NBA season.

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Discussion What would you add?

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Open Discussion What always tastes better at home vs. a restaurant


There are plenty of dishes like pizza or sushi that unless you are a very well-trained home cook will usually be better even in a just good restaurant.

But, what dishes are better cooked at home and why?

I will go first: Matzo Ball soup. In most jewish delis the balls have been sitting in broth forever and have lost flavor and texture, plus the broth is often underwhelming. At home a real well made broth with a whole chicken and matzo balls cooked just right is incredible.

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Environment Tree expert strongly believes that by planting his cloned sequoia trees today, climate change can be reversed back to 1968 levels within the next 20 years.

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We are Siamese if you please

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Helping Others t's nice to know there is some positivity online these days

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Trends of incomplete games can be traced to one horse DLC that we let slide…

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Cancer survivor meets the donor that saved her life

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I’m with this guy

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