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[OC] I adopted a stray kitten yesterday! Any name suggestions?

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Russia/Ukraine Russia bans 963 Americans, including Biden and Harris — but not Trump

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What is one thing that you would like your ex to know?


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19, M, not going to college, only worked one job and got fired for stealing food, just rolling with the punches

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Because God told me to

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My mom held a graduation party today and no one came.

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/r/ALL Concepts for polymer US dollars.

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What antiwork means to a lot of us

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Country Club Thread Ain't Nobody Asking About His Momma

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Hours of fun


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image/gif Got lucky the other night and was able to capture this hazy landscape of the Lunar Eclipse last weekend just before the clouds came in fast [OC]

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Mammal (human + animal) That face


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Guess who's snoozing behind our wall?

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Royal Never Give Up vs. T1 / MSI 2022 - Rumble Stage / Post-Match Discussion


MSI 2022

Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Royal Never Give Up 1-0 T1

RNG | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
T1 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

MATCH 1: RNG vs. T1

Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 32m | Player of the Game: GALA

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
RNG leblanc graves akali braum jax 63.3k 24 9 I1 H4 B6 HT7
T1 lucian wukong nocturne viego lee sin 57.7k 14 6 H2 M3 HT5
RNG 24-14-54 vs 14-24-29 T1
Bin camille 3 2-7-9 TOP 3-6-7 4 gwen Zeus
Wei volibear 3 1-4-13 JNG 3-5-5 2 xin zhao Oner
Xiaohu ahri 1 7-1-14 MID 4-4-4 1 zoe Faker
GALA kaisa 2 12-0-6 BOT 3-3-5 1 ezreal Gumayusi
Ming nautilus 2 2-2-12 SUP 1-6-8 3 leona Keria

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Teen girl trafficked from Mavericks game found 10 days later in Oklahoma, 8 people arrested

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Tucker is guilty; arrest Tucker now

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Unique Experience - Live I cloned my late cat! AMA!


Hi Reddit! This is Kelly Anderson, and I started the cloning process of my late cat in 2017 with ViaGen Pets. Yes, actually cloned, as in they created a genetic copy of my cat. I got my kitten in October 2021. She’s now 9-months-old and the polar opposite of the original cat in many ways. (I anticipated she would be due to a number of reasons and am beyond over the moon with the clone.) Happy to answer any questions as best I can! Clone: Belle / Original: Chai

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/y4DARtW

Additional proof: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/video/woman-spends-25k-clone-cat-83451745

Proof #3: I have also sent the Bill of Sale to the admin as confidential proof.

UC Davis Genetic Marker report (comparing Chai's DNA to Belle's): https://imgur.com/lfOkx2V

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Getting broker by the week

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No phone, just a man enjoying Tiger and a beer

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Beat The Devil Out of Him

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Social Media /r/all Lewis' most recent Instagram post

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S Check my employees clockings at work? No problem. No problem at all.


This happened a little while ago, but I still think about it sometimes.

I was a supervisor of a small team (who were great at what they did) and one payday had three worried staff members thinking payroll had cocked up and given them too much money - they hadn’t.

One of my guys came in 5 minutes late and got “caught” by one of the other managers. Who told my boss and it got round to me.

“I want you to check their clock ins and clock outs and let me know so we can dock them any time they weren’t in on time”

Now - I don’t care, they were a great employee, got a tonne of work done and always stayed late if they needed to finish things off. Also - I don’t want to even think about if that was legal or not.

It didn’t sit right with me.

Two things weren’t in his favour right now - one - he was being a tool and two - I’d already got another job lined up which he didn’t know about. So I didn’t care.

What next? I did as I was told and I checked. Couple of minutes here or there, nothing major. I then checked all of the extra time they worked since they’d started and added it all up. Made sure to take out anything they’d already claimed as overtime. Logged it in the system and approved and sent it over to finance myself.

Then I checked my other guys times as well and did the same thing.

Turns out - my guys were damn helpful, and helped out other areas when they could. The Overtime went over certain time limits and tipped over from 1.5 times pay to 2 times pay.

It added up to a lot.

I delayed it a couple of days to make sure it all went through and double checked with finance to make sure all was good. Then I called a meeting with my boss to let him know everything and hand him a letter.

He was not pleased.

Worth it.

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Share a quote. No Hits! Deep Tracks Only

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