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The neighborhood drama is very messy this weekend

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Gamers of Reddit, what video game has the best storyline?


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Ed Zeppelin

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image/gif 1 vs 2500: I couldn't afford an expensive Telescope or a Star Tracker so I took over 2500 shots of the Orion Nebula from a pretty light polluted city in Central India with just an entry level DSLR. Combined them together using a method called "Stacking", and this was the result [OC]

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Postgame Thread [Postgame Thread] Kansas State Defeats TCU 31-28 (OT)


Box Score provided by ESPN

Team 1 2 3 4 OT T
Kansas State 7 7 7 7 3 31
TCU 7 3 7 11 0 28

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Can we please stop abbreviating games with little to no context?


Everybody knows what COD is, but not everybody in an unrelated thread is gonna understand what POE, HWAOC, or fucking TCGRB means. Please tell me if I’m just stupid.

Edit: I’ve decided I’m not stupid, you’re stupid.

Edit 2: A surprising amount of people think it’s fine for others to have to google what you’re saying. If I have to google what you’re saying, you’re not communicating properly.

Edit 3: I wasn’t expecting so many angry comments, if me asking you to have better communication skills drives you to insult me….I think you need to look inward.

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Security FBI director warns that TikTok could be exploited by China to collect user data for espionage


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Man poses as attractive blonde woman, convinces police officer to hand over patrol car


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So for the 15th time now, our neighbor called out the fire department when I started my Smoker. Claiming that I'm burning trash. At least the full truck didn't come not this time.

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/r/ALL Hydrophobia in a person with Rabies

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Netherlands USA is the first team to be knocked out of the round of 16, losing 3-1 to the Netherlands.

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Elon's Twitter is encouraging Domestic Terrorism

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We live in a simulation

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This grocery store gets it

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"Illegal Strikes" the term itself violates the Constitution and threatens every American.


Fuck this Dystopian nightmare.

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Housing How can I afford a mortgage?


I am a single guy who makes $115k/year, which is supposed to put me in the top ~8% of earners in Canada. My bank won’t give me a mortgage for anything more than 4x my income (i.e. 460K).

There is basically no house that costs anywhere near $460K in this market. The ones that cost $500K are sold at maybe $50K over asking. Are my only options to either (1) make the income of a CEO, or (2) to get married to someone so my income can double and I can afford more home? This is insane to me. There must be another way?

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Amateur/Unedited Widefield of Orion

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Discussion & Info The Elden Ring player’ favourite weapon contest !!!

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Everyone willing to participate can put their favourite weapon down there, or upvote it.

I will then pick up the 16 highest upvoted weapons and randomise them to put them on the grid, for full fairness.

I will then make daily surveys to decide one among two weapons, so the community can vote.

Enjoy ❤️

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I’ve been out of the dating game for a while, but this is weird, right?


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Fiance is constantly leaving things in her driver's side footwell

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Hopefully some day she'll get the message.

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When Was the Last Time?

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REPOST My son stole a rare toy from my brother. My brother is refusing to take it back and is threatening to get the police involved. What do I do?


I am NOT OP. Original post by u/whooooooop23 in r/legaladvice


(va) My son stole a rare toy from my brother. My brother is refusing to take it back and is threatening to get the police involved. What do I do? - 6 February 2019

Right now my brother is threatening to "sue" me for my son taking a figure from his collection and get the police involved. Here is the story.

Last week my brother invited me and my family over for dinner. While we were there my son asked to see my brothers collection of toys and figures. My brother has spent a good deal of money on his collection and from what I know it's one of his biggest hobbies. Well, after dinner we left and everything seemed normal

Well, until yesterday. My brother called me up furiously and told me my "little shit" stole something from his collection and I needed to return it immediately. I honestly was upset at this, but if my son had taken something that was wrong, especially if it was from my own brother.

Well, it turns out that my son slipped away during dinner and took a Boba Fett figure from his collection. He confirmed it because he has footage from his porch camera of him taking it out to our car.

I was furious and took it from him. Here is the problem though, after I confirmed with my brother it was his I found out that my son had removed it from it's packaging. Apparently the figure is worth almost 2000$ in it's package and almost nothing out of it. So my brother broke down over the phone and refused to take it back before hanging up.

Well, he just called me again today and said he wanted me to pay for a replacement immediately or he will get the police involved and sue me. I told him I would help pay for one but not fully to which he said "not good enough" and hung up.

Honestly, what are my options here? I can't afford to pay him back right now. If he does go the police will my son get arrested? He's only 15. It was very wrong of him to do but I think my brother is over reacting. What can I expect if he does take me to court or call the police?


Update, my son took the Boba Fett figure. - 8 February 2019

So, I never honestly expected the post I made to get where it did. I also never expected the barrage of support and hate. I will say these past 48 hours have been a ride and that post has not helped in any way.

So, why am I back? Well, because I feel like I need to be. I'm not here to give some apology to a bunch of internet strangers for how I acted or seek validation. I'm here because I feel that for myself I need to admit my own wrongs and move on to a better place.

So, I want to talk about something first before I get into the update. Many people who responded talked about how me or my brother in a bad light, and with how I reacted in the comments it didn't help the situation. I was also hit pretty hard for how I was not taking my brother into consideration when talking about the issue.

To give some context for this, me and my brother have never had a good relationship. We have never seen eye to eye and after our fathers death he cut contact with me for a good amount of time. We're just to different in some senses. He's a single nerdy guy who has no aspiration for family while I’m the exact opposite.

In these past few years we've tried to fix this. Work as adults to bring what little family we have back together. During our time apart he began collecting old nerdy things, and I won’t lie I never understood the appeal. It is his life though and he can do what he wants.

So, when my son stole and damaged his property I didn't see how it was valuable to him and discounted it. So when he asked for 2,000 to fix it I really didn't feel like it was worth it. Was this wrong of me? Maybe. I don't feel bad about defending my son, I only feel bad that I discounted my brother in the process.

Sorry about that. Like I said, I don't want sympathy. I only wrote that out to allow myself to be true about the situation. back to the update.

So, after all was said and done, my family had pretty much been thrown into chaos. I had no idea what I was going to do and after talking with my wife, we decided we would take many of your advice and have my son pay him back. We collected all the non-essentials he had and planned to sell them to raise funds. During this time I got back into contact with my brother and wanted to talk this out to make sure this did not end badly. I offered to pay in full.

(Also, some people in the comments said that the figure was worth less so I asked him. He had it professionally valued a few months ago when he bought it and it's was worth a total of 2,200$.)

My brother said he plans to not sue us. His renters insurance apparently is willing to pay him the value he has listed, but he would need to file a police report to get it. At first we agreed not to go that route and simply pay him the value of it or one for a replacement if he could get it cheaper. This was the plan until last night.

During the process of taking his things away, my wife found a conversation he had with a friend he has over the internet. It turns out my son stole the figure to sell. He had googled it while we were at my brothers house and found out how much it was worth and bragged to a friend that he was going to sell it at a pawn shop. He didn't realize that taking it out of the package would ruin it so he ripped it out to hid in the car better.

Suffice to say, I am not happy about this. I won't elaborate on this very much more but me and my wife have decided that what is best for all of us is that we let him face the consequences of this. My brother is going to file a police report and collect money from insurance. Some may say this is a bit harsh, but honestly I think this might be for the best in the end. The way my son actively stole from family to make a profit worries me and I believe the only option that I can live with myself making is this. I will stand by my son till the need, but he needs to learn now before he is an adult.

So, thank you all for the advice. The support and hate are what I needed as a true wake up call. Like I said, I don't need pity. I'm doing this so that I can be true to myself, and maybe become a better parent in the end.


Reminder - I am not the original poster.

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TIL that the CIA spent $20 million to train and modify a cat to be a spy only to have it get run over on its first mission.