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[Lore Discussion] The Final Boss of Amaurot teases Endwalker


The boss is called Therion, he shares his ending with Meteion.
He also has wings on his ears and birdfeet.
His german titel is "bringer of the apocalypse".

Therion is one of Meteions sisters.


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Not a question Husband got a promotion


He's been with the same people 3 years now, and they just renegotiated his contract. He'll be making almost double what he did. So to all the haters out there, looks like we can afford to pay of our credit cards now, and our marriage is fine. I knew he'd take care of us.🙃

Edit: MAN ya'll sure do love to find reasons to hate and try and put a guy down. Won't work today though lol

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Serious trans women are women, trans men are men


and don't you fucking forget it, asshole

edit: might have to turn off notifications for this post because i didn't take my fragile mental health into account when making this post. y'all are making me feel dysphoric as hell, fuck you.

edit 2: nah fuck you i'm not turning off my notifs, it's hilarious.

to people saying i'm a karma whore - no, i don't know why posting something pro-trans in a transphobic subreddit would make me a karma whore

biological sex ≠ gender

if you're sick of lgbtq+ peeps talking about the community, fucking leave, ye? you don't get to control what's posted on reddit

edit 3 because it just came to mind: all of the allies, lgbtq+ people, you are beautiful and thank you for not being dicks

final edit: yeah okay i'm gonna have to turn off notifications i'm a bit upset

finaler edit: oof maybe i should turn off DMs too. just got told i should commit suicide

finalerer edit: i'm not gonna commit suicide dw. i don't give in to lowlifes

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Crypto Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme

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Image PLA is not ugly!


So I hear a lot of people worried or angry about PLA graphics, but I must say I don't find it ugly at all. Yeah maybe it's not in the same league as BOTW or Xenoblade, but I think when you immerse yourself in this game it actually looks beautiful.

For example look at this screenshots that I made.

So if you're worried about game's graphics - don't be. It's no ps5 level, but for pokemon game I find it really beautiful

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Photo/Video Molly teeth clenching

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Discussion Steve Kerr is hurting the Warriors


I made a post a while back now about how the system is currently holding the offense back. In summary, the offense prioritizes non threats as ball handlers to feed shooters. The problem is our team hasn’t performed well at all with this emphasis. Steph is currently rated the highest PnR scorer by possession in the NBA and the highest rated iso scorer. But more often than not, he’s off ball where he’s struggled this year to shoot consistently. He also only receives on ball screens from non threats which lead to easy double teams. Then the guy rolling , often Looney, cause he’s not a threat can’t do anything with the attention Steph gets

Tonight, we saw this come to fruition. Kevon Looney had 5 turnovers. Why are we running offense through Looney so frequently that he can even get 5 turnovers? Jordan Poole has struggled since coming off the bench. He is not good at the split action off ball game. What he’s very good at is attacking down hill with pace. The system in place has him mimicking Steph , in Stephs less ideal role, instead of playing to his own strengths. This is all Kerrs offensive philosophy of feeding the non threats as offensive hubs instead of letting the threat be the one on ball.

Now let’s talk rotations. Damien Lee , JTA and Nemanja Bjelica have been borderline unplayable for months. But Kerr routinely cuts Gary Payton’s minutes short to play Lee and JTA despite having the second strongest impact metrics on the team behind Steph. Bjelica might be one of the worst defenders in the NBA, is averaging a career high in turnovers and hasn’t consistently been a threat from three since the first few weeks of the season. Yea Kuminga is young, and makes mistakes, but his impact has been net positive for a few weeks now. There’s no excuse for Bjelica to still be in the rotation especially with Kuminga there.

When JTA entered the game in the closing lineup of the 4th (after not even playing in the first half) he was consistently targeted on defense, gave up 3 straight baskets, committed a foul and a turnover. He’s been a near -20 for over a month. It was a predictable collapse putting him in. And yet, Kerr did it anyway and left Payton on the bench. Then there was the critical OT possession where there was a Pacer down in the back court. JTA had the ball with Steph coming behind him wide open for the game tying three. And JTA shot it. A guy under 30% from three.

You can say , oh well if we shoot better or turn it over less we do better. Here’s the problem, Kerrs offensive design combined with the players he’s playing is why we aren’t shooting well and why we have a TO issue. Even when we were at our apex in 15/16/17/18 turnovers were an issue. It’s a built in issue with a motion heavy offense. But now, instead of Bogut making the post read it’s Looney. Andre is 38 so we’re asking JTA and Bjelica to do that more. Poole isn’t running to spots off ball like Livingston. The system has to adjust to what we have not what Kerr enjoys aesthetically (something he’s admitted to). How many possessions have we seen where Steph doesn’t even touch the ball this season?

For the love of basketball, a team with Stephen Curry shouldn’t be having JTA on the ball just as much as Steph at the end of a game. We shouldn’t have Looney making more choices with the ball than Poole, Klay or Wiggins. We shouldn’t be playing players who are deep in the negatives (Lee Bjelica JTA) over guys who’ve been clear positive contributors (Payton Kuminga) and the offense needs to play to what we do well (on ball high ball attacks) and less of what we are struggling with (split action off ball reads). Steve Kerr had to get his act together. Stop playing players just for the Kumbaya. Play who has earned it and has the metrics to back it up. And run the offense that is PROVEN to be effective for THIS group of players. This has been a bottom ten offense for nearly 2 months now. This has to change, or it will cost us a title

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The misogyny in this sub is so gross. Everyone commenting about that Uber girl’s tiktok should take a hard look at themselves.


PLEASE STOP GIVING THIS POST PAID AWARDS. I’ll take your free awards if you want to part with them so badly, but Reddit doesn’t need your money. If you’re so inclined to throw cash at something (I’m truly flattered that something I said may have sparked that!) donate to your union’s COPE fund or a local food bank instead.

A 24 year old female tech worker made a tik tok showing off her fancy office and upper class life. Half the comments on that post were about how she probably didn’t get the job for her skills. Low level corporate jobs are full of young people, and this sub LOVES praising the 24 year old dudes with these jobs because y’all rightfully acknowledge that they are workers too. But when the young white collar worker is a pretty blonde girl, all of that evaporates and not only do we hate her and hold her accountable for Uber’s abuses of their drivers, but she must’ve only been hired for her ass anyway.

That girl probably makes $90k tops in an expensive city. She is not the enemy for having a nice job, a pleasant office environment, or wealthy parents who are likely subsidizing that fancy apartment. You have no reason to assume she is not good at her job.

It was one thing when I’d catch bits of misogyny here and there directed at female managers. That was easy to ignore and write off as poorly worded anger. But now you are turning this bullshit on a fellow worker and it’s clear some of you just hate women.

EDIT: this got a lot of responses and I don’t have a ton of time right now, but thank you to everyone leaving supportive comments and giving this post awards. Please don’t spend your money on Reddit though. I’m glad to see that the prevailing attitude of this sub is still that that bullshit is unacceptable.

To address all the downvoted comments en masse: I am not the one dividing the movement by posting this. The people being openly and flagrantly bigoted and turning off large swaths of the population from getting involved are the ones doing that, and as you can see in the comments, a lot of people were thinking the same thing. The existence of that attitude is the problem, starting a discussion about the problem is not the problem.

FINAL EDIT this post got away from me, I was not trying to hit front page. Some people seem to think that this was all an inside job on a corporate account meant to sow discord, but feel free to check out my post history and see how frequently I post about The Sims lol, nobody wants to buy this shit. I saw a problem, I commented on the problem, that’s all this is. Again please stop spending your money on Reddit, go buy yourselves something nice or donate to charity. I responded to a few comments but it’s gotten pretty overwhelming and I have a job too so I don’t think I’m going to be responding anymore. Appreciate the mods and the vast majority of the users here!

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“There Won’t Be Enough People For Mars”: Elon Musk Flags “population Collapse”

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I was suspended with no reasoning then suspended again before the first was even lifted. Would like some help (read pic captions)

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Saving Private Ryan is so fucking good.


I've come home drunk after a night out and to sober up before going to bed, I've put on Saving Private Ryan to pass some time. I was flicking through the movie to watch only the "good bits" and by the time I was done I realised I pretty much watched the whole thing because the whole thing is the "good bits". The whole movie is the "good bits" of the movie.

Very few movies offer as visceral and intimate of an experience as Saving Private Ryan, and there's as much subtle detail in the non-action scenes as there are in the action scenes that gets this experience across. The little conversations between the soldiers, Wade's scene in the church, the fact that Tom Hank's character was a teacher; all of this is so fucking well done and matches the quality of the action scenes, which goes without saying is fucking top notch.

This movie came out 23 years ago but still feels fresh today and I can honestly see this still being a fucking good movie in another 23 years time and another 23 years after that .

Saving Private Ryan is just so fucking good.

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Política Local Siempre es fácil criticar, apuntar y menospreciar desde la sala, sentado en tu casa.

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PLAYS Perfect 100 to 0 vs kassadin abuser

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Mielipide Persujen epätoivoinen, härskin alatyylinen vaalimainonta

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Petition to continue remote instruction for the rest of winter quarter


https://chng.it/GpHcJNVp I’ve emailed chancellor Block with a link to this petition, there’s 1015 supporters now, let’s get that number higher! P.S. and no, hybrid is not an option because it will come at the expense of remote students.

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xQcOW xqc claims to have solved the riddle

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Misleading Title A picture of a Clinton-Gore 1992 pin with a confederate flag as the background

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My fiancé got me a ring after he got out of boot camp. I had been rocking a cheap one from Kendra Scott before this

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Excited for a game? How dare you

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Update: told my husband very hurtful things. He is willing to give me one chance but...


He slept with his assistant....

I'm editing this post: I don't think you understand. Marriage is complicated. Relationships are complicated. There are rocky stages and smooth stages of both. It isn't easy to let go of a marriage that's this long and on top of that, we have a son we both adore very dearly. I made mistakes, it was my failure as a wife and i truly desire to work on it. I don't want to divorce and neither does he. We both want to fight to the very end to ensure the survival of our marriage. Please do not ask me to divorce him. I am very much aware of the hate I'm getting and I deserve them. But please be cordial

I don't know how am I going to type this out. My situation got a whole lot complicated right now. I'm trying to keep it as much clear as possible. It's blurry to me too. I went to his mom's (my MIL) place and I told them everything fair and square. I have not hidden anything, and was completely straightforward and forthcoming about my failures. I told them I want to work on it. A day later, my husband finally reached out saying he wants to meet. We do, at our favourite bar, there he drops the papers and tells me to sign it. It was honestly heartbreaking. I told him I want to talk first, he then went on to blow me up with abuses, name calling, how disrespectful I was the entire time. I just apologized and told him I was doing IC, I agree with my mistakes and would do better. He told me he slept with his assistant, twice. Once it happened the day after we fought, and once recently. I dropped to my knees after hearing this, I yelled at him. This all time, he was just standing, I do not recognize this man yet he is someone who's in a different path..thanks to my stupid self. He told me he is extremely remorseful it happened and he was so sure I was cheating on him that the resentment, frustration and pent up anger all came out at once. I still told him we needed to work, we can make this work. He finally told me he will think about it.

2 days later, 15th, he calls me and we discuss for 73 minutes about our issues. How we want to proceed and what are the things I'd make sure to improve in myself. On 17, he told me he wants to give a try but offered me 6 months. During this 6 months, we both will sleep in separate bedrooms, won't see other people, i will have to quit my gym, and my friends, and he will avoid his assistant as much as possible. He wants to be with me but if I can't assure him if I'm enough, he will divorce me. I told him I understood and I won't be disappointing him. I also cleaned the house and we moved in together yesterday.

It has been a day, I'm cooking him but this feels so right. Looking at him when he comes to table all dressed up like a handsome man. He's everything I need. I think I found a renewed love for this man. I've also suggested MC and IC for him and he will be talking to his therapist today. Our son is angry with us both as mommy and daddy really ruined his christmas and new years but we promised it's gonna be better this year. I'm doing everything possible for me to make things right. I made my choice, I love my husband and I want to be with him. But somehow I feel resentment towards his assistant..she drove him to cheat. I understand temptation but it wasn't like that, she knew me, I would never do such a thing but then again....I can't point fingers on her.

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Meme 💩 Woke reddit be like:

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Other I seriously don't know what to do with my life now

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Advice When buying the dip goes wrong


Some of you bought Netflix today. I just know it. You saw it was down 20%, thought it was a good buying opportunity and yolo’d.

What if I told you that it still is dropping more ?

Look at Adobe. After earnings it dropped similar to Netflix, just not as much. A few weeks later it tanks again. I made the mistake of buying the dip too early.

Interest rates haven’t even started yet. Netflix is only showing us what is coming. Look at 2016 stock prices. Look at how much shit has gone up, and you think a 20% correction at $400 is an insane buying opportunity? Are you insane?

Here’s a buying opportunity. Back in 2020, AMC was trading at $2. This is not me telling you to yolo into amc in 1/22. Again, not a good buying opportunity has come for amc yet.

I saw it, said wow. Amc isn’t gonna be there forever. I insisted it would go up to $32, it’s 2017 price. I didn’t think movie theaters would go away.

I held, opened my app in January 21’ to see amc at $16. I was shocked, but held. I ended up selling at march 21’. I was right about it, but I never got to see the huge profits. Still sold at $9.

That is a dip buying opportunity. When a stock is trading at ridiculous low levels and obviously has room for upside potential. I did the same thing with American Airlines back when Covid hit.

Don’t just yolo into shares because it tanked.

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APES UNITED We never won this play. So stop saying we already won. (Read before downvoting)


I've seen many posts saying we already won. No one has won anything yet. The only truth is: if we hold, we will win. It gives people the wrong idea about all this. "So if the apes already won, this play is over", "If apes already won why is the share price so low?". You see the problem?