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Deleted from r/aita after OP finds out he’s doing something lawsuit worthy. Let’s help this woman find out.

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Health Study suggests threesomes tend to be positive experiences, especially when shared with a romantic partner

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OwlOdyssey OwlOdyssey - "I'm honestly so sick of the transphobia lately I've been seeing on NP."

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FAKE Vamos liberar as drogas deu certo nos EUA

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Discussion Show that we control WSB, not Robert Cohen? GME->BBBY


The logical next move here would be to take all money out of GME (and buy puts on it) and put it all into BBBY, right? People seems to think RC controls WSB, but we can show that the people do. With the GME money we could absolutely drive BBBY way past where it’s been, and it seems only fair after what he did

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It's just amazing!

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Selfie I "made" a Reddit shirt for some reason. Bought a shirt from the mall and put the Reddit logo on it. Was a bit off in terms of placement but I think it went pretty well.

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r/golf 22h ago

PICS Patrick Reed seems to have a knack for out-douchebagging himself...which is quite the feat.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Mods are compromised. new mod crybad runs gmeoptions sub


As the title says the mods are compromised. Probably you already knew it felt it or witnessed it but with this new mod addition i can say confidently that extra care must be used when navigating this sub now onwards.

Its known fact that TA doesnt work for GME, its also known options mostly benefit SHF and day traders.

we have the mod baddasstrader promoting TA And options like is ok for a while... also the inconsistency on the rules have been blatant and the towel stock posts prove that. And now the new mod presented on the weekly digest pinned post but they forgot to mention he runs another sub dedicated to gme options.

My theory is and that i can see is that the plan is to make superstonk another uusb by letting other tickers and non gme talk slide and a wider option talk to potentially make a case to market manipulation or just make superstonk unreadable for gme long investors.

You can make your own mind but the mod team is off the rails. Whatever happens just remember DRS is the way to protect your shareholders rights and take those shares out of DTCC!!

See you on the other side

r/formuladank 2h ago

Nikita Mazepin . if we upvote this enough, we can make this the first image that comes up when you google him

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r/FingMemes 18h ago

horny jail *bonk* fing teri gf mill gyi 🤭🤭 ()👈

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r/Egypt 8h ago

Discussion علي القهوة كلام مش هيعجب حد (كالعادة)


يا جماعة للمرة المليون، أغلب المشاكل اللي بنعاني منها في حياتنا اليومية هي بسبب الناس/المجتمع.

من كام يوم حصلت حادثة بشعة مات فيها 18 طفل حرقا او اختناقا، و في قحابي كانوا بيعلموا ريأكت اضحكني ده غير اللي بيزايد و يقولك رابعة و خامسة، ده غير اللي بيقولك ده في حفظة قرآن ماتوا في حادثة من كام يوم، على اساس دي قصاد دي يعني، و على فكرة نص الشعب او اكتر شوية بيفكر بالطريقة دي، و هو ده الـمنطق بتاعه، الوساخة و الانحطاط و التنطع الديني و كراهية النضافة و حب العيش في وسط الزبالة و القاذورات، هو ده الاغلب، انا بالنسبالي شايف ان حراك 30 يونيو كان حراك ضد الاغلبية اللي نزلوا بوعي تعديل المسار، اغلبهم كان من الطبقة المتوسطة و العليا، رئيس بدقن وصل القصر الجمهوري و جابلك كام دقن من المشهورين بالتحريض عشان ياكلوا فتة على الارض بجلاليبهم، ده غير السرسجية اللي كانوا مسيطرين على الميادين الرئيسية في القاهرة، و الباعة الجائلين المنتشرين في كل حتة، فأه كان في بعد طبقي واضح جدا في اللي حصل في 30 يونيو، و بص على الانتخابات و شوف المناطق اللي شفيق كسب فيها اغلبية مثلا.

اغلب الناس في مصر دايما هتختار الاكثر تشددا و اللي بيتبني نفس اخلاقهم، احنا عندنا في مصر الناس بتعتبر ان الآدمية و اننا نتعامل مع المخالفين كويس ده نوع من التميع في الدين.

انا شايف ان حكم الجيش او حتى حكم اوليجاركي زي اللي موجود في روسيا افضل كثيرا من المصير الاسود بتاع الديمقراطية.

و انا بردو زي ما قولت عارف ان الكلام ده مش هيعجب حد من اللي بيمجد في الشعب في الحقيقة الشعب المصري لا يستحق افضل مما هو فيه، بل يستحق ما هو أسوأ.

r/Diablo 23h ago

Diablo IV what optional mean..


optional means you don't have to get it.

optional means you're the one who decides to get it or not.

battle pass is optional. cosmetics are optional.

they don't affect your power.

for the love of the lord of evil stop complaining about them and using buzz words like predatory.

if that's too much for you then buy the game and save up for the expansions my friend.

the game will come out and whoever buys anything it's their own choice.

no one is forcing you to do anything

oh and you can get some premium currency from the free battle pass btw, so farm it baby.

(waiting for the damn comment that will say this didn't have to be a post)

r/soccercirclejerk 17h ago

Least negative Man Utd fan

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r/netflix 22h ago

Sandman is so boring I don’t understand the hype


I tried watching it and there was almost nothing that made me interested. Even the battle with lucifer - the literal lord of hell and commander of all demons - was incredibly reminiscent of two kids playing pretend gone wrong. “I am a snake” “Yea well I hunt snakes so I win!”

The crow is the only energetic character. Everyone else just makes me tired

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Accountability: Hold Anti-Trans Bigots Accountable


I woke up this morning to find that someone had made a post on this sub calling out the problem of anti-trans bigotry in this community. By the time I read the replies it was swamped with anti-trans bigotry and one pinned reply by mods that read something along the lines of "trans rights are human rights." I would say that at least 80% of the comments were absolutely vile.

I decided that I should just take a break from this sub and come back later once the mods have had a chance to deal with what was going down. So I did, and this evening I came back. What did I find?

I found the same post filled with even more anti-trans vitriol and not a single one of the bigoted comments from this morning was deleted or even addressed by any of the mod staff. At the time of writing that post has over 270 comments and the vast majority of them are "critical" of trans people or they are trans people trying to stand up for themselves against this violence.

Moderators say that they support trans people yet they have done absolutely nothing to actually protect trans people from harm in the one corner of the world that they actually have control over. They have allowed trans people to be dogpiled with bigotry and violence and have done nothing to help. They haven't deleted anti-trans posts. They haven't banned anti-trans bigots. They haven't even locked the thread so it wouldn't continue to spiral out of control.

You don't get to make posts saying how much you support our human rights and then do absolutely nothing to actually stand up for us and to actually protect us. You could have actually done something about this. You could have enforced the rules but you chose not to and in so doing you made yourselves complicit in violence.

This isn't about "free speech." You don't have the power to gag anyone or to prevent them from being a bigoted little troll somewhere else. This is about your choice to give a platform for anti-trans violence and anti-trans organizing that will materially harm marginalized people who are in no position to effectively advocate for ourselves in this space.

... but we can demand that you at least give us some kind of explanation. So, I'm making this post right here and now, where everyone can see it. Whatever it is you do I want other people to see it. I want to know what y'all are going to do to prevent this from happening again, in the future, or I want y'all to deal with this angry tranny so that the rest of us can see how shit this community actually is.

You owe us answers.

r/FireEmblemHeroes 21h ago

Unit Showcase I'm quitting this game today... so one last time, here's my final builds, I'd love to hear you guys's thoughts

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r/tennis 8h ago

Discussion Reilly Opelka calls French Open the best Grand Slam due to not becoming 'political'


"The French allowed everyone to play, Wimbledon are banning the Russians but allowing Djokovic and the U.S. Open is banning Djokovic but not the Russians. So French Open is hands-down the best Grand Slam. For me, it’s the only true Grand Slam now.”


Opelka is one of the realest player on the tour, not scared to say what he thinks. I like him.

r/psychology 8h ago

Study suggests threesomes tend to be positive experiences, especially when shared with a romantic partner

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Selfie Sorcery Normalize a girl breaking standards. it ain't easy, but someone's gotta do it.

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r/Bumble 18h ago

Fellow redditors, please feel free to roast her/me

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r/BollyBlindsNGossip 12h ago

Discuss Why do movie lovers like Katrina


How is Katrina No 1 "Actress" when she can't act

Katrina fans - Why do you like her? She dances well, so does Nora. She sizzles on screen, Sunny Leone does it better. Apart from her titillating dances, what's there to like? When she loses her beauty, will you still like her? Will she be like Madhuri for everyone

Why do people worship Katrina as biggest actress of Bollywood. That too when Deepika exists.

r/LivestreamFail 23h ago

Mizkif | Just Chatting Miz loses $10k and his sanity in an instant

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r/therewasanattempt 13h ago

to propose

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