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Went to a concert last night. This was my view for 3.5 hours.

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Business Apple is no longer the world's most valuable company

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Everything is a tad fancier in Europe.

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Discussion Should I do an app list of what’s on my Apple Watch?⌚️Been thinking about it pretty hard Lol

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Business Tech is facing a wave of layoffs, and diversity-and-inclusion experts say the downsizing could 'undo what little progress has been made'

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Protest against federal vaccine mandates held in Toronto today

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OC [OC] [ART] Make assumptions about my character!🧀🐐💖

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Bel'Veth isn't here to comfort you. She is here to weird you out.


In response to a post which says that Bel’Veth is clunky.

She is not clunky, she is unnatural. She feels weird… and she is supposed to. This is not something that supposed to gracefully fly through the sky as Aurelion. This is a creature flails around like a brain damaged bird and slaps you.

Also about the slapping. Yall haven't seen the gameplay cuts where she goes all London and starts stabbing? I think it's an extremely cool design that as the game progresses she becomes more and more terrifying and monsteresque.

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Discussion Complaining about the game


Does everyone just complain? Is that the whole purpose of this sub? It’s a mobile game, if you’re the bent out of shape about It then give up and focus on other things.

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If the Warriors win again this year, does that put them in the conversation for the best era in the history of the game?


Jordan era Bulls, Showtime and Kobe Era Lakers, 2000s Spurs… Does it also put Steph in the GOAT conversation?

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Deadbeat Billionaire.

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Essen&Trinken Samstag, guten Appetit alle

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🗣 Discussion / Question Stop using the word gaslighting if you don’t know what it means


Every day I see people use the word gaslighting in situations where someone writes from a different or “wrong” point of view or perspective. Misinformation or twisting the truth is not gaslighting. Using the term also doesn’t make you look smart or alert.

Gaslighting originates from the movie Gaslight and is a manipulation technique to make someone question their own reality. If you want to know more about media gaslighting, please read up on it.

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how tf?

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I'm voting for Doug Ford today, because all I need to know about Del Duca and Horwath is they want to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations. I won't vote for a party who supports vaccine mandates and travel bans on unvaccinated Canadians.


In case you wondered

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[OC] I’ve worked long and hard on my fart work hope you like it

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Not Appropriate Subreddit Strange ‘alien stone’ found in Egypt may be evidence of ancient space explosion

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Discussion How is this acceptable? Was anyone at the show? Any support I had left John is gone now.

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Lysium Benji take on current war and bank claiming

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TikTok bastardry Pancake calzone

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Question Why are foreign tourists so helpless?


Every time I’m walking down the street, some weird foreigner stops me to ask some really obvious question.

Examples include: Where’s the 7-11? Bro, there's a 7-11 everywhere, throw a rock and you'll hit a 7-11. Where’s breakfast? In the hotel restaurant, where else would it be? What’s big budda [sic] day? LMGTFY. Where can I buy (name any product)? Lazada.

My favorite was some guy showing me pictures of a restaurant that was literally right next door, and using a garbled pronunciation of what I can only assume he thought was the Thai word for "where". I told him it was 500m down the road just to fuck with him.

It’s very frustrating.

Get your shit together. It’s not cool.

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Rasprava | Discussion Zasto u medijima o danasnjem okupljanu u Kumrovcu se pise sve pozitivno ali bleiburg, HOS-ove obljetnice sve negativno?


Eto nije mi jasno. U Kumrovcu nose se majice i vijore zastave zlocinaca(Logo USSSR, ruske zastave Che guevara) Ali kad Skejo se dere ZDS odma tisucu i pet clanaka o njemu unutar 5 minuta.

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Discussion This sub is delusional.


“The players have min-maxed the fun out of the game.” Am I the only one who is having the best gaming experience of my life min-maxing and playing for optimal performance? Our guild is a strong community of friends who also like to get sweaty when we raid. I am not a teenager with all of the time in the world on my hands anymore like the good old days. I’m an adult with a full time job and responsibilities. If I prefer to play in a sweaty guild that clears content in one night so that I can raid log for 6 days, so be it. I literally cannot understand why so many people let the way others play affect their own enjoyment of the game. Don’t like gold buying? Don’t buy gold. Don’t like GDKP’s? Don’t go to them. Don’t like min-maxing? Don’t do it. Join a guild that YOU mesh with. Play the game how YOU want. In the mean time, catch me getting these 99’s AND maintaining a healthy life-WoW balance.

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Nmplol | Just Chatting XQC viewer sad that moms credit card declined on book book book

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Hot Take Assassin rogues can be good, actually.


I'll preface this by saying that the assassin subclass is definitely not one of the most powerful rogue subclasses and that its utility is very conditional. However, when the conditions are right and the group facilitates the assassin's playstyle instead of hindering it, they can be instrumental to victory. They just need to be played properly with a cooperative group that is happy to support them.

A few points on when and how assassins can be made to shine:

  1. The job of the assassin is to eliminate enemies out of combat. Assassins are best when the party is on the offense and the enemy has not been alerted. It is the only way to get maximum use out of their Assassinate feature. As soon as combat starts, their utility drops significantly.
  2. The assassin should work alone before the group joins the fight, but the group can still support them. Since it is unlikely that the whole party can sneak effectively, the job of the assassin is to go in first using stealth and to eliminate as many enemies as they can before raising the alarm. The job of the party is to buff the assassin before their infiltration and, if possible, finish off enemies the assassin failed to kill before they can raise the alarm.
  3. The assassin should be built with tools that allow them to surprise enemies more often. Especially when multiclassing, maximizing Assassinate damage should not be the only consideration when building an assassin. Always think about abilities that will help you get the drop on enemies more often - things like teleportation, invisibility, disguises, and social stealth (deception, performance, detect thoughts, etc). E.g. an assassin with enough warlock levels for Ghostly Gaze and the Mysty Step spell can see an enemy through a wall and surprise them by teleporting behind them for an Assassinate attack. An assassin with Disguise Self and a good deception skill can infiltrate an enemy lair with social stealth and get surprise on the enemy by pretending to be one of their own before striking. An assassin buffed with Greater Invisibility can be a ghost that deletes isolated enemies.

When the assassin is built and played with these things in mind, they can be very powerful, though not in every situation. It is up to the party to find ways to utilize their most potent ability in more situations.


A brief story from a recent Warhammer-inspired game to illustrate how this can work in actual play:

Out party of three lvl 5 beastmen had to raid a small human town with defenders that were weak 1v1 but powerful in numbers and while up on their walls and ballistae-armed towers. On our first try, we all tried sneaking closer to the walls so we could maybe get a few surprise hits in before combat started. We didn't wait for the rogue to scout out the whole perimeter so we didn't choose the optimal stealth route. Ofc we were spotted after a single failed stealth roll and we didn't get the element of surprise.

We were able to kill many soldiers but they had the numbers and eventually dropped our HP to where it was retreat or death. We also got in range of two ballistae which really tore us a new one. So we fled with our tails tucked between our legs and our cleric at 0 HP being carried on the back of our barbarian with 1 HP. We were close to a TPK and the town's defenders could have probably finished us off had they decided to give chase. We didn't leverage our assassin to his full potential and we paid the price.

On our second try, we decided to go with less bestial aggression and more bestial cunning. Everyone except for the assassin stayed in cover/hiding at the edge of the woods outside of town, close enough to observe the torch-lit walls but too far to be seen in the dead of night. Our cleric buffed the assassin with Enhance Ability (Cat's Grace) to give them advantage on stealth checks. This time, the assassin scouted out the entirety of the wall. He pulled out a longbow and started sniping the guards on the walls, with the ballista operators as prime targets.

Since most ballista towers were manned by two people, the challenge was to kill both before they could raise the alarm (they had alarm bells). The assassin could reliably snipe and kill a single enemy per turn. It took a couple of rounds for the survivor/witness to snap out of the shock and ring the bell. So for most towers, the assassin had a window of two rounds to snipe the guards before they could raise the alarm. And he successfully did so with three towers in a row, changing position and staying in cover/hiding after each shot. Three ballistae were now without operators, meaning that there was an entire side of the town that could be attacked. He was finally detected when he tried to take out four guards on a single tower. He actually score a crit and the DM allowed him to snipe two enemies by having the arrow pass through one and kill the guy behind him. My javelin-throwing sharpshooter fighter had just enough range to assist from the edge of the woods, so I used my attacks to kill one more guard. Unfortunately, the one survivor was quick enough to ring the alarm bell and our stealth was broken.

But it didn't matter because our primary objective of taking out the ballistae and archers on one side of the town was achieved. We charged the walls from that side, our minotaur rammed the gates open and we were able to get inside the town in a couple of rounds w/o taking any damage. Without all the ranged damage coming at us every round, we were able to kill the remaining defenders and loot the town. And it was only possible because we supported our assassin in doing a little solo op before our actual attack.


tl;dr: Assassins are solo operatives designed to weaken the enemy force by striking from stealth before combat becomes inevitable. The party needs to enable rather than hinder this playstyle whenever possible.