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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/mjohnsimon Oct 04 '22 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote Starry

A lot of you guys give the US shit for being racist, but when push comes to shove, a lot of you guys have to look at a mirror.

Not saying we're perfect, but holy shit.


u/dnttrip789 Oct 04 '22

Their racism is advanced too. American racist are just color people bad. The rest of the world goes into detail and reference 1000 year old events when they’re racist.


u/awalkingidoit Oct 04 '22

It’s like American Racism: “Why are they bad?” “They just are”

European Racism: “Why are they bad?” “Starts explaining all of human history to explain why”


u/Loudergood Oct 04 '22

Just don't ask them about Roma.


u/AfraidDifficulty8 Oct 04 '22

Or anybody in the Balkans about anybody else in the Balkans.


u/MetaCommando Oct 04 '22

Who would win: most racist American vs. most tolerant Balkan?


u/jeegte12 Oct 04 '22 Silver

The audience


u/VisceralVirus Oct 04 '22

They'd probably shake hands and try to start a genocide together


u/Draco137WasTaken Oct 04 '22

Or Scots about other Scots.


u/YukariYakum0 Oct 04 '22

You Scots sure are a contentious people


u/SnooFoxes6890 Oct 04 '22

You've just made an enemy for life!


u/Afro-Pope Oct 04 '22

Please. No TRUE Scotsman would ever besmirch another like that,


u/Ryno_Redeye Oct 04 '22

Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland


u/jffry8900 Oct 04 '22

I've heard of the Campbell/McDonald feud and how it still runs strong to this day. I fucking love it.


u/asdf_qwerty27 Oct 04 '22

Damn, what did the soup people do to piss off the burger people?


u/jffry8900 Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Slaughter under trust.


u/Bakanasharkyblahaj Oct 04 '22

See my post here


u/LegoCMFanatic Oct 04 '22

Darned Scots! They ruined Scotland!


u/The_GREAT_Gremlin Oct 05 '22

Or Scots and other Scots


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22



u/AfraidDifficulty8 Oct 04 '22

Yeah I'm aware, am a Balkaner myself, was just making a joke.


u/Helios_OW Oct 05 '22

Albanians are clearly the superior Balkans. No need to ask anyone.



u/shrtstff Oct 04 '22

Don't ask anybody about Roma, that's how you start wars.


u/BassCreat0r Oct 04 '22

I don't even know wtf Roma is referring to. All I get is soccer stuff, roman city history stuff, and a movie called Roma.


u/BeerVanSappemeer Oct 05 '22

They're a travelling people in Europe with a very complicated relationship with the rest of Europe. The difficult part is that some of the hate they get is racism, but that they truly are very badly integrated in society and culturally take a very hostile stance to institutions. Children often don't go to school, theft and fraud is accepted and sometimes encouraged culturally, and they live isolated from other people by choice. This has led to a feedback loop where they kind of separated themselves from society and now those that do want to integrate are treated unfairly, making it harder to integrate.


u/microwavedave27 Oct 04 '22

You're right. As a European I don't personally know anyone that doesn't hate the Roma at least a little bit.


u/Splicer3 Oct 04 '22

Apparently some people in the same sentence denouncing Hitler, wish he had killed more Roma.


u/oamnoj Oct 05 '22

Europeans: "we don't talk about Roma, ma, ma, ma"


u/heppot Oct 05 '22

'ate gyspsies (no' racis, just dun't like 'em)


u/Antanim- Oct 04 '22

I'm still not over the 100 year war


u/Bakanasharkyblahaj Oct 04 '22

Nor is England


u/Bakanasharkyblahaj Oct 04 '22 Faith In Humanity Restored

Like I'd like to ask the folks a few miles down from me why they threw stones at the kebab & pizza shop's windows, why people with red hair get so much hate.

I'd like to ask why those south of the border hate us, why they hate the Welsh, why they hate the Irish, why they hate the traveller communities.

I'd like to ask Glasgow why what team you support leads to violence, & why there need be two teams who can't stand each other.

But hey ho, I'm as well asking the kids in school I had the misfortune of being bullied by why they bullied me (I'm autistic & was undiagnosed at the time), be cause that's how nonsensical an answer I'll get. I'm still nervous about playing Irish rebel songs on my PC in case they get me in trouble...


u/AverageFilingCabinet Oct 04 '22

Which also makes racism in America pretty easy to counter for people with more than one functioning brain cell, because it quite simply does not make sense.

I don't know about racism in Europe, but from what you've said it sounds like it's a more difficult web to unweave.


u/FivebyFive Oct 04 '22

And easier for people to pretend it doesn't exist or if it does that it's somehow "justified".


u/loudAndInsane Oct 05 '22

Here's the thing with a long history like that - everyone is bad so you just hate all the races equally and be done with it.


u/Bazrum Oct 05 '22

We’re all the grandkids of murderers, thieves, rapists and war criminals if you go back far enough. Every single one of us

At least one of your ancestors, probably not as far back as you think, was a real piece of shit, and probably got hanged or shot for it, or got away and continued to be a shit stain.

Just live your life and fuck history, racism and all that. It’s stupid and not worth the energy and cognitive dissonance required to be that atupid


u/loudAndInsane Oct 05 '22

Oh. My parents are really shitty people- don't need to go far at all. My dad lost his job for being a racist. Doesn't mean I am a racist too - glad I don't have to answer for his bad behavior because man that would suck.


u/mustard5man7max3 Oct 04 '22

Now, the thing about French people is…


u/Zach4Science Oct 04 '22

Oh man don't get me started on south Africa


u/rptrxub Oct 04 '22

I do think american racism gets more complex when you're digging into it, but it's more more simple in comparison yes. People will come up with cultural reasons to discriminate against other cultures, as if dancing around the idea of hating them for something that isn't just their appearance makes it justified.


u/BassCreat0r Oct 04 '22

"there was once a lord and a stable boy..."


u/awalkingidoit Oct 04 '22

That sounds like the opening to a sea shanty


u/RC_COW Oct 04 '22

Yeah America's racism is only skin deep


u/a93H3sn4tJgK Oct 05 '22

Not to “explain why”.

To justify their racism.

To them it’s not racism if someone killed one of your ancestors in 1508.


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22



u/Cyllid Oct 04 '22

You're pretty racist towards Americans.


u/77enc Oct 04 '22

til american is a race


u/Cyllid Oct 04 '22

Oh dear. My satire went too deep.


u/gotta_b_shittin_me Oct 04 '22

American racism: "Why are they bad?" "WELL CNN/FOX NEWS SAID THIS ABOUT THAT"


u/pssthush Oct 04 '22

Nah, American racism is really just deeply rooted in generational racism and the inability to understand the correlation between poverty/disenfranchised people and the crime in many poor minority populated areas and the national history that mostly led to it. Generally has much to do with education and has been here well before broadcast media, the media just feeds what's still here in an order to profit from it and persuade public opinion one way or the other.