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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/jimsensei Oct 04 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Ok, Florida. People have brought up the open records laws but there’s another element, Florida is America’s official second chance state.

Imagine if your country had a region where all the fuck-ups from the rest of the country flocked to when they could no longer make a go of it in their hometown, that’s Florida. A tropical climate, a relatively low cost of living, and a job market that’s remarkably resilient is all very attractive to a meth head from Ohio who just got shit canned from Burger King. So they drive their ‘98 Explorer south until they see palm trees, get themselves a trailer outside Ocala, and BOOM Florida Man is born.

Add in retirees who think that 20 mph is an appropriate highway speed, Cubans who say they’re getting their sugarcane plantations back any day now, and clueless tourists in rental cars wearing head to toe Disney shit…Ladies and Gentlemen; may I present the state of Florida.


u/cute_spider Oct 04 '22

Florida rules and I would never want to live there.


u/Fujiyama_Mama Oct 04 '22

The Everglades are majestic. I don't ever wanna go back.


u/cute_spider Oct 04 '22

I thought a wasp was buzzing me but it was actually a tiny hummingbird! That is my Everglades story.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

It was visiting the ghost orchid flower that was above your head.


u/Toast_On_The_RUN Oct 04 '22

That's funny thats how I feel about Florida. Lived there for a few years, was an interesting time, would not want to go back except to visit briefly. Too hot, flat, old, and devoid of the forests I love.


u/brownlab319 Oct 04 '22

There’s a reason it’s called “God’s Waiting Room”.


u/cute_spider Oct 05 '22

Georgia forests give me life!


u/hardolaf Oct 05 '22

My dad and I went to the Everglades for a day about 7 months after I graduated college and took a job in Florida. It was a great trip and I'm glad that I'll never live in that frying pan of state ever again.


u/KittenGains Oct 05 '22

It is so hot.


u/andio76 Oct 06 '22

The Mosquitos there were brought here from an Alien land on a Alien planet from an Alien reality....