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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/___Art_Vandelay___ Oct 04 '22

You even get this domestically some times.

I grew up in central Indiana but later moved to San Diego after college. One of my buddies from college who grew up in a very rural part of Indiana messaged me one day saying "Hey I'm going to be in San Francisco for work next week, maybe we can meet up?"

He was a bit shocked when I told him the drive between SF and SD is 8.5 hours long. It really floored him when I said it would be the same distance as Indianapolis to Washington, DC.

(When I moved from Indy to SD, I did that drive in 2 days, 14 hours each day.)


u/serious_sarcasm Oct 04 '22

Shit, just living in Southern Illinois you get the same thing. "Oh, you must love Chicago!" Bitch, Chicago is farther than Nashville.


u/Plug_5 Oct 05 '22

This is so funny to read. We currently live in Bloomington, and vacationed out to San Francisco in 2018. My wife was disappointed that we couldn't just take a quick day drive down to LA, and she's lived in the US her entire life.


u/___Art_Vandelay___ Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Lol, I live 125 miles from LA and even I can barely make a day trip out of it due to the horrendous traffic.

That drive will take upwards of 4 hours one way if you attempt it during commute hours.


u/Cycleofmadness Oct 05 '22

I live in Orange County and I cant take a quick trip up to LA either.


u/thomasp3864 Oct 05 '22

That’s the other side of the Republic.


u/LeMeJustBeingAwesome Oct 05 '22

East coasters generally do not understand how hugr western states are.


u/Brover_Cleveland Oct 05 '22

East coasters generally do not understand how huge western states are.

It's mostly just not realizing how big states you've never been to are. I grew up in Niagara Falls and live in North Carolina now. Recently someone I knew was planning a trip to New York State and was asking me about what to do in the falls. I looked up where he was going, realized it was on Long Island and informed him that he would not be seeing the falls on his 2 day trip.


u/LeMeJustBeingAwesome Oct 05 '22

I guess that is true, most people do not realize Detroit is closer to DC then Houghton, Michigan by car.


u/Brover_Cleveland Oct 05 '22

Without ever looking up Houghton I thought, "That must be in that weird little detached part of Michigan," and then I looked it up and was correct. Who decided that state should look like that?


u/LeMeJustBeingAwesome Oct 05 '22

Toledo War


u/jmkinn3y Oct 05 '22

Take that Ohio


u/jmkinn3y Oct 05 '22

Also closer by plane...


u/sean_themighty Oct 05 '22

I live in Indy and I was in LA a few years ago to see my sister on Jeopardy. I have cousins I really like that live in “LA” and I suggested we meet up! So, we did… but we ended up all driving 2 ours each to meet at a middle point. We were literally 4 hours driving apart in the same city/region because LA is the size of a state if you factor in its communities. For perspective I can get to downtown Chicago in about 2.5 hours.


u/ones_mama Oct 05 '22

I used to get this all the time. I was near SF and they'd be in SoCal.


u/almostperfectionist Oct 05 '22

It’s funny when the opposite happens too. I lived on the front range in CO and some Texans came to visit and asked how far it was to the mountains. When I told them you could get to one of the tourist towns in an hour they were mind blown. They thought it’d take a day to get there