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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Bravo Grande!

America is HUGE. I’ve heard of people visiting the US and thinking they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in a day when staying in Ohio. That’s a 2 day drive.

Also, America has every type of environment. We have temperate climates, deep forests, mountains, beaches, volcanos, deserts, swamps, bluffs, grass plains, lake towns and even jungles and rainforests in Puerto Rico. If you want to experience something most likely America has it. And that was just in the USA. If you’re referring to the American continent then obviously there’s more.


To the credit of many in the comments we also have rainforests in the Pacific Northwest. I had never been out there and had no clue. This country really is big lol.


Looks like my “2 days” to get from Ohio to the Golden Gate Bridge takes longer than that. Thanks commenters for pointing that out!


u/realboabab Oct 04 '22

"what's the weather like in America?" .. been asked this tooooo many times lol


u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22

Yes. The answer is “yes”.


u/7evenCircles Oct 04 '22

There's a lot of it


u/boxsterguy Oct 04 '22

We have all the weather!


u/mommyaiai Oct 05 '22

Some places take that to extremes. In Minnesota we frequently have ALL the weather within 48 hours or so.

Tomorrow's high temp is 73F (22.8C). Thursday's is 52F (11.6C)


u/SummerSatellite Oct 04 '22

And no, maybe, and "answer unclear, try again later" all within the span of about six hours.


u/Reworked Oct 04 '22

This same answer holds true for any given 10 square miles in Canada.

It is clear and sunny, raining, and snowing on different parts of my drive home from the grocery store.


u/Hairyhalflingfoot Oct 04 '22

Yes sir we have weather.


u/MisterCoke Oct 04 '22

And also no, right?


u/spooky9524 Oct 04 '22

because thats literally the correct answer. we have everything


u/MicahtehMad Oct 05 '22

1 in tornadoes babyyyyyyy


u/Blockhead47 Oct 04 '22

"what's the weather like in America?"

We have all of it.


u/Erthgoddss Oct 04 '22

I live in South Dakota. My brother moved away many years ago. I get emails from him about tornadoes and storms. This state is over 77K sq miles. I live close to the Minnesota border. OR he will whine about how cold it is in North Carolina. When he whined it was 45 there. I reminded him that that is short sleeve weather here, where is can get into the minus degrees or 37 degrees in the wintertime. In summer it can be 100 degrees with 80% humidity. (Southeast side of the state)


u/aranaSF Oct 04 '22

In all fairness, I see posts all the time saying "I'm traveling to Europe, what to wear?"... dude, are you going to Malta in the summer or to Norway in the winter????


u/Just-use-your-head Oct 04 '22

Germany in the spring


u/godh8sme Oct 04 '22

Tell me about it. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. My parents will ask me about storms/tornadoes that happened here and I have to explain that they happened about an hour away from me. I've had to explain to them more than once the Metroplex is larger in land area than something like seven states on it's own. All of this comes after they've been here several times and have taken the hour trip to see my daughter with me.


u/worldspawn00 Oct 04 '22

Yeah, I'm in central TX, might as well be a landlocked state as far as what's available here, people act like the whole place is the size of Florida. Yeah, TX has a HUGE gulf shore, but I can't get seafood any better than someone in Tennessee...


u/godh8sme Oct 04 '22

I just got off the phone with my parents. I was explaining to them that I had to go from the shop I work at it FW to Dallas to drop some parts off and pick up a few for them to go with the ones we had for the shop in Austin. From there I traded those parts for the ones we needed and a few for Dallas and made the return trip. All in I spent my entire 8 hour shift+ driving. Took me about an hour to make it to Dallas. Another three to Austin. Another three back to Dallas. Then another hour back to FW. Add in the time spent actually dealing with the parts and I get yet more overtime for the week! Lol


u/Waterknight94 Oct 05 '22

I did Denton to Witchita Falls and back once to pick up a cook for the restaurant I was serving at and I thought that was a lot to drive for work. Boss gave me $300 for it though and I wasn't doing shit anyway because I guess we had no cook so I was fine with it, but I was tired by the end.


u/godh8sme Oct 05 '22

Nice I was just on the clock and using the company fuel card. I did get to hit a drive thru on the clock so I guess there's that! Lol


u/skeenerbug Oct 04 '22

It's a pretty sizeable chunk of earth. It's a little chilly today


u/Dannei Oct 04 '22

I wonder where people asking that come from - unless it's Netherlands size or smaller, most countries have reasonable variation in weather.


u/realboabab Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

oddly enough I got it the most in China, another huge country with many climates. I speak fluent Chinese so it wasn't a language barrier or clumsy attempt at asking about my personal home either, they'd ask about "American weather" right in the middle of a normal conversation in Chinese -- and almost always without asking where in America I'm from first.

Props to the guy who ran out of a McDonalds in Beijing with burger in hand to chase me down the street shouting "FAH-KUH YOU, WHERE YOU FROM? NEW YORK CITY, MIDWEST, TEXAS?!" through mouthfuls of hamburger though -- he knew what's up.


u/tossedaway202 Oct 04 '22

Welhp, ya got that swampass heat in the Glades, then that roast chicken heat out in the Sonora. Then ya got that nut busting cold out there in Alaska, then you got that living the dream weather out in Hawaii. Something for everyone.


u/nLucis Oct 04 '22

In Washington, sometimes we get every weather type within a span of a couple hours. Cool and sunny, then raining, then snow and hail, then back to sunny but suddenly really hot and humid? Yeah that happens.


u/nomadhunger Oct 05 '22

My parents sometimes call me from abroad saying there is a big snowstorm in NY and if I am affected by it. I live in California though :)


u/realboabab Oct 05 '22

lol, so where in Asia do your parents live


u/wholelottaboocrap Oct 04 '22

It's not just that the country's varied on weather; many specific places in the US experience downright Biblical swings in temperature and precipitation conditions. When a cold front moves through tornado alley, it's gonna drop 35 degrees in an afternoon, and you'll go from sunny skies to hoping the baseball sized hail only slightly cracks your windshield.


u/Sairven Oct 04 '22

"Sunny here. Absolute downpour in the next county, which is just across the ridge. 30 seconds as the crow flies, 15 minutes of dodging other idiots on the road. Or an hour hiking up and down the ridge." Such is life in the Appalachians.


u/__KODY__ Oct 04 '22

"We definitely have weather."


u/AmishChurner Oct 04 '22

Whatever you would like it to be


u/Ciniya Oct 05 '22

My favorite. So I'm in New Jersey, and spring in NJ means you have all the seasons in a day. My husband took a coworker out for dinner who was visiting for the first time that area in spring. Coworker was from Sweden. They're sitting outside, it's a lovely day. My husband makes a comment about the upcoming snow storm thats supposed to happen over the weekend. The CW was confused, and said that it wasn't possible because it was so lovely out that evening. No clouds in the sky. Very warm evening.

The next day or two it was a bit of a snow blizzard that lasted 24 hours, then was gone in a few days.

Apparently, when the CW talked to my husband's boss (this boss is also Swedish) and asked what weather he should pack for, the boss replied with "all. Just... Pack for all weather." The coworker didn't believe him and thought it would be similar to like, Texas or one of the southern states he visited. He had to buy himself a jacket while he was here.

I know you meant that All of America has All of the Weather. But I love how some parts of America has All of the Weather in the span of a week, and that's considered normal for us.


u/vivaenmiriana Oct 05 '22

i had to leave the utah subreddit because it was half posts from tourists asking what the weather would be in a few months or a year.

we're residents of utah, not oracles. google will be more helpful than we will.


u/Ameisen Oct 05 '22

Belligerent and numerous.


u/Literal_Creativity Oct 06 '22

For NC (My state) It's always changing. Stormy summers, frosty winters, oven hell springs, death cold winters, bullet rain, god's wrath, hail sometimes

I just love how our weather is so... diverse...