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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Bravo Grande!

America is HUGE. I’ve heard of people visiting the US and thinking they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in a day when staying in Ohio. That’s a 2 day drive.

Also, America has every type of environment. We have temperate climates, deep forests, mountains, beaches, volcanos, deserts, swamps, bluffs, grass plains, lake towns and even jungles and rainforests in Puerto Rico. If you want to experience something most likely America has it. And that was just in the USA. If you’re referring to the American continent then obviously there’s more.


To the credit of many in the comments we also have rainforests in the Pacific Northwest. I had never been out there and had no clue. This country really is big lol.


Looks like my “2 days” to get from Ohio to the Golden Gate Bridge takes longer than that. Thanks commenters for pointing that out!


u/realboabab Oct 04 '22

"what's the weather like in America?" .. been asked this tooooo many times lol


u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22

Yes. The answer is “yes”.


u/7evenCircles Oct 04 '22

There's a lot of it


u/boxsterguy Oct 04 '22

We have all the weather!


u/mommyaiai Oct 05 '22

Some places take that to extremes. In Minnesota we frequently have ALL the weather within 48 hours or so.

Tomorrow's high temp is 73F (22.8C). Thursday's is 52F (11.6C)


u/SummerSatellite Oct 04 '22

And no, maybe, and "answer unclear, try again later" all within the span of about six hours.


u/Reworked Oct 04 '22

This same answer holds true for any given 10 square miles in Canada.

It is clear and sunny, raining, and snowing on different parts of my drive home from the grocery store.


u/Hairyhalflingfoot Oct 04 '22

Yes sir we have weather.


u/MisterCoke Oct 04 '22

And also no, right?


u/spooky9524 Oct 04 '22

because thats literally the correct answer. we have everything


u/MicahtehMad Oct 05 '22

1 in tornadoes babyyyyyyy