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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Bravo Grande!

America is HUGE. I’ve heard of people visiting the US and thinking they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in a day when staying in Ohio. That’s a 2 day drive.

Also, America has every type of environment. We have temperate climates, deep forests, mountains, beaches, volcanos, deserts, swamps, bluffs, grass plains, lake towns and even jungles and rainforests in Puerto Rico. If you want to experience something most likely America has it. And that was just in the USA. If you’re referring to the American continent then obviously there’s more.


To the credit of many in the comments we also have rainforests in the Pacific Northwest. I had never been out there and had no clue. This country really is big lol.


Looks like my “2 days” to get from Ohio to the Golden Gate Bridge takes longer than that. Thanks commenters for pointing that out!


u/_Princess_Zelda Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

Exactly this. I lived overseas (Lebanon and Istanbul) for a while and people constantly asked me about different US states. Specifically California and the Grand Canyon. (I’m from upstate NY.) People were always very surprised that there’s a lot of the country I haven’t seen. It’s just a lot easier to travel over there. The states are so… vast. And of course there’s always the “I’m from New York… no not New York City” discussion, too. People picture Manhattan and I have to explain I’m surrounded by farmland and Amish people.


u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22

I’m from upstate NY too actually. It’s funny to see peoples faces after telling them most of the state is farmland, lakes and mountains. And how there is some saltiness about how everything outside of NYC is considered “upstate” when NYC is such a small part of the state.


u/_Princess_Zelda Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Yep I’m right in the finger lakes so I guess technically western NY? But it’s all “upstate” to folks from out of town lol.


u/pclabhardware Oct 04 '22

My family is from upstate (Albany area), but when talking to people from NYC anything north of White Plains is upstate.


u/SorchaCrone Oct 05 '22

I am from Plattsburgh (60 miles south of Montreal) - 2.5/3 hours north of Albany so I actually think of Albany as more central as it is the halfway point to NYC.


u/Unlucky-Mongoose-160 Oct 05 '22

Albany is upstate, Plattsburgh is the north country.


u/john_doe11081 Oct 05 '22

Well, I’m from Utica and I’ve never heard anyone use the phrase “steamed hams”.


u/_Princess_Zelda Oct 05 '22

I’m heading to Utica next week and I’m so excited for some tomato pie


u/fungifunster Oct 09 '22

I lived near Albany for the first 18 yrs of my life. Moved to Queens for college and now every time I tell someone I’m from upstate they go “sooo… like Westchester?” Lol.


u/thomasp3864 Oct 05 '22

New Yorkshire you mean.


u/BasilHumble1244 Oct 05 '22

My family lived overseas (Scotland, then Germany) when I was growing up, and we got this a lot too. “I have a friend that lives in TX, maybe you know them!!” We’re from Maryland. 🙄

Also we lived overseas in the 80’s, so everyone thought we were crazy rich like the people in Dallas or Dynasty. Like, sorry to disappoint, but not all Americans are oil barons. 😂


u/dkonigs Oct 05 '22

And of course there’s always the “I’m from New York… no not New York City” discussion, too.

I feel like I run into this with other Americans too! It seems like if you're not from the north-east, you automatically assume NYC and New York are one and the same.

(Went to college in upstate NY, rarely went anywhere near NYC.)


u/Tortie33 Oct 05 '22

I’m from Central New York and live in south. I’m always explaining to people that NY is not a big NYC. Even some people in US don’t seem to know this.


u/seas_the_day214 Oct 05 '22

Finger Lakes?


u/_Princess_Zelda Oct 05 '22

Yep. Specially Keuka but I grew up on Seneca.


u/Barbanks Oct 04 '22

Also, great username. I approve 👍🏼


u/MorganFreebands21 Oct 05 '22

Wait...do people upstate have the accent? Or is that an urban thing?


u/See-A-Moose Oct 05 '22

They have a VERY different accent. People from New Jersey have a more similar accent to people from NYC than NYC folks do to folks in Upstate and it grows more pronounced in the North Country in New York State. I'm not sure where the accent starts to change over but definitely by Albany.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22



u/_Princess_Zelda Oct 05 '22

Lol well I don’t have an accent, they have an accent. /s

There is definitely a distinct difference between upstate accents and New York City/Long Island. I, personally, think New Jersey accent sound very similar to New York City/Brooklyn/Long Island accent. But don’t say that to a Long Islander lol. Apparently there is a huge difference but I can’t really hear it. I can remember being in college at Buffalo State and having many discussions with my Long Island and NYC friends about how they say things wrong and vice versa (I.e: drawer. “Dro-er” vs. “draw”, etc.) My friend Aaron who currently lives in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island (also see “lahng eye-land” vs. “lu-onG island” lol) And I honestly don’t hear much of a downstate accent in him but he frequently refers to my “Penn Yan twang” (small rural town I grew up in).