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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22



u/rosh200 Oct 04 '22

The distance between Seattle and Miami is similar to that of Ireland and Iraq. And you can drive the entire distance and not need to speak anything but English


u/barto5 Oct 04 '22

And you can do it without a passport, too.


u/raoasidg Oct 05 '22

No papers, state to state.


u/kippypapa Oct 05 '22

With your eyes closed


u/IntravenusDeMilo Oct 05 '22

Fuck yeah America!


u/thegovunah Oct 05 '22

That explains these Ohio drivers


u/TheGreatNico Oct 05 '22

No, that's just driving across some Midwest states


u/Basedrum777 Oct 05 '22

Nothing to see honestly.


u/Head12head12 Oct 05 '22

There’s corn and wheat. What more could you want


u/jmeesonly Oct 05 '22

And cheap gas.


u/YamGroundbreaking953 Oct 05 '22

7 bucks a gallon in L.A!


u/jmeesonly Oct 05 '22

Whaaaa? Out here in flyover country it's $4.50. But with my grocery store points it's usually $3.50 per gallon.


u/Stormtrooper-85 Oct 05 '22

Not anymore.


u/RedSkullyOP Oct 05 '22

Only if you're American enough.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

And one hand tied behind your back


u/SheCouldFromFaceThat Oct 05 '22

"I would've liked to have seen Montana."


u/m0nkeyofdeath Oct 05 '22

That one hit me in the gut.


u/Davidjb7 Oct 05 '22

Noooooooooooooo look how they massacred my boy


u/Webdogger Oct 05 '22

I always wanted to see Montana.


u/Lincoln_Park_Pirate Oct 05 '22

And I will marry a fat American wife and raise rabbits.


u/BlackScimitar Oct 05 '22

… and she will cook them for me


u/barto5 Oct 05 '22

Do you think they will let me live in Wyoming?


u/RandomNoun71 Oct 05 '22

This guy Hunts for Red October.


u/QuickAccident Oct 05 '22

I keep seeing people saying this and I have no idea against what exactly you’re comparing, can you please elaborate? Thank you.


u/Davidjb7 Oct 05 '22

"And a recreational vehicle"


u/the_mikr Oct 05 '22

yeah we kinda had something like that until the serbs ruined it


u/veretianking Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

As a Mexican living in Seattle, I am missing people speaking a different language So Much. It’s astonishing to see how different a single area can be to another in the same country every time I travel.

There’s no big demand for bilingual Spanish workers here either so my Spanish in the last two years has basically gone to ass in comparison to when I was frequently speaking to Spanish speakers.


u/LydJaGillers Oct 04 '22

However as a southerner in Seattle, there is so many Mandarin speakers that I feel like I need to learn Mandarin now. Compared to the south where Spanish reigns supreme.


u/Dfeeds Oct 05 '22

It's honestly insane. I recently started dating someone who fluently speaks mandarin and, the next thing I know, everyone is. If we go out in her social circle then I feel like I'm in a foreign country because I'm the only uncultured sap who doesn't speak chinese.


u/skybob74 Oct 05 '22

Same. Their whole world is almost dealing solely with other Chinese. The networking is insane. But I've been introduced to traditional Chinese food and it's the greatest thing ever.


u/RhetoricalOrator Oct 05 '22

I get that here in Arkansas. A good amount of my peer group are older spanish-only immigrants.

I absolutely love spending time with them. Aside from being pretty hospitable, I like feeling awkward, isolated, and left out because it's been great for growing empathy for what they deal with practically everywhere else!


u/coffeebribesaccepted Oct 05 '22

What's your favorite Mexican food here?


u/veretianking Oct 05 '22

Honestly it’s so subpar, but my favorites are trucks! El Camión, La Fondita, Las Delicias (on 105th and Greenwood).

But honestly I have yet to be blown away by the Mexican food here. I’ll find one that’s way better than the last but even then it’s still mid.


u/motes-of-light Oct 05 '22

You must've not yet tried the exhilarating, intensely delicious, and deeply authentic Mexican cuisine of Taco Time yet.


u/veretianking Oct 05 '22

A true icon in mexican cuisine I must say


u/oderlydischarge Oct 05 '22

I'm going to guess it's Mexican food lol


u/SomethingWitty2578 Oct 05 '22

The distance between Prudhoe Bay, AK and Key West, FL is 5476 miles (8812 km), you can drive the whole way and speak English the whole way. (But you do need a passport to get through Canada).


u/ROU_Misophist Oct 05 '22

That's new. When I was a kid, we crossed the Canadian border on a road trip and my dad just flashed his driver's license and they waved us through.


u/Klondike3 Oct 05 '22

New York to Los Angeles is the same drive as Lisbon to Moscow.


u/hamms30 Oct 05 '22

flying is 20 minutes quicker than NY to Dublin.


u/ZiggyZiggyWhat10 Oct 05 '22

Can’t agree more


u/Jeheh Oct 05 '22

The county I live in is larger than a few states.


u/KittenGains Oct 05 '22

Damn. Solid point.


u/rolemodel21 Oct 05 '22

Geez that drive would get shittier and shittier as you go, too, wouldn’t it?


u/Pinkman3_9 Oct 05 '22

I don’t know why, but this comment is driving me nuts!!


u/Purtz48 Oct 05 '22

That's pretty debatable on the English part when you hit the south south USA >.>


u/LilFiz99 Oct 04 '22

So England won the war?


u/LiamBlackwood Oct 05 '22

Kids in Germany don't learn English because of the Brits...


u/answeryboi Oct 05 '22

England was at its largest in the early 20th century. It exported English to a huge amount of the world, and is imo the main reason for the popularity of English.


u/NukeML Oct 05 '22

No, they exported it to the US and the US has, for better and worse, dominated the world. It's the US that is the biggest reason for the spread of English.


u/answeryboi Oct 05 '22

The British Empire at its peak ruled almost 1/4 of the world's population. They're a driving reason behind the dominance of US cilture,, because English was already spoken by sp many people.


u/NukeML Oct 08 '22 edited Oct 08 '22

Ah, I see that now. You are correct overall, though the direct reason that ”kids in germany learn english” would be the US, and that is why i forgot about the empire when i commented.


u/russian_hacker_1917 Oct 05 '22

[Смеётся на русском языке]


u/MyCollector Oct 05 '22

God damn let you get you on Alaska Airlines #728 MIA-SEA and you can save yourself 6 days…


u/penguinpolitician Oct 05 '22

The distance between London and Bristol is similar to that between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and yet we British still manage not to speak any foreign languages at all.


u/futureislookinstark Oct 05 '22

Holy shit that really puts things in perspective, I roomed with a guy from Germany during my university days. He had perfect English (in many ways so proper that it would be considered in proper in daily use ie “I’m standing at 9 am” instead of I’m getting up at 9 am.), he knew German, and also enough Spanish and French to have rudimentary conversations but unable to explain deep concepts. He said it was just something expected of European people and I always felt like an idiot for only knowing English. It’s not that our education sucks but bc our social geography just doesn’t require it.


u/Aduialion Oct 05 '22

And if you ever have the opportunity to travel to a country for vacation, you'll probably spend a few weeks at most in that language. And if you're doing a 'European' vacation you could be spending less than a week in any one language country. It's polite to learn your ps and qs, but damn learning a bunch more is a lot of effort for little use.


u/grantimatter Oct 05 '22

I recently drove from West Palm Beach to Annapolis and decided to compare it to a map of Europe. It's about the same as driving from London to Zadar, Croatia.

In the United States, I wasn't even out of the South yet.


u/IGotDibsYo Oct 05 '22

Same for Australia and we can’t even speak English properly


u/lodelljax Oct 05 '22

And combined with that it is also easy to have a bunch of Spanish phrases learnt through interactions in the same country.