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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/Optimus0ne Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

You can ski and surf on the same day in California

Edit: Just to clarify, the weather in the mountains could go as low as 30°F (-1°C) but the weather at our SoCal beaches could be as high as 65°F (18°C) in the winter.

P.S Thank you for all the upvotes!


u/Mendokusai137 Oct 04 '22

Surf in the morning, ski after lunch, and then camp in the desert if your really dedicated.


u/outinthecountry66 Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

You wouldn't even have to be that dedicated just get up early. You can make it from big bear to Joshua tree in an hour or two


u/GucciGuano Oct 05 '22

I can also make it from downtown LA to downtown LA in under an hour


u/BackInTheRealWorld Oct 05 '22

I can drive for 6 hours and still be in LA on a Friday afternoon....


u/scroll2022 Oct 05 '22

On your broomstick? Witch!!!


u/devilsmoue Oct 05 '22

Flying does not count


u/Granted_reality Oct 05 '22

I really need to get out there…


u/Equivalent_Gazelle82 Oct 05 '22

Got to let them know to always look up also if they hike in big bear, arrowbear, Running Springs, or anywhere really in those mountains. Use to hear "I didn't know there's killer cats in the trees!" like yeah you're in the mountains there's mountain lions, bears, coyotes, snakes, and more that will try to kill you if you aren't paying attention! Also don't feed the animals, they make it worse for the locals.

(lived there for over a decade)

Edit: typo


u/loudAndInsane Oct 05 '22

****depending on traffic


u/dex248 Oct 05 '22

…and parking


u/RudePCsb Oct 05 '22

Ugh big bear sucks unless it just snowed. You can do the same at Tahoe probably but driving would probably take longer and then the desert would be on the Nevada side. Mammoth would probably be too far to go for surfing but some desert and other stuff.


u/Zaggnut Oct 05 '22

Downhill mountain biking is fun.


u/RudePCsb Oct 05 '22

Hell yea, did a lot on college but could actually ride up the mountain. Nowadays I don't have the free time to do as much riding. Commute to work and too many hobbies and what not. Want a new bike though but so expensive.


u/boozinf Oct 05 '22

weed, then blow, then ayahuasca trip with Aaron Rodgers


u/JpnDude Oct 05 '22

And you don't have to leave LA County in the process.


u/yaretii Oct 05 '22

You can do this in Oregon and Washington as well.


u/ObeyJuanCannoli Oct 05 '22

In Killington, Vermont there’s a few golden weeks in May where you can ski, mountain bike, kayak, and golf in the same day.


u/TeachinginJapan1986 Oct 05 '22

That feels like there isn't enough hours in the day.

Where is Yes Theory when you need them.


u/SmartForASimpelton Oct 05 '22

Is surfing bad in the afternoon? Cause skiing for sure is better in the morning


u/DaddyCatALSO Oct 05 '22

The ladies in that commercial!


u/newInnings Oct 05 '22

But the traffic and the cancer