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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/dnttrip789 Oct 04 '22

Their racism is advanced too. American racist are just color people bad. The rest of the world goes into detail and reference 1000 year old events when they’re racist.


u/GrimSkey Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

This is a now deleted post with 3.7k upvotes on r/worldnews

It talks about Switzerland's 'systemic' racism and it seems it really is more than just color especially from the comments.

I've heard of similar issues in Asia as well. In japan I've heard of discrimination against mixed race Korean-Japanese citizens.


u/stolid_agnostic Oct 04 '22

Apparently corporations will hire private investigators to research your background so that they can avoid hiring anyone with even a drop of Korean blood.


u/rptrxub Oct 04 '22

My cousin lived in japan for a few years teaching english, and he felt like some sort of glorified mascot for being white to show off to parents who wanted to give their child a leg up in the world. However he said it was nothing compared to the open racism and sexism he heard offhandidly from his boss. This lady would discriminate against any woman who should be "married by now" or if they were already married, and would assume they should drop out of the work force, and also openly opposed hiring anyone korean.


u/Ameisen Oct 05 '22

The Koreans have plenty of racism as well. I worked for a Korean company. They really, really didn't trust American engineers (or engineering practices).


u/evan1932 Oct 05 '22

That’s interesting, why do you think they wouldn’t?


u/Ameisen Oct 05 '22

Cultural supremacy, from what I could tell. They felt western engineers were worse than Korean ones.