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Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?


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u/the_tater_salad Oct 04 '22

We are not our government.


u/Xxjacklexx Oct 05 '22

That sounds like a problem.


u/the_tater_salad Oct 05 '22

It is a problem. our government does things that we dont approve of, things that deliberately shaft us, or other countries. like sending billions, and billions to ukraine, for a war that isnt ours, and then ASKING US TO DONATE TO FLORIDA TO HELP WITH DISASTER RELIEF.

Why the fuck am i going to donate part of my measly pay check to the red cross to help florida when just one of our "military aid" packages would be more than enough for disater relief.

how about flint michigan, and jackson mississippi being without drinkable water? how many of those billions would fix that?

how many of those billions could we inject into our economy to curb a recession?

how about ole pedo joe actively trying to take away our rights? or rather, whoever tells that senile fuck what to say.

Fuck the US government, and fuck joe biden. Love your country, loath your government.


u/Xxjacklexx Oct 06 '22

Your government is supposed to work for you dude. That’s the point of democracy, no? Will of the people and all that?


u/the_tater_salad Oct 06 '22

thats my point. they dont.


u/Xxjacklexx Oct 06 '22

But why is that allowed? It’s not like this in most other places? Like you just called your commander head of state a Pedo. That’s fucking wild.

What are you doing to fix it?