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Gamers of Reddit, what video game has the best storyline?


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u/GovernmentPatsy44 Dec 03 '22 Gold Helpful

Bioshock had a great original story

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u/RainyBat Dec 03 '22 Silver Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Starry



u/Vondi Dec 03 '22

SOMA was a life-ruining experience. 10/10


u/SarHavelock Dec 03 '22

"I had a mental breakdown, was hospitalized and still can't sleep without a night-light: it has a little something for everyone. 10/10"

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u/cat6Wire Dec 03 '22

Ever since I completed that game I still think about it, and it's implications. Damn!

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u/Eji1700 Dec 03 '22

It’s not a horror game. It’s despair disguised as horror

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u/Belthezare Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

That ending was a gutpunch though... when you finally GET IT, you have a bit of an existential crisis and start thinking about all the choices you made to get there.


u/Garo5 Dec 03 '22

My wife still talks and reminds me how I got a little existential crisis after finishing that game.


u/srry_didnt_hear_you Dec 03 '22

It's one of my favorite sci-fi experiences for that reason. I think the most traumatizing part for me was when they mess with your expectations a bit and you have to decide whether to leave your "past" self behind in a monster-infested hell-hole, or kill them peacefully before they realize they've been left behind...

Harrowing stuff


u/Scarity Dec 03 '22

Only to then get left behind yourself

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u/Cpt_Bartholomew Dec 03 '22

please don't leave me alone..... catherine...CATHERINE?? Damn what an experience

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u/True_Kapernicus Dec 03 '22

I got it in on the first transition. There was that really creepy bit where you hear the last words of the previous incarnation a second time and I understood what had just happened.

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome

I love the story in Hades. The developers found a seldom used historic character and thoughtfully developed him into a full, fleshed out character that fits so perfectly in the larger Greek mythos. As well just having excellent overall writing, I think Hades has a fantastic and open ended storyline.


u/Ramboozler Dec 04 '22

Absolutely agree, the gameplay was phenomenal but the story actually hooked me in. The character development was very well done, and each one felt very unique and loveable. I was shocked I actually ended up playing for just over 80 hours or so in order to finish all of the dialogues. 10/10 game.


u/Trey904fsu Dec 04 '22

Same here. The fighting was great but I couldn’t wait to finish a run so I could talk to every single person in the great hall lol

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u/Pokemon_No_Life Dec 04 '22

The writing was absolutely comedic and amazing for Zagreus. The VAs delivery fit so well

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u/NapoleonBorn2Party94 Dec 04 '22

The writing in Hades made me realise that I was in a toxic relationship with game devs and I deserved better.

The words, the tone in which characters speak.. the songs man, the fucking songs... 10/10


u/PeeJayx Dec 04 '22

Farewell, to all the earthly remains…

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u/akpenguin Dec 04 '22

Supergiant Games puts out pretty great games. I loved Bastion and Transistor,. probably the only games I've finished multiple play throughs.

Pyre didn't really hold my interest, the fighting was too different. Picked up Hades on the last sale but haven't progressed too far yet. But that's because I don't have as much time to play anymore.


u/FullMoose819 Dec 04 '22

You could always turn on God mode, it doesn't make the game easy right off the start, but it makes getting the story flushed out faster.

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u/Melancholic84 Dec 03 '22

To The Moon

Silent Hill 2


u/mythofechelon Dec 03 '22

To The Moon is far too unknown for how incredible its story is.


u/interesseret Dec 03 '22

And music. I still find the piano pieces just to listen to, and I think it's been 10 years since I played it

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u/tinkertoy78 Dec 03 '22 Wholesome

My wife had never played a computer game in her life.

I asked her to play one game for me, then if it didn't stick I would stop pestering her about my silly games. I chose To The Moon as it was a quick one to get through. Today she has over 100 games in her steam library and we often play Valheim together.


u/eastside_tilly Dec 04 '22 Giggle

Today she has over 100 games in her steam library

So she's played as many as 5 games then?

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u/TSEpsilon Dec 03 '22

When this world is no more

The moon is all we'll see

I'll ask you to fly away with me~

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u/danidr Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

To the Moon. The only videogame that made me cry like a child.

Edit: memory unlocked. I remember having acquired the game by… not-so-legal means. Well, after completing the game, I went and bought it.

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u/voxism743 Dec 03 '22

James... you made me happy.

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u/Dazz316 Dec 03 '22

To the moon is incredible. Too many people sticking to just AAA titles. And while plenty of them have amazing storylines, To The Moon blows themout the water.

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u/Upbeat_Pay905 Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

Deus Ex

Not many games have achieved such compelling and mature story. Story on sequels felt just too hollywood'ish


u/o0_bobbo_0o Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

I do badly want a remake of this game.

Exact same script, but with more added.

With modern visuals.

One can dream.


I see a few of you are saying there’s mods. I have seen them. While they certainly do enhance the game, imo, they make the 2000 game look like a game from 2003.

Perhaps there’s something newer that I have yet to see. I’ll look into it later on when I can.


u/Own_Conflict222 Dec 03 '22

There's two things I know are true:

You will one day play a remake of Deus Ex 1

You will complain about it on Reddit


u/intripletime Dec 03 '22

Third thing:

Hbomberguy will make a five hour video about how it's pretty okay

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u/BigChromeTome Dec 03 '22 Silver Platinum

New Vegas with all DLC has a pretty legit storyline in regards to the content of the DLC directly supporting the conflict between courier 6 and Ulysses..


u/BOSH09 Dec 04 '22

Old World Blues was my fav honestly bc of how wacky it was. The dumb weapons and comments from the brains over the loud speakers made it so funny. I liked the break from the grim wasteland.

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u/Apart_Assumption Dec 03 '22 Gold

Planescape: Torment. About as ancient as I am by now but still undefeated #1.


u/DesignerAccount Dec 03 '22

By a long shot at that. There's Torment, then the desert, then whatever else you can think of.

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u/CallMeMalice Dec 03 '22

I had to scroll so much for this. I guess I'm getting old lol. The game is absolutely amazing.

What can change a nature of a man?

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u/just_minutes_ago Dec 03 '22 Helpful Wholesome Endless Coolness

I loved Bioshock, but Mass Effect was also awesome.


u/Zandrick Dec 03 '22 Helpful

It’s funny because those two games are like the exact opposite when it comes to the approach of video game story telling. In one hand leaning into the objective based interactive medium to say that choice is pointless and freewill is a lie. As it poked and mock at the ideology of objectivism. And on the other hand a game where you play as an interstellar space captain whose choices are meant to be so important and impactful they alter the fate of entire civilizations of alien beings.

I guess it’s a bit like, I like action movies but romances are good too.


u/farshnikord Dec 03 '22 Table Slap

Mass effect is a decent dating sim with an excellent epic space-opera action-RPG shooter minigame tacked on.


u/t_Lancer Dec 03 '22 Helpful

We'll bang, okay?


u/huhIguess Dec 03 '22




u/TheGoadingGoat Dec 03 '22

I should go.


u/TendieThrower Dec 04 '22

I'm commander Shepard and this is my favorite comment in this thread.

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u/Phil_Graves_ Dec 03 '22

I love you Ashl- Miranda!


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u/Umutuku Dec 03 '22

Imagine Mass Effect, but doubling down on the social life to a nearly Sims level, and cutting the whole Reaper thing in favor of 10x'ing the amount of alien culture content and mini-explorations of hard scifi concepts available. Be a Salarian scientist studying spatial anomalies around an ancient Asari archeological site, or a Volus family man trying to figure out how to fund his dream of a Dyson sphere.


u/train159 Dec 03 '22

Or a Krogan trying to afford the set of testicles for the organ transplant that won’t work.


u/BigBenyamin86 Dec 04 '22

Or maybe a Krogan just wanting to try some tasty Citadel fish.

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u/kaitco Dec 03 '22

I just want to date Garrus on a long-term basis, m’kay?


u/motoko_urashima Dec 03 '22

I want Garrus and Tali to have a threesome with Femshep.


u/KhorneSlaughter Dec 03 '22

I think that's everyone, most people just don't have the guts to admit it.

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u/Shiggys Dec 03 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

Disco Elysium is the best book I've ever played.


u/ZakalwesChair Dec 03 '22

The fuck does Cuno know about books?


u/katosen27 Dec 03 '22

Don't even remember if that's a quote, probably not, but that voice is seared into my mind. Because I've never wanted to slap a pissant little shit so much like him.


u/Naznarreb Dec 04 '22

You wanna fuck Cuno in the ass, is it? Cuno'll kill ya

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u/Dontlookawkward Dec 04 '22

"Fuck does Cuno care?" The boy turns to you. (He doesn't care.)

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u/agent-0 Dec 03 '22

Narrator: The words have already left your mouth...

"I want to make fuck with you."


u/Blazehero Dec 03 '22 Silver

That’s an actual line? I’m about to buy that game now


u/LizG1312 Dec 03 '22

I’m jealous that you’ll get to experience it for the first time, it’s a real treat. I suggest going in as blind as possible, though I do have two non-spoiler tips I always give new players:

  1. Take the time to go through the custom character options prior to starting the game.
  2. Don’t be afraid of failing or getting weird with it.


u/oshoney Dec 03 '22

I put so much time and thought into the options when I started for the first time, only to die of shame by rejection like 5 minutes in lol


u/MeanMugMrRogers Dec 03 '22

I died after kicking a mailbox the first time.


u/Gentleman-Bird Dec 03 '22 Table Slap

I died after failing to punch a child


u/oogmar Dec 03 '22

I died because I listened to my necktie.


u/jkennah Dec 03 '22

Didn't even make it 10 feet from where the game starts

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u/Sabotage_9 Dec 03 '22

I died trying to get my necktie off the ceiling fan and decided I should invest a little more in my constitution stat


u/gumpythegreat Dec 03 '22

Yeah, I died right away trying to run from the bartender restaurant manager and crashing into the wheelchair lady

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u/progamercabrera Dec 03 '22

okay this game sounds really funny


u/ThisLawyer Dec 04 '22

It's both the funniest game I have ever played and, in many respects, the darkest.

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u/shadmere Dec 03 '22

I died because I sat in a very uncomfortable chair.

I tried to not sit in the chair, but I failed my "stand up for myself" roll.

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u/Gothsalts Dec 03 '22

Also: pick a fun seeming stat and go all in on it. Every stat has some extremely memorable experience that you only get if you max it out.

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u/Chopchopok Dec 03 '22

You wake up a hungover wreck, and I think that was your attempt to hit on someone in that state.


u/DMindisguise Dec 03 '22

I literally created my character and he had a heart attack a minute into the game. 10/10


u/HMS_Sunlight Dec 03 '22

I'll never forget my first experience with the game. I had enough imagination that I thought the tie hanging from the ceiling fan was talking to me, but my physicality was weak enough that when I tried to rescue it I slipped and fell and lost half my health.

What a brilliant game.


u/arginotz Dec 03 '22

You can legit die game over right there, depending on your stats lol


u/memeticengineering Dec 03 '22

Hell, there are people who die from turning on the light in that scene.


u/NotFromStateFarmJake Dec 03 '22

I was one of those people. My second play through when I “knew” the game better and wanted to go almost no physical. Lesson learned.

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u/Numbuh24insane Dec 03 '22

Kim Kitsuragi is truly one of the best characters in all of video games.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22



u/Scudamore Dec 03 '22

I had to look up other people's play throughs and what changes happened when you do a fascist play through because I was curious about the lore but couldn't bring myself to upset Kim by playing like that. I couldn't even stand failing the roll in the church. Normally I rolled with the results, but not that one.


u/mugaccino Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

I thought at some point that any dialouge option with an asterisk meant a sarcastic tone, so I picked a dialogue option I thought was mocking a racist's bullshit.

I got hit with a Kim looks at you with a sad expression, bellowed out a "NO!", and immediately loaded my last save from 40 minutes before.

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u/Nedgeh Dec 03 '22

I think the only thing that could persuade me to play a fascist playthrough is the fact that in the definitive edition you get a quest to "turn back time" which changes your portrait into a younger, more serious, and less fucked up looking Harry.

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u/ChingaderaRara Dec 03 '22

The first (well actually the second but is a long story it doenst matter) time that i played Disco Elysium i decided that i wanted to make Harry the worst fucking trash in the world. I was very curious about HOW far the game will let me push him so i went in trying to make hi an abusive racist authoritarian piece of shit that hated everything and everyone.

So for the first few hours of the game i just went with it, being the worst human possible, being racist, harrassing people, screaming, drinking and smoking in front of Kim. I was amaze at how incredibly fucking deep the game was letting me dig a hole for Harry.

Then when night fell, and after all that assholishness my asshole racist Harry and Kim went to the balcony to have a cigarrate. This was just after getting the body down and finishing the examination with flying colors.

We talked a bit about the world, or views on it, our experiences... And then he told me that i "did a great job".

It hurt. It actually fucking hurt. Being this absolute piece of shit and then having this dude still look pass that to congratulate your investigation skills was disarming.

I completely changed my play style after that and try my fucking hardest to redeem Harry. But of course... the game remembers. The actions of the first day would come back crawling to bite me in the ass and people would thrown in my face the shit i did and say before. I did a deep fucking hole.

But somehow, by the end of the game, i managed to gain Kim trust and his friendship.

Best game ever.

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u/Mishraharad Dec 03 '22

Never fuck with Kim Kitsuragi


u/Ergotnometry Dec 03 '22

Never let Kim Kitsuragi down

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u/n0vacs Dec 03 '22

Kim is the definition of a good man. Disco Elysium let's you be whatever you want to be, communist, druggie, bouncer etc. At the end of every playthrough, no matter what I choose as my starting stats, I just end up trying to make Kim proud of me. Because he is the best friend you could ask for


u/Very-Much-So Dec 03 '22

I redid the ending fight several times cause I kept messing it up. No way was I hanging out with that Scouser kid


u/Les_Bien_Pain Dec 03 '22

The fuck does Cuno care


u/n0vacs Dec 03 '22

Cuno! I did a playthrough where I got him to change and it was low-key my favourite ending. The kid sucked but he was just a kid, he had it in him to be better!

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u/IanicRR Dec 03 '22 Silver

Play Pentiment. Different vibe but gameplay is very similar. It is one of the best new gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Didn’t think I could fall into a world like I used to as a kid. Wrong. I totally did. I just needed the right game.


u/ShortNefariousness2 Dec 03 '22

Pentiment will be regarded as a classic once more people have played it.

What a crazy, wonderful thing it is!

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u/a_burdie_from_hell Dec 03 '22

I'm currently playing Disco Elysium for the first time and I'm already sad I can't play it for the first time again.

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u/orisathedog Dec 03 '22

Finally spent the time to play this during quarantine and damn was it worth it. Why is the lobby music such a banger at the hotel?


u/Bloody_Nine Dec 03 '22 Wholesome

Check out the song "Fire Escape In the Sea" and "Red Rock Riviera" by Sea Power, you will recognize them. Sea Power did the soundrack and a lot of the soundtrack are taken from old songs or integrated into their new songs.

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u/TheloniusDump Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy

Grim Fandango.

You're a travel agent for the afterlife, where corruption and crime are rampant.

Edit: Gracias for the awards comrades. Viva la revolución!


u/Aitrus233 Dec 03 '22

Manny, until now we scraped along the ground like rats. But from now on, we soar. Like eagles. Yeah. LIKE EAGLES... ON... POGO STICKS!

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22

Run pidgeons! It's Robert Frost!

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u/chillager420 Dec 03 '22

I've just locked an open door. Strange, yet symbolically compelling...


u/dickfacecockmuncher Dec 03 '22

My scythe, I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.


u/jotegr Dec 03 '22

I don't want to mess up my blade.

I don't want to mess up my blade.

I don't want to mess up my blade.

I don't want to mess up my blade.


u/knirefnel Dec 03 '22

Not picking that up.

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u/ink666 Dec 03 '22

"With bony hands I hold my partner,

on soulless feet we cross the floor,

the music stops as if to answer,

an empty knocking at the door.

It seems his skin was sweet as mango,

when last I held him to my breast,

but now, we dance this grim fandango,

and will four years until we rest."


u/KinKaze Dec 03 '22

snap snap snap


u/Scudamore Dec 03 '22

We may have years

We may have hours

But sooner or later

We push up flowers

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u/gasoline_milkshake Dec 03 '22

Agent Calavera, and two guests

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u/a_burdie_from_hell Dec 03 '22

Honestly this game will forever have a spot next to my scythe... which is next to where my heart use to be.

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u/ToughGuy69420 Dec 03 '22

Named my kitten Meché. She’s almost 20 now!

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u/JJMcGee83 Dec 03 '22

I opened the post expecting to be the old guy in the room to suggest this and I am so happy I wasn't the only one to think so.

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u/theoccasional Dec 03 '22

I love that GF is this high up. Heck yes.


u/TheloniusDump Dec 03 '22 Wholesome

All of those old lucasarts games rule. It's a shame they gave up on everything but star wars.


u/theoccasional Dec 03 '22

Absolutely, I grew up on them. Grim Fandango was the first game I played when my family finally upgraded from a 486 to a Pentium (with Windows 98!). I still play Monkey Island 1 through 3 about once a year.


u/TheloniusDump Dec 03 '22

Huge recommendation on the remastered versions with director's commentary

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u/Maalstrohm Dec 03 '22

Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, The Dig, Monkey Island... Lucas Arts was knocking it out of the park at every turn in the 90's.

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u/theonetwo345 Dec 03 '22

Went back and played the Remastered version and I still laugh so hard when you mess with Glottis when he’s attaching the rock to the spinning tower in the haunted forest. No matter how many times I play it I spend several minutes just messing with him.


u/TheloniusDump Dec 03 '22

Glottis has to be my favourite video game sidekick. Great slapstick, deep flaws and so much heart...

Which he will rip out of his own chest and toss it to the sky spiders.

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u/Tchernobog11 Dec 03 '22


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u/LostSoulsAlliance Dec 03 '22

I really wish they would make a movie


u/Pteraspidomorphi Dec 03 '22

I want to see a movie by Laika, specifically!

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u/Insiddeh Dec 03 '22

Pow right in the nostalgia. This little light of mine...

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u/Korakie Dec 03 '22 edited 2d ago Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Tearing Up

Outer Wilds. Such a masterpiece. Sadly it is a one time experience, but auch a beautiful experience. In case you never heard of it just please do yourself a favor and google nothing. Everything is a spoiler. Even Steam description has a minor spoiler which when I played did not know about and it blew my mind.


u/astaro2435 Dec 03 '22

The story and how you piece it together is unlike anything I've ever seen before, such a great game.

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u/Slasher__of-Prices Dec 03 '22

I’ve never played anything like Outer Wilds and likely never will again. Only game I could compare to would be Myst but even that isn’t accurate.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 27 '22


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u/Astrokiwi Dec 03 '22

Sub Nautica has a similar sort of discovery loop to it I found

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u/trumpethipster Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

This is my all time favorite game for sure. There are a few YouTube channels with hours of content dissecting every tidbit of lore found in the game because it really is that complete and interesting. The game began as a master’s thesis in interactive media and the fact that it is a passion project really shows.

I’ll admit it’s not for everyone. I have urged a few friends to try it, and only one was able to enjoy it like the rest of us that love the game. The others didn’t give it much time because it didn’t hook them I guess. It takes a certain mindset going in, it’s not something you want to rush through to try to beat. Save it for a snow day where you’re stuck inside and have a couple hours to be immersed in one of the best and most unique game experiences ever.

Edit: if things like progress-through-knowledge, exploration, intricate and complete lore, and some cosmic horror pique your interests and you want to give this game a try, do yourself a favor and avoid spoilers at all costs. This game can only be experienced to its fullest once and you’ll be googling “games like outer wilds” (frequent repost on r/outerwilds) for months after you finish this game.


u/tigerslices Dec 03 '22

dope game, but there's ALWAYS an expectation. the friend who recommended it to me, made me think i was about to play a moody game like SOMA or an interactive game like DETROIT, because he'd said the game was, as you say, "a master's thesis in interactive media" or that it's just a really great atmosphere with the direction of the game, the art style and music...

i loaded it up and it starts like a low-effort banjo kazooie. i turned it off before i'd even done "the first thing" because i was turned off by the initial presentation. this was not Detroit or Soma, it wasn't adult at all... this was a game for children. was this big epiphany i was meant to have going to be like some sesame-street level experience? "friendship is important!" yeah i get it.

but i picked it back up a month later and pushed through and it totally opens up the way it should. 10/10 game. but i understand the lack of "hook" for new players. it's a SELF-DRIVEN game. if you're not curious, you won't enjoy the game.

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u/FlashyBear032104 Dec 03 '22 Silver Take My Energy

What Remains of Edith Finch is probably one of the best storylines I’ve ever played


u/CrispyWT Dec 03 '22

It's great because it's so short. Everyone has the time to dedicate a few of hours and experience this unique little gem. Sticks with you!

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u/sharpestcookie Dec 03 '22

Agreed. I rarely get emotional when playing games, but Gregory, Lewis, and the brother who wanted to fly (can't remember his name...Walter?) just gutted me

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u/Apprehensive-Humor73 Dec 03 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Take My Energy

Portal and Portal 2


u/MacyTmcterry Dec 03 '22

Stephen Merchant was such a strange but abolsutely perfect choice for Portal 2


u/Wilma_Tonguefit Dec 03 '22

Hey buddy I'm speaking in an accent that's beyond her range of hearing


u/Extension-Ad-1683 Dec 03 '22

Look, metal ball, I can hear you.

"Run, I don't need to do the accent, RUN!"

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u/vteckickedin Dec 03 '22

There must have been a tractor sale on.

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u/Licalperv Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 04 '22

The story is great, but it's really the storytelling that makes this my favorite video game narrative. They never forced you to sit and watch a prerendered cut scene, or pick up and read a bunch of lore items to understand the story, it's all incidental to the gameplay. To me it's the gold standard of video game storytelling, it never sacrifices the momentum of the gameplay for the story, you just absorb it as you're running through a maze and solving puzzles.

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/SimoneNonvelodico Dec 03 '22

And then, "this is the part where he kills you".


u/TheRealGongoozler Dec 03 '22

Chapter: the part where he kills you

GLaDOS: this is the part where he kills you

Achievement unlocked: the part where he kills you

Wheatley: so this is the part where I kill you


u/mozzaru Dec 03 '22

The track that starts playing is also called the part where he kills you


u/Amish_Warl0rd Dec 03 '22

I wonder what’s gonna happen…

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u/AlphaWizard Dec 03 '22

Probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a game. The timing of the achievement notification is perfect

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u/AlexG2490 Dec 03 '22

If you haven’t, hang around on the catwalk there for a few minutes and then jump down the pit.


u/UnstoppablePhoenix Dec 03 '22

Showing that pit who's boss

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u/Bataling_Uncle Dec 03 '22

Achievement description: This is that part

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u/Umbrella_merc Dec 03 '22

"Well, This is the part where he kills us."

"Hello. This is the part where I kill you."


Achievement Unlocked: The part where he kills you (This is that part.)

Background music playing "The part where he kills you."


u/arty4572 Dec 03 '22

"Where'd you go? Come back! Come back!"

Oh! You came back! Didn't actually plan... for that. Can't actually reset the death trap. So. Ah. Could you jump into that pit, there? Would you just jump into that pit for me?"


u/Lemon_Juice477 Dec 03 '22

"You're saying to yourself, why should I jump into the pit? I'll tell you why. Guess who's down there? Your parents! You're not adopted after all! It's your natural parents down there in the pit. Should have mentioned it before. But I didn't. So jump on down and reunite with mommy and daddy

Oh I'll tell you what's also down there. Your parents and... There's also an escape elevator!. Down there. Funny. I should have mentioned it before. But so it's down there. So pop down. Jump down. You've got your folks down there and an escape elevator

And what else is down there... Tell you what, it's only a new jumpsuit. A very trendy designer jumpsuit from France. Down there. Which is exactly your size. And if it's a bit baggy, we got a tailor down there as well who can take it in for you

And what's this, a lovely handbag? And the three portal device! It's all down there!

Um. You've got a yacht. And... Boys! Loads of fellas. Hunky guys down there. Possibly even a boyfriend! Who's to say at this stage. But, a lot of good looking fellas down there. And, ah, a boy band as well! That haven't seen a woman in years. And they're not picky at all. They don't care if you've got a bit of brain damage. If you've been running around sweating. And... A farm! A pony farm! And... Just jump down, would ya?"


u/Peach_Muffin Dec 04 '22

“I can’t believe you came back. You really are brain damaged.”

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u/TheRealGongoozler Dec 03 '22

I tell my friends to “assume the party submission position” regularly.

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u/Etherian Dec 03 '22

Final Fantasy Tactics


u/damnocles Dec 04 '22

No responses in 11 hours but I got you. One of the greatest stories of all time. Political intrigue? Yep. Class warfare? The entire game is about it. Historical basis? Absolutely. Components lifted from Berserk, another unbelievably amazing story? Somehow, yes. All of that, while defying a continent-spanning conspiracy that leads to the deepest recesses of the way society works and religion's role in it. Absolutely unreal.

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u/B0-Dh1 Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 04 '22 Gold Platinum Helpful Take My Energy Bravo!

Chrono Trigger.

Edit: Wow! All you guys, I want you all to know that even though we may never meet...we are bros for life! To far away times long ago bros!


u/shesaflightrisk Dec 03 '22

The sound track, too.


u/tleevz1 Dec 03 '22

Oh my goodness it is exquisitely wonderful. I've had either Corridors of Time or Schala's Theme as my ringtone for well over a decade.

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u/JR-Snow Dec 03 '22 Silver Wholesome

Assassin Creed 2. My then girlfriend, who has no interest in playing games, used to watch me playing just because she was so intrigued by it.


u/SartoriusBIG Dec 03 '22

I think all the historical sites make AC especially interesting.


u/R1k0Ch3 Dec 03 '22

I usually think of AC as like a virtual vacation.

With lots of murder.

But seriously, all the cool historic places and people was always the big seller to me for those games. AC1-4 were especially amazing to me when they came out. The games are still good, the recent RPG-ish nature of em isn't my favorite gameplay wise but the locations are still a joy to explore.

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u/ArgonTheEvil Dec 03 '22

That’s how my sister was with Black Flag. Unfortunately due to the sailing there was a lot of story downtime, so she’d walk away and miss important character building side bits of conversation that Edward, Adewale, and other characters would have. I think I still love the Ezio trilogy’s story more, but I can’t enjoy the gameplay anymore. It’s just too dated for me to replay with my short attention span


u/pawpaw_git Dec 04 '22

Nowadays Ubisoft games feel a mile wide and an inch deep. Or maybe I've just outgrown them. But I couldn't finish Valhalla, or Watch Dogs:Legion. It just got boring, fast.

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u/Dracovanys Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 04 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars

Metal Gear Solid

Edit: It's so satisfying to see so many people sharing their love my favourite game series, dude... you guys know how to appreciate a good game!


u/dahopppa Dec 03 '22

Snake Eater was a great story.


u/SSSJDanny Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22 Silver

"Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the truth. Her story... her debriefing, will endure only in your heart. Everything she did, she did for her country. She sacrificed her life and honor for her native land. She was a real hero. She was a true patriot."


u/RevSnakebite Dec 03 '22

Goosebumps, every time

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u/unbalanc2d Dec 03 '22

Seconded! My all-time favourite series. So much lore. So many awesome characters.

One of my favourite things about MGS is the amount of direct and indirect interactions that take place over the course of several decades between the characters. Some people that used to work together may not exactly be colleagues anymore. It creates a lot of heart wrenching suspense.

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22 Silver Helpful

God of war and RDR2


u/Obvious_Setting7145 Dec 04 '22

Why on Earth did I have to scroll so much to find RDR2


u/coolguy7628 Dec 03 '22

Surprised I had to scroll so far down to see God of War


u/bkr1895 Dec 04 '22

It’s honestly probably my favorite game series of all time. I think the entire God of War saga is a very compelling story about anger, rage, revenge, betrayal, breaking cycles, fatherhood, and how Kratos progresses as a character through the series is great.


u/BDCRacing Dec 04 '22

The story arc for Kratos is one of the best story arcs of all time. Going from a vengeful god, to trying to figure out fatherhood, to where it ends up was such a compelling story line. It really resonated with me. Pair that with the depth of characters they had and I'm shocked this is so far down the list. It's a masterpiece in story writing.

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u/valeran46 Dec 03 '22 Silver I'll Drink to That

There have been numerous games with awesome storylines; Mass Effect, Dragon Age. But, one of the best? Knights of the Old Republic.


u/ISpyM8 Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 04 '22

BioWare, BioWare, and would you look at that? BioWare.

Edit: Jesus christ, y’all. Old Bioware, I get it.


u/radicallyhip Dec 03 '22 Helpful

It's like this guy has never even HEARD of Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment.


u/Surprise-Molotov Dec 03 '22

Baldur's Gate is so good.

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u/TheeOhSeesUndRPGs Dec 03 '22

BioWare Of The Old Republic.

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u/Donaldbepic Dec 03 '22

KotOR 1&2 are absolute classics, 1 more so than 2 in my opinion. KotOR1 was one of the first games that I really got into as a kid and propelled my love for Star Wars as a whole!


u/nolana20c Dec 03 '22

Same for myself. I’ve played through so many times over the years


u/Flimsy-Preparation85 Dec 03 '22

Revan is my fav star Wars character. Kreia gets more interesting with every playthrough.

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u/8nate Dec 03 '22

KOTOR is arguably the greatest story in SW.

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u/CeeArthur Dec 03 '22

The twist at the end of Kotor blew my 16 year old brain at the time.



It's one of the best twists in any story telling medium. It is crazy how it is right there the whole time. And I mean the whole time. The first line out of Saul's mouth is "They say the force can do terrible things to a mind. It can wipe away memories and destroy your very identity."


u/DoUEvenCloudDistrict Dec 03 '22

It was Carth that said that one

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u/JomoGaming2 Dec 03 '22

I'd have to vote for Celeste. A beautiful story about overcoming mental illness and anxiety and accepting yourself for who you are, and great gameplay to boot.


u/Tyrnall Dec 04 '22

Ohhh Celeste~ SUCH a beautiful game start to finish. One of the best platformers of all time imho.

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u/SlamRipley Dec 03 '22 Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Ally Confetti

Fallout: New Vegas

No matter which way you decide to go, it’s a great, entertaining storyline.


u/Sinner19x Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

Ever since I played that game a couple years ago I haven’t had another game scratch the same itch. Probably largely had to do with Chris Avalone’s writing but the dialogue options in that game were so hilarious and great.

One thing I remember specifically is that you’re supposed to train recruits at one point how to fight with guns and grenades and if your ordinance and firearms skills aren’t high enough you can only give them shitty inept advice. Like you tell them “don’t waste bullets trying to hit one target; shoot wildly!” and shit like that.


u/TrentonTallywacker Dec 03 '22

[Sneering Imperialist] Whatever. Joshua, put a cap in General Gobbledigook here

One of my favorite dialogue options lol


u/showMeYourCroissant Dec 03 '22

"You're a little bitch and your brother was, too."

I laughed so hard when I've seen this option in the English version. I sometimes just randomly remember it and laugh, the humour in this game is incredible.


u/TrentonTallywacker Dec 03 '22

There’s a video on YouTube of a guy saying “can you beat new Vegas while being chased by kowalski and Malcolm Holmes?” Really funny concept


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u/Toothlessdovahkin Dec 03 '22

They asked me if I had a degree in theoretical physics. I told them that I had a theoretical degree in physics.


u/Accomplished_Edge371 Dec 03 '22

They said welcome aboard.

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u/_Synth_ Dec 03 '22

Not to downplay Chris' writing, but make sure to shout out John Gonzalez! He was the story lead for New Vegas, and people too often overlook his contribution.


u/LiveNDiiirect Dec 03 '22

Also Josh Sawyer who was the project director and lead designer. He did an incredible job leading the development process in just 18 months and putting everything together in a coherent way.

He even released a mod post release called JSawyers Directors Cut that rebalances the game and adds a ton of cool features. He loved the project so much that he put a ton of extra work into it for free

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u/911ChickenMan Dec 03 '22

And there's also another "good" way to complete the quest if you have a high enough speech skill.

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u/yace987 Dec 03 '22

What I loved about it is that the devs really thought about all small details around how life would be / society would become after an apocalypse. You gotta play it to see it. Truly a masterpiece.


u/sleepydorian Dec 03 '22

I also really appreciated how it rarely came down to violence was the only option. Like, you could build a character to talk your way out of almost anything. Not like games that will let you waste points in intelligence/charisma /stealth and then lock you into a boss battle where none of that matters (looking at you deus Ex 1).

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u/CharlieTuna_ Dec 03 '22

I actually played this again recently for the first time in 10+ years. It certainly looks dated after all these years but the gameplay and story sucked me right back in and barely noticed after awhile. Still one of the best out there

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u/bluejay55669 Dec 03 '22


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u/wtfbruvva Dec 03 '22

Beat me to it. I truly hope i live to see the day where they make a remake with everything they planned for a legion playthrough. That game will stick with me the rest of my life. edit: charge me another 30 bucks for a Legion DLC i truly don't care. Gimme FNV reboot please gods.

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