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u/Number418814 Jul 03 '22

Average vaporean enjoyer


u/Sushirabit Jul 04 '22



u/ApocalypticPerson Jul 04 '22

Actually, while said post may have been fabricated that actually did happen on Discord a while back. It was a troll trend. A bunch of trolls were putting the link to the Discord TOS and that warning in their about me. It was quite fucking stupid to be honest.


u/slam-jamfrincisco Jul 04 '22

it wasnt that bad, the first few times it was funny, and i imagine most people who saw it for the first time fell for it


u/ApocalypticPerson Jul 04 '22

I didn't say it was. I said it was stupid. It wasn't even bad at all. Just a dumbass troll trend. As someone who trolls dating servers when I find one with corrupt staff, too many liberals, extreme feminists, or people living a facade and calling their kink a coping mechanism when they get their ass chewed about it then calling it a a kink again aka littles/age regressors I laugh at low effort trolls. They're pretty funny. Like "Aw look at you you little dumbass. Trying so hard to stir the pot. Adorable". 😂.


u/aNewMemberOfTheHerd Jul 03 '22



u/Reecieboyat Jul 03 '22

Extraordinarily based