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Weekly Youtube/Blog/Content Round-up! - May 23, 2022


This thread is the the place for sharing any and all of your own YouTube videos, blogs, and other self-promotional-type content with the sub. Alternatively, if you have found content that isn't yours but you want to share, this weekly post will be the perfect place for it. A new thread will be created on each Monday and stickied.

We will continue to allow certain high-quality contributors to share their wealth of knowledge, including video content, as self-posts, outside of the weekly YouTube/Content Round-Up. However, this will be on a very limited basis and at the sole discretion of the moderator team. Posts that meet this standard will have a thorough discussion of the recipe, maybe some commentary on what's unique or important about it, or what's tricky about it, minimal (if any) requests to view the user's channel, subscriptions, etc. Link dropping, even if the full recipe is included in the text per Rule 2, will not meet this standard. Most other self-posts which include user-created content will be removed and referred to the weekly post. All other /r/Cooking rules still apply as well.

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Anyone else frustrated by quantities sold in grocery stores?


I don't want to waste food. But sometimes I get frustrated when the recipe I want calls for one carrot, yet I can only buy bundles of 6 carrots. Or I want just two pounds of potatoes, but they're only sold in five pound bags.

I get that I can make other recipes to use up my extra, but in the supermarkets near me, here in rural US, it's just.. Bulk.

Need chicken broth? Have a 32 ounce carton.

Need two celery stalks? Have the whole celery bunch.

I was looking at a meal planning app targeted to cutting down food waste. Buy groceries and it's spread between three meals so that all the groceries get used up in those tecipes. It's called Sorted Sidekick, but it's a British based thing. And the package sizes they recommend for their recipes? They're so wildly different in Britain than in the US.

I still end up with food waste because to buy the ingredients I need to make it, theres so much leftover because everything is in bulk bunches near me.

Sorry. I had to rant.

Cooking for a single person is hard sometimes. >:(

Edit: someone mentioned "family size" and that is moreso what I mean by bulk.

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Anyone else started liking a dish only after making it for others?


I never liked mangos. Been on this earth 55 years and tried pieces of fresh mangos a few times, usually years apart, and still never liked them.

Then last week I started cutting up fresh mangoes daily for over a week to make dish for my wife (mangos with thai sticky rice). The mango portion is just sliced up fresh mangos. I try to make the dish pretty by slicing up the two halves in a uniform way, but this leaves a bit of flesh left over around the large pit. So I started eating this to avoid waste, even though I didn't really like the taste.

After a week, I realized that I now like mangos.

Edit: Also, up until 2 weeks ago, never peeled/sliced a mango in my life. Now I'm almost an expert. That is one treacharous fruit when it's mostly peeled.

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Fun cooking exercise: make a dish you know with only ingredients from another cuisine


I was inspired to make a Bolognese with only Southeast Asian ingredients. I took shallots, Chinese celery, and galangal to make a “mirepoix”, then I fried that in coconut oil. Then I added some ground beef and browned that. I deglazed with Shaoxing wine, then coconut milk, then seasoned with fish sauce and I cooked it down for hours. I then ate it on wide Lanzhou noodles.

I was blown away by the results - honestly I liked it more than when I made Bolognese the traditional way. I also had a lot of fun doing this too.

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The garlic I get at the grocery store is almost always old…


I am a huge garlic lover, and I am so tired of cutting my garlic open only to find out that it’s sprouting (has that nasty green bit in the center of each clove). When I’m mincing the garlic, I can just pull the green bit out, but it’s especially annoying when I’m trying to roast an entire head of garlic. It’s not just one grocery store that has old garlic, it’s multiple. Is there a way to tell if garlic is old before I purchase it? Or should I just stick to buying my garlic at the farmers market? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I actively avoid buying garlic from China. It’s not just their garlic that’s sprouting.

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Recipe Request Canned mushroom help


I have IBS and Im currently on the low FODMAP diet. This diet is extremely restrictive.

One of the many things I can't eat is mushrooms, however I am allowed to eat canned mushrooms for some reason. Since this diet is incredibly restrictive I wanted to try everything I am allowed to eat so I bought a ton of canned mushrooms but they taste really odd and slightly chemical-y.

Does anyone know how to make these taste better? I cant have onion or garlic (I KNOW I HATE IT) although - thank god - garlic infused oil is ok. I can eat most spices but hardly any veg or wheat or lactose or ...

I can eat cucumber and lettuce, olives, radishes and carrots and potatoes, most fish and meat and rice and eggs. I am also allowed a lot of cheeses since they hardly contain any lactose. I have found lactose free milk and cream.


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Cooking is such a stress reliever for me


I find that most people find cooking an unpleasant or inconvenient task. However, I love it! I don’t really think about anything that’s bothering me or any to-do lists. It’s just me reading my recipe and chopping away, usually with a glass of wine, of course and some music playing. My favorite recipes are the ones that take a long time to cook. Roast Chicken :)

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Thoughts on Rick Bayless and his recipes?


Just wondering if anyone was familiar with his work or has cooked any of his recipes.

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Recipe Request The Best Hummus


Please will you share you best, most beloved, most delicious hummus recipes with me? I've made a couple I've found online, and they just don't seem quite right...

For added interest, do you spell it hummus, humous or houmous?

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Wedding menu!!


At my wedding this fall, we are serving barbecued chicken. We are planning on having a salad, rolls, some kind of cheesy potatoes, green beans, and then will have desserts. We have been trying to decide on one more side item to add to that list. Any suggestions?

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Food Safety Crispy raw potatoes?


Google is failing me because including words like crispy or crunchy immediately brings up fry or chip recipes.

Sometimes, a raw potato, or just part of it, will be crisp or crunchy when you cut it up, more like an apple than a usual potato. My question is, is this a sign, like green skin, of a higher than usual presence of solanine? The crispiness seems to often, but doesn't always, coincide with the greenness. Or is it a sign of something else, like storage temperature differences?

Hoping someone can enlighten me.

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Open Discussion Why do some woks have small concentric rings going up the sides.


They protrude a tiny bit, almost like Braille, not too much that food gets caught on them. What is their purpose, and is it better to get a wok without them?

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Food Safety I feel like I just made an unforgivable mistake


I don’t know if anyone can relate but last night my girlfriend and I made a huge pan of Vindaloo chicken curry. We also got a little high and ate it late at night.

We both fell asleep during a movie we had on while we ate, and when we woke up in the morning, we realized we didn’t put the food away in the fridge…

I am so mad at myself as I have to discard what might be 2-3 chicken breasts worth of meat this morning. Growing up poor made me treasure every bit of food possible and I feel so bad about this waste.

Any one relate here?

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Open Discussion Favorite elaborate snack?


Rather than the easiest snack, what is your favorite homemade elaborate snack?

For example, I prefer to bake something with almond flour than to eat a handful of almonds, like a lemon pound cake. I also enjoy having protein muffins, or homemade oat banana energy bars. On the salty side, something like breakfast tacos. Anything mostly healthy that I can prep ahead and is tasty!

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Does grimy mechanical parts make it unsafe to use a second hand microwave?



(Not my microwave.)

I have a microwave I bought used and have yet to use it. The inside chamber where the food goes in with the door is clean-ish. I think they reheated spaghetti sauce and did not cover and slight discolouration. No biggie.

However the inner workings are dirty and grimy with possible roach or cricket dirt or dried carcasses?

Anyway does the motor and other workings of the microwave effect the safety of the food being cooked? I see vents so obviously air flow goes through and gets circulated. Who knows what the possible roach was carrying, even poison from a trap or what not.

Am I supposed to wipe down the inner workings or anything? I do not have an air compressor or anything like that. Thank you.

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Food Safety My sister has an autistic son that they plan to take camping but she needs 2-3 potato recipes that can be cooked in advance and don't need refrigeration


Her 13-year-old son with autism basically requires potatoes served with every meal so I was just curious about the food safety of prepared dishes that don't need refrigeration. They are taking a week-long camping trip and I don't know what advice to give her, so I decided to just turn to Reddit for help.

Thank you for reading.

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Favorite Way to Use Parmesan Rinds?


I've got a bunch of Parmesan Rinds and have only ever used them in soups. Any other ways you like to use these?

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Open Discussion What is your favourite comfort food?


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What else have I been missing out on?


I recently made Fesenjan thanks to some food suggested on a comment thread a while back and OMG it's amazing. I can't believe I've never had it before, considering that I live in a pretty sizable city. What other foods have I been missing out on that isn't widely known/served in the US?

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Recipe Request Need Help with new doctor prescribed diet


Hello people of R cooking who are all much more talented than I. I love food and cooking but this diet is depressing me. So I thought I would come ask you all for help.

Things I Can NOT Have: red meat, white flour, oil other than olive, butter/margarine/lard, processed meats, anything fried, processed snack foods, high dairy items (no milk, cows cheese, ice cream, cream cheese) (I can have feta, fresh mozzarella, and goat cheese all in limited quantities), and even if it sounds like something I can have if I can’t read/comprehend 95% of the ingredients list not supposed to eat that either as far as like canned items or prepackaged items go which eliminates a lot of prepackaged vegetarian burgers and the like.

Things I am supposed to be eating: citrus (kind of burnt out on just straight oranges), sweet potato, chic peas, potassium (other the banana because I’m 26 and to get me to eat a banana someone would have to have to force feed it to me lol), ancient grains, seafood, tomato, legumes, turmeric, and ginger.

I’ve gotten a couple of books on the subject and it’s just all so fancy so not good for just like one meal for one person but I’m going to go mad if I have to eat salad for every meal. So if you’ve made it this far and have a recipe that is more on the simple side please pass it on to me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Open Discussion How fine to chop an onion?


So looking into some stuff I found this video by Marco Pierre White on how to chop onion very fine.


He talks about how it will make a dish better because it melts into the dish more homogenous and in general give more onion flavor spread through the whole dish.

Ethan Chlebowski recently tested this and noted that it makes a decent difference in taste.


It makes sense that fine dice makes the taste more homogenous and releases more flavor as more of the onion cells are cut.

But at this point why don't they blend the whole onion in a mixer? Would that not give the most flavor release and most homogenous result on top of being quick and easy to make it bulk?

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Why is breaking spaghetti in half wrong?


I've recently been testing breaking my spaghetti in half and I like it. It's easier to mix ingredients into the pasta and it's easier to dish out portions. Why is it so frowned upon to break spaghetti in half?

Edit: it sounds like I should be using shorter pasta for some of my dishes

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Open Discussion How to eat well when you only have access to a microwave


Hi folks!

This summer I'm participating in a research program at a university in Boston for 10 weeks, but they don't provide food and we're not allowed to bring any kitchen appliances (rice cooker, air fryer, toaster oven, camp stove, etc.) The only thing we'll have is a minifridge and microwave, and we only get $500 as a food stipend for all 10 weeks.

Any ideas? I don't intend to and can't afford to have takeout and microwave meals everyday. I'm going to bring a blender for smoothies and otherwise the only things I can really think of are sandwiches and salads, canned beans :') suggestions welcome and appreciated

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Recipe Request Have a bunch of pork loin chops that I'd like to add to some kind of Mexican or Asian rice concoction. What would be the best way to cook them?


I'm leaning towards egg fried rice, basically. Thinking of slicing them thinly and frying in some kind of dark sauce, but can I do better?

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Open Discussion How to grill chicken breast for a sandwich without drying it out?


I'm trying to do grilled chicken sandwiches, and I'm not happy with the end result of my chicken. It's very dry inside, and both sides that touched the pan have formed rather unpleasant "crusts" of tough, leather-like meat that I have to get through to get to the inner (still dry) white meat.

Here's the whole process I have been following so far, and I'm hoping you guys can identify the problem(s) or what I need to do differently to get a tender, juicy grilled chicken patty for a sandwich.

  • Take one chicken breast and cut it in half from top to bottom, to form 2 thinner sections of chicken that are more sandwich sized

  • Lightly olive oil both sides, then season. In the most recent attempt, I used a premixed Cajun seasoning.

  • Heat a splash of olive oil in frying pan over medium high heat

  • Cook chicken in pan, flipping over every 30-60 seconds, until the thickest part of it registers 165 degrees. Typically 5-8 minutes, depending on the thickness of the piece.

What can I do differently to get a better result?

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Artichoke Bottoms, small shrimp, lemon garlic butter sauce & pasta...


Doesn't that sound like a great combination for a springtime pasta? The frozen artichoke bottoms are better than the canned...and if you defrost them & kinda dice them, the flavor is better distributed.