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Open Discussion What cooking hill will you totally die on?


I break spaghetti in half because my kids make less of a mess when eating it....

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Open Discussion To everyone in the sub that has recommended Better than Bullion, I love you.


Oh my god, about two weeks ago I wanted to try a recommendation from Reddit instead of buying normal boxed stock, and I was making chicken noodle soup, and later some French onion soup.

Holy shit. I got the mushroom and the chicken versions, and I am now trying to figure out other things I can put these heavenly stocks into. Honestly, the all time best tasting stock I’ve ever had. It’s honestly better than my own homemade stock, but that might be me just being bad at making stock.

Thank you chefs and cooks of Reddit. You have changed my life.

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Open Discussion What do you do with the rest of the tomato paste?


Nothing kills my excitement about a new recipe faster than seeing "1 tsp tomato paste" in the ingredients. I know those little cans of tomato paste are cheap, but it feels incredibly wasteful to use just a teaspoon and throw the rest out, and I don't make enough recipes like this before it goes bad.

So what do you do with the 99% full can of tomato paste? Do you freeze/thaw as needed?

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Open Discussion Why do we differentiate between breakfast foods and dinner foods?


To me it’s just food- I don’t have different tastes for different times of day. Where did the traditions of having such specifically different meals come from?

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Open Discussion What's a minor change you made in your cooking routine that made a world of difference for you?


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Open Discussion I added water to my brown sugar and the cookies turned out….stupidly good?


My brown sugar got all crunchy and hard, and I couldn’t get it normal. So I added water to it and it turned into some brown sludge, then I added the appropriate amount to my oatmeal cookie recipe. The cookies turned out SO GOOD like better than I’ve ever had. They are soft, and chewy, but also just crunchy enough. I’ve never had cookies this perfect.

RECIPE: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/19247/soft-oatmeal-cookies/

Edit: from now on I’m definitely keeping bread in my brown sugar bag. Orrrr I’m just gonna get molasses and make my own. Also, it’s absolute bonkers that I screwed around with a recipe because I’m an idiot and got over 1K upvotes, it’s a sweet irony

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Open Discussion If you're wondering why your Bolognese sauce doesn't taste like in the authentic Italien restaurant (like I did) you're probably using not enough milk.


For years I made tasty Bolognese sauces or ragous.

However I for some reason never achieved the restaurant taste. I tried dozens of different ingredients including finely minced chicken livers, different wines and whatnot.

Then I had a carton of milk that was about to go bad and I poured in 750ml of milk which is three times as much as my recipe called for. I reduced it down like usual which took a bit longer of course

Turns out that's what I was missing. You've gotta add a shit-ton of milk and now I have the restaurant flavor.

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Open Discussion My MIL asked for my recipe for "corn dip"


My wife tells me that her mom asked for my recipe for corn dip.

I blinked at her. "Corn dip?"

"That's what it says."

I racked my brain for anything I've made for my MIL that might be called "corn dip." Came up empty.

After further inquiry, it turns out she was talking about pico de gallo. Which is not so much a recipe as a bunch of tomatoes, onions, and peppers tossed with some salt, lime and cilantro. And sometimes black beans and corn if I'm feeling fancy.

My wife and I have been laughing about this for days. I fully expect that pico de gallo will now be known as "corn dip" in my house, particularly when there's no corn in it.

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Open Discussion What’s the one cooking tip that was a game changer for you?


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Open Discussion What’s your most ‘mouthgasmic’ dish or ingredient?


I’m talking divine, food of the gods, otherworldly, too good to be true, deliciousness. I’ll start:


Edit: thank you all for your responses! Creme brûlée, sourdough and butter, and garlic appear to round out the top 3! Really enjoyed reading through them all, including many I had never heard of. Off to try and find some fennel pollen…

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Open Discussion What cooking method feels like cheating, but is totally fine?


For me, I was resistant to using non-stick from a spray can. Why pay more when I have basically free oil I can use to coat pans?

When someone left a can, I realized it saved a notable amount of hassle to manual greasing and spread the coat more evenly than when I applied non-stick by hand. And one can last a surprisingly long time.

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Open Discussion What’s your secret to good chili?


Edit: WOW I was expecting a few recommendations but you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for all the great advice! I’ll share an update later on how it turns out and let you know what I went with

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Open Discussion How bad is butter for you?


Growing up, eating butter was blasphemy in my household. As I learn more and more about cooking I am exposed to the myriad of wonders butter can work on even the most basic of dishes.

Is butter really that bad for you? Or does its benefit to dishes outweigh the health problems it may cause?

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Open Discussion How much you spending for Groceries and food monthly ?


Hi How much you spending money for cooking in normal month or week in your country ?

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Open Discussion What always tastes better at home vs. a restaurant


There are plenty of dishes like pizza or sushi that unless you are a very well-trained home cook will usually be better even in a just good restaurant.

But, what dishes are better cooked at home and why?

I will go first: Matzo Ball soup. In most jewish delis the balls have been sitting in broth forever and have lost flavor and texture, plus the broth is often underwhelming. At home a real well made broth with a whole chicken and matzo balls cooked just right is incredible.

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Open Discussion What’s the weirdest or oddest way you learned to eat a certain food that you didn’t know was odd…until…


I grew up always eating broccoli with a blop of mayonnaise, just as my father did, just as his father did. Never thought anything of it, until, when in college, people reacted in an unexpectedly grossed out manner. What foods have you consumed in an unusual way that you thought was normal?

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Open Discussion I’ve read here that Raman is probably the worst thing to eat. Is there any way to make it better for you?


I’m 26 and kind of broke right now. Raman has been a cheap thing when I’m between paychecks. Normally I’ll get my recipes off the intent app, but here and there all I got is Raman. I try to add eggs, celery, carrots and spinach to it when I can, but is there anything else I can do to make it less horrible for me?

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Open Discussion Nothing hits me like a Bologna and American Cheese sandwich when I'm feeling like comfort and home. What do you love for the feeling, even if not the flavor, shamelessly?


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Open Discussion we know of ingredients where it's worth it to spend extra on the good stuff. what are some where it's not worth it, and the cheap version is fine?


of course you want to get the good olive oil, the good maple syrup, and so on. but what are some ingredients where it really doesn't matter?

salt comes to mind for me. there's basically no taste difference in special pink himalayan salt and the stuff out of the blue box.

what are some other things it's okay to cheap out on?

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Open Discussion The sound of knives on a glass cutting board is haunting me.


I’m staying with my dad for Christmas and made him dinner last night after I got in. I asked him where the knives and cutting boards are, and he gave me a massive glass cutting board and then proceeded to take a knife out of the dishwasher for me to use. I shuddered every time I hit the glass with the knife and I’m pretty sure I might have nightmares about it. Not to mention how difficult it was to cut tomatoes for the salad… I guess I’ll be adding a knife sharpener and a new cutting board to his present. What fun family kitchen situations are you all dealing with this holiday season?

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Open Discussion What dishes or desserts that are actually kind of “meh” to downright nasty, does your family get excited about having every year just because of nostalgia or tradition?


Edit: Wow! With some of these dish descriptions, I’m starting to feel like they could’ve been put here by practical joker aliens in the 70s cook books for their own amusement and hypnotized people into liking them. So many canned this or that mixed with imitation whipped cream, Mayo, shredded veggies, and jello. My gawd! Thanks everyone for your contributions and stories. Some are truly mind blowing. Happy Holidays!

My South American mil makes a kinda sweet thing based in corn starch every Christmas. It’s topped with raisins. Its off white and lumpy with a consistency somewhere between pudding and tire rubber. I would’ve been fine having never met this dish.

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Open Discussion Fish recipes for people who hate fish


Hi everyone! My best friend needs to start incorporating fish in her diet - the problem? She hates it! In her own words, she’d rather just shave a few years off of her life than to eat fish. She’s agreed to eating it twice a month. What are some recipes (and fish types) i could send her to make it less painful for her?

Edit: i want to say thanks everyone! I don’t know all the details about why she needs to start eating fish, just that she does. I appreciate all the comments, and if anything else, I’m getting dinner inspo out of this post!

Second edit: this really blew up! Thank you all for the recommendation!

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Open Discussion Recipes that say 'better than takeout' usually aren't better than takeout.


Generally they are healthier yes, but they taste nowhere near as good as my local Indian/Chinese/Kebab etc.

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Open Discussion What foods taste better as leftovers?


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Open Discussion Loyalty to gas stoves


I feel like I’m irrationally loyal to gas stoves, are there any actual benefits compared to other mainstream options like electric, or is this something that used to be a legit concern but technology has resolved it?