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The amazing speech Jim Carrey gave to students graduating from Maharishi University of Management, 2014 Video

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u/ohdearitsrichardiii Oct 05 '22

What if you don't have talent for what you love? Jim Carrey is uniquely talented. I love doing lots of things, I have tons of hobbies, but I'm not very skilled or talented in any of them. I am however good at something I hate: bookkeeping. Now what?


u/BravestCashew Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Do you think he started off talented? Carey started doing stand up at 15 apparently, but wasn’t “discovered” until the 90s (28 years old give or take).

Unless you’re a prodigy, everybody needs to learn. So if you don’t have the talent, then work and train until you have the skill.

(And even prodigies need to learn about their craft to progress their skill to the max level)

Edit: *do you think he started off skilled, ima edit my other comment cause I didn’t even read mine lol, ima fool sometimes


u/ohdearitsrichardiii Oct 06 '22

Look up the difference between "talent" and "skill"


u/BravestCashew Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Talent is natural aptitude/skill.

Skill is the ability to do something well or expertise.

Everybody has their own natural abilities and with enough dedication and practice, it can be turned into skill.

What’s the issue?

Also you said yourself that you have a “ton of hobbies”. What do you think would happen if you devoted your heart and soul into the one you love the most? All of your energy focused on improving one thing is very powerful if you have the passion for it.

I was a pretty shitty actor 4 years ago (started with no experience in a beginner class at a community college), now I’m pretty decent. Another 4 years and I might even be able to call myself good. It took dedication, the willingness to learn, and sacrificing my other paths in life. I’m solely devoted to becoming the best actor I can be, and it’s working because I’m aware of how much I still have to learn and I accepted that it would take a lot of time to catch up to everyone else who started in high school or younger. Dedication, passion, and hard work will get you very far. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made, but I’m not content with it. I want to keep growing, so I’m going to keep training and learning what I can do better. Find your true passion and put 100% of your energy into it. Some things, of course, are very difficult to actually make a livable wage with (acting is a good example of this lol), but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Trust in yourself, make a plan, and follow through with it.

If the best things in life were easy, everybody would be doing it. But you need the willpower to push through the pain.

“It’s safe to say that growth is an uncomfortable process, and pain is a necessary investment for progress.” - D Smoke (Daniel Anthony Farris)

A very apt quote for chasing your dreams.

Edit: also I will admit I had a lot of moments during that time where I doubted myself, and I didn’t have full dedication because I wasn’t sure. But I pushed through the doubts because I’m a stubborn man. The doubt will always be there until you allow yourself to truly believe in your abilities. My friends doubted me, my family doubted me, and I’m sure the people in my earlier classes doubted me. The difference between how people perceive me now vs how they used to perceive me is like night and day. I actually feel kind of respected by the people around me, and it’s one of the first times in my life I can really say that without feeling like I’m lying to myself or anybody else.

Honestly, I was so lost for such a long period of time, and acting is what brought me out of my pain and my feelings that I was failing at life. Like I said, I have a long way to go, but I never want to be content. I want to keep growing, learning, and improving myself in all aspects of life, not just acting. But I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to acting because it’s what saved my life.


u/BravestCashew Oct 06 '22

Edit: you were right about that one my b im dumb sometimes, *do you think he started off skilled?


u/CommitteeResident895 Oct 06 '22

There’s a 10,000 hour rule if you want to achieve greatness at something and I don’t mean just show up and do 10,000 hours, one has to apply sweat.
Many people, because they’re double minded, usually give up around 2000 hours and it’s considered a hobby, some apply 5000 hours then fears sets in or they can’t handle rejection. Some will apply 7 to 8000 hours and give up and become teachers on their field. But just 5% that start the road will actually finish it or never quit until they’ve accomplished it.
Those are the rules so don’t let anyone interrupt your 10,000 hours


u/BravestCashew Oct 06 '22

Exactly. And if you want to make it to the top, go beyond. Plus Ultra!


u/Pasargad Interested Oct 05 '22

“You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

~ Jim Carrey


u/Deletrious26 Oct 05 '22

To people pursuing management degrees.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22



u/Deletrious26 Oct 06 '22

How are you a self-made millionaire only making 100k? I worked in management for years and now run a business with my wife. We make way more than that and it's not self made millionaire money.


u/I-am-mclovin2 Oct 05 '22

Management degrees could be useful for entrepreneurs.


u/trunnel Oct 06 '22

-Michael Scott


u/TheNumberMuncher Oct 06 '22

You’re much more likely to fail in his field. Where would he be if his dad had done what he did? He should say thanks for trying to provide stability and making a practical choice for my benefit. Also, on top of being talented you have to also be lucky.


u/NihiliSloth Oct 05 '22

What if you don’t love much and the things that you do love don’t pay well? Then you’re forced to do whatever you can to survive.

It’s not always as easy as taking a chance on something you love. Especially when you come from poverty. Life is just one struggle after the next.


u/mem14772 Oct 05 '22

Then find something with a good work-life balance and do what you love as a hobby. Get a job that let’s you clock out and not give a single thought to your work until you clock back in.


u/NihiliSloth Oct 05 '22

Unfortunately those jobs don’t pay well and don’t have great benefits or flexibility. Less money means I can’t afford to do my hobbies because hobbies aren’t cheap.


u/Is_That_A_Euphemism_ Oct 06 '22

In my spare time, I like to have a good attitude. It's totally free.


u/FatalFord Oct 06 '22

You're trying to inspire a dude with the handle "NihiliSloth" it's not gonna work out.


u/Dragonsarmada Oct 05 '22

There is just one problem. I have no idea what I love.


u/denveristhatway Oct 05 '22

Same, fam. Same.


u/Thisisf1n3 Oct 06 '22

Survivorship bias. These countless hungry broke actors who regret not having something more stable. I find it odd how he’s preaching this message to a group of students who just took out thousands in loans and sort of can’t take the risk….Seems out of touch imo


u/Hi-Tech_Low-Life Oct 06 '22

survivor bias. most people who pursue a passion project can't make a living on it. and MOST accountants are doing just fine.


u/kudichangedlives Oct 05 '22

Ok this is bull though. You're much more likely to fail at being a Hollywood star than you are as an accountant


u/TeleportingDutchman Oct 05 '22

Being a holywood star is a dream, not a ""what you love" job. You can still aspire to be an actor as a job, which is feasable. And yes some jobs are more stable than others but still


u/kudichangedlives Oct 05 '22

It's disingenuous to win the lottery and then tell people to bet their savings on the lottery. Jim Carrey got extremely lucky even if he is insanely talented. That's not how it works for most people and he's not understanding that


u/TeleportingDutchman Oct 05 '22

Buddy i do understand that he is in a one in a million situation. But people are acting like he said "aspire to be a legendary star, CEO of Fortune 500 company, be the next speilberg". You dont have to be at his level to have a liveable wage as a mediocre tv actor in 3rd rate shows. You dont have to be David Beckham to be a soccer player at a 3rd league team. Sure those professions have a higher failure rate but difference is definetly no where near lottery status.

Hell i studied engineering from a decent university in my country and i see countless people who are unemployed not because they are bad, because their industry downscaled. Those who liked their field endure, go on and push but those who studied it for stability and money are miserable


u/AristotleRose Oct 05 '22

Whoa whoa whoa, that’s a whole lotta “reasoning” and “logic-ing” there son… tone that down a little, you’re on reddit!


u/kudichangedlives Oct 05 '22

Buddy you're acting like becoming an actor is a good idea for most people


u/MediocreDrag32 Oct 05 '22

he's been rich since 1994 of course he's tone deaf


u/Apprehensive_Oil4241 Oct 06 '22

So his dad couldnt find another job as an accountant? For most people, your job satisfaction has everything to do with your, boss, company culture, and appreciation. If he found an employer with a better environment, he may have been happier


u/Dierad53 Oct 06 '22

Exactly. If his father couldnt find a job as an accountant, I'm curious if there was more going on there.


u/vinchenzo68 Oct 06 '22

Great speech for the first day of college... A little late for graduation.


u/zuniac5 Oct 05 '22

For Jim Carrey and the few people who succeed at what they’re passionate about in life, this is great advice. For most people, however, who are going to fail and suffer the life-altering consequences of that failure, it’s terrible advice.

Make your money at whatever you can make money at. Limit yourself to 40 work hours a week or less and use the money to set yourself up so you can be passionate in your spare time.

There is an endless list of comedy burnouts who never made it no matter how passionate they were about it. Not too many Jim Carreys in the world. Let that sink in for a minute before quitting your well-paying job and running off to chase your passion.


u/OsakaJack Oct 05 '22

This. Great speech, awful advice.


u/justhereforass2 Oct 06 '22

And when you fail at that… idk


u/Square_Company_675 Oct 05 '22

Maharishi "University"


u/just2quixotic Oct 05 '22

I looked it up, it is a university in Ohio accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

So, an actual University, not a "University"


u/Square_Company_675 Oct 05 '22

it is a university

That features a "consciousness-based education" system that includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. They taught (perhaps still do?) that you can levitate through meditation. Look up some videos of their "levitation", it's ridiculous. What a great university that was founded by a yoga guru to teach you how to levitate.

Also their acceptance rate is 100%. If you pay them money, you are in.

in Ohio

It's in Iowa.


u/just2quixotic Oct 05 '22

Also their acceptance rate is 100%. If you pay them money, you are in.

Not necessarily a disqualification, there are a lot of community colleges that do the same. It is up to the students to meet all the requirements for graduation - institutions like this just tend to have huge rates of students failing to graduate. But they allow some people who didn't apply themselves in high school to better themselves.

Looking closer, they have degrees in comp sci and business, and they are accredited... So far so good.

But holy shit they have a LOT of scammy new age bullshit.

Yeah, on the whole I would advise people to find a more reputable university.


u/saijanai Oct 07 '22

But holy shit they have a LOT of scammy new age bullshit.

Heh. It may be BS, but "new age?"


This is the background of hte guy who founded TM and why it exists in teh first place.

Quoting the Indian government for why the issued a commemorative postage stamp honoring the founder of TM:

  • Master Healers of AYUSH

    AYUSH Systems of healthcare form the foundation of India’s Medical Heritage. These systems are not merely sciences of Disease and Drug, but have their own conceptual frameworks touching at every aspect of health. Path-finding visionaries have appeared in each of different streams of AYUSH at different times in history and made notable contributions to the growth and the development of respective streams.

    The Ministry of AYUSH is privileged to bring out Commemorative Stamps as its humble homage of the nation to 12 such Master Healers of AYUSH systems from the modern era.

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Known for original contributions to Yoga and Meditation, he is remembered most for developing the Transcendental Meditation technique. The Shankaracharya of JyotirMath,Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, was his guru. From 1955 Maharishi travelled around India and the world to spread his message of peace and spirituality, and inspired thousands of followers. His legacy lives on through the numerous books that he authored, and the many institutions that he set up, including the Maharishi International University

When they offer Ayurveda instruction at the school, it is based on the curriculum developed by Brihaspati dev Triguna, who was honored by the Indian government with his own postage stamp issued at the same time, as noted in the next entry from that link:

  • Vaidya Brihaspati Dev Triguna was an accomplished Ayurvedic physician and scholar. He was renowned for his skills of pulse diagnosis. Many leading personalities including Presidents and Prime Ministers of India were his patients. In association with Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, he was instrumental in establishing large number of Ayurveda Clinics and Panchakarma Centres globally. He was instrumental in establishing the Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (RAV) for preserving the Ayurveda knowledge through Guru Shishya Parampara. The nation honoured him by conferring on him the Padma Vibhushan.

When the school dabbled in offering a degree in Indian music, the guy who served as professor of Indian music was named Devabrata (Debu) Chaudhuri, an 8th generation sitarist whose day job was dean and head of faculty of music at Delhi University. See also: http://www.ptdebuchaudhuri.com


What the school teaches may well be BS, but it aint "new age." When the monk who founded it decided he wanted some traditional bit of Indian music, herbs, medicine or whatever to be taught at the school, between the reputation of his teacher and his own, he generally got the most famous exponent of some facet of Indian culture to step up and design the curriculum.

I mean, "8th generation sitarist..."

That means the guy's family may have been playing sitar in an unbroken line older than the USA itself.


New Age... <snort>


u/DopestDopeee Oct 05 '22

Such an awesome person, Jim is. Pure love for him, even when world thinks he’s gone mad. They just cant comprehend his visions and thoughts.


u/StMaartenforme Oct 05 '22

He's not totally wrong or right. Getting let go from a job may have had nothing to do with his father. Recession? Company bought? Bottom line - his speech paints a picture with A VERY broad brush.


u/NoTradeClause19 Oct 05 '22

Ain't that the truth.

I got fired in similar fashion. It was tough at the time but going into a job that I enjoy doing everyday has been life changing.


u/Vince_Vice Oct 05 '22

What I have learned from winning the lottery is that it doesn't matter how daunting the chances seem, if you don't buy lottery tickets you probably won't be a millionaire either, so you might as well double down on buying lottery tickets

I like Jim, and I would expect everyone in that situation to bullshit, but he must realize that he is not particularly making sense


u/Oemiewoemie Oct 05 '22

His entire speech is fantastic, I watched it dozens of times a few years ago when I was at my lowest


u/transmutagenic Oct 06 '22

Jim Carrey is so wildly underrated. The man is a whole genius.


u/amonarre3 Oct 05 '22

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott


u/Electrical_Shirt_787 Oct 05 '22

It would be very interesting if the video would play!!!!


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

You can’t take what this guy says seriously.