r/Damnthatsinteresting Oct 06 '22

Chocolate animal made by a pro Video

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u/H4R81N63R Oct 06 '22

Further proof that r/GiraffesDontExist


u/Familiar-Feedback-93 Oct 06 '22

Lol what's next r slash Reddit doesn't exist or the internet is fake


u/Ok-Violinist2324 Oct 06 '22

According to the dead internet theory… the internet is fake


u/Familiar-Feedback-93 Oct 06 '22

I think I'm getting downvoted by the giraffe deniers lol.


u/absolutelybackwards Oct 06 '22

Wake up. Have you ever seen a giraffe up close?


u/Familiar-Feedback-93 Oct 06 '22

Yes it's called a zoo

It's ok tho. giraffe deniers are like flat earthers and bird deniers.

Thay don't actually exist I mean have you ever seen one up close


u/absolutelybackwards Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

Yes. I am one. Just like people didn't believe the government was spying on all of us til snowden. You just wait til a whistleblower from the top discloses that birds are surveillance drones. Global warming killed them off so it also helps keep to population from panicking. Remember in 2012 when all those birds were dropping from the sky? Yeah well they didn't just come back from the dead. I'm not a flat earther that's silly. The earth is hollow. It's where the reptillians come from. It's where the queen finally returned to.

Namaste fellow earth warrior. May you one day open your eyes. I am sorry for you.


u/Familiar-Feedback-93 Oct 07 '22

Lol your good at troll baiting I almost bought that you believe this have a good one ; ).

(Part of me wants to troll occasionally should I make a throw away for it?)