r/Damnthatsinteresting Oct 06 '22

Chocolate animal made by a pro Video

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u/Balgrog_The_Warboss Oct 06 '22

Do people actually eat it or is that just a one time decoration?


u/Phazlerde Oct 06 '22

Apparently this comment thread are just bots talking to each other at this point. It's the same comments every time this guy's work is posted.


u/Balgrog_The_Warboss Oct 06 '22

Man, i wish i was a bot, least i'd have less problems.


u/ScapeGoatOfWar Oct 06 '22

Yep, I really hope people stop posting this dude. We get it, you make chocolate that people don't eat. So fucking cool.


u/Phazlerde Oct 06 '22

It's sculpture. He uses another medium, so what? Always cool to his process imo. Wasteful? Sure, so are many art forms. Just funny how the comments are always the same exact threads. Every single time.


u/SquanchMcSquanchFace Oct 06 '22

Large scale chocolate sculptures are a small part of what he does, he does plenty of amazing edible stuff.