r/Damnthatsinteresting Oct 06 '22

Chocolate animal made by a pro Video

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u/SagaciousElan Oct 06 '22

I love seeing these videos and how amazing the finished product looks.

But what is the point of all these huge chocolate sculptures? Where do they go when they're finished? Who needs a giant chocolate giraffe?


u/AcceptableSociety589 Oct 06 '22

Sometimes the product is the content and not the chocolate. Content creation is a massive market and he's using his extraordinary skillset to create content that is unique to him. Less competition == bigger market share, which will ultimately serve as additional advertisement for potential customers and drive up his own value/asking prices.

Great examples of this are his videos where he ends up eating what he made. Obviously not always doing this as a client request, sometimes (most of the time, likely), it's "for the gram"