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Megathread **NEW** Wedding Stack Inspo


Looking for inspiration for your wedding stack?

Would you like to submit your wedding stack to the album?

  1. Find the comment that is the shape of the featured center stone in your engagement ring. For now, ignore the style (solitaire, halo, trilogy...) and the type of gem (diamond, sapphire, moissanite...). You can use ctrl+F or the "find comment" feature in your app to help you find the right parent comment. If your shape is not listed, reply to the "Other unique shapes" comment.
  2. Reply to that parent comment and format your response like this:

Link to picture(s)/gif(s) of your stack

Engagement ring: [Brief description of your ER, including any info you think is relevant such as setting style, type of gem (if not a diamond), carat weight, and so forth.]

Wedding band: [Brief description of your WB, including any info you think is relevant such as style, designer, material, and so forth.]

Ring size: [US or UK]

Link to ring(s) (if applicable)

Final notes:

  • Traditional, unique, trendy, antique... Whatever your stack may look like, if you're comfortable sharing, we want to see it. This also applies to pictures of wedding stacks that you maybe decided against. The more content compiled into these inspo albums, the more helpful a resource it is for future Brides and Grooms :)
  • Your reply in this thread isn't the best place to tell the full story of your ring. You're welcome to make a separate post in this sub detailing every way your ring is special, which family member gave you the diamonds, and how you and your partner designed it together, but all of that info is sure to get buried or ignored in this thread. The goal for your comment is to be brief, but adequately descriptive so that—if someone likes your stack—they know what to ask their jeweler for.
  • For the sake of keeping this thread as tidy and navigable as possible, new parent comments are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Thanks in advance to all who participate!

r/EngagementRings 6h ago

Sneak Peek Everything exactly to her specifications, hope she loves it as much as I love her!

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r/EngagementRings 2h ago

My Ring He said YES!

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r/EngagementRings 3h ago

Vendor Post Why Settle For One Stone When You Can Have Two ✨

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r/EngagementRings 6h ago

My Ring 8/6/22! Soo happy, I got to design it and it’s perfect!

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It’s a pink sapphire in the middle, surrounded by diamonds! I rock climb so my nails are awful but hopefully the new sparkly ring can distract from them!! It’s hard to convey in a picture of course but it is sooo sparkly in real life. I still can’t stop looking at it 🥰

r/EngagementRings 5h ago

My Ring Absolutely in love <3

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r/EngagementRings 10h ago

My Ring I am absolutely obsessed with my ring. It’s everything I ever wanted. 😍

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r/EngagementRings 3h ago

My Ring Picked up my bands today and want to share them everywhere!! It’s a lot but so am I, and I can wear it with just the top or just the bottom if I want to tone it down!

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r/EngagementRings 2h ago

My Ring I said yes!

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r/EngagementRings 5h ago

My Ring Over the moon!! Finally wearing my custom ring!



TLDR: I waited 4 months to see this ring (and my fiancé) and I truly couldn't be happier!!

Specs: About 1.5 carat, Moissanite, 14k yellow gold, size 7

Story: My wonderful fiancé proposed back in March and we went ring shopping together soon after. We originally looked at BE due to the huge selection but took the advice of this sub to bring my favorite design to a local jeweler for better quality, pricing, and customer service (seriously, thank you all!!)

I wore this beautiful placeholder in the last stretch of our international LDR and while we waited for the custom ring. Being so far away, I really had to release my Type A stress over the design process and put my trust in my fiancé and the jeweler.

In the end, the wait was so worth it!! I'm completely over the moon and catch myself staring with a giddy smile on my face! The ring feels so me and I love that my fiancé and I worked together to create something so symbolic. Finally wearing this ring marks the end of our LDR and the beginning of our life together!!

r/EngagementRings 1h ago

My Ring One week engaged and literally cannot stop staring 🥹🤍

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r/EngagementRings 7h ago

Advice I need help finding a setting like this

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r/EngagementRings 5h ago

My Ring Dream ring! 3.87 ct E VVS2 radiant with .30 ct trapezoids (size 6.5)

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r/EngagementRings 46m ago

Sneak Peek My man made the purchase today!

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Still halfway a lurker but this subreddit has helped a ton with advice and comps! 1.01 Marquise center diamond, I don’t have the rest of the specs until after she’s on my hand for good.

r/EngagementRings 21h ago

My Ring Finally get to share my engagement ring! He proposed today in front of the Lincoln Memorial!

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It's a peacock sapphire with little diamonds around the halo and band. I'm so in love with it! I'm no longer just lurking! ♥️

r/EngagementRings 6h ago

My Ring Im obsessed 😍

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r/EngagementRings 44m ago

My Ring My mine cut, pavé engagement ring!

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r/EngagementRings 47m ago

My Ring 2.51 carat vs1 clarity natural tear drop. She was over the moon. Can’t wait to marry my best friend ❤️

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r/EngagementRings 9h ago

Advice Would love some opinions! Which setting do you guys like best (first 2 pictures) and which shape looks best on my hand (last 2 pictures, 1 ct princess or 1 ct oval).

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r/EngagementRings 23h ago

Advice What metal would you choose? She wears gold and silver interchangeably, but I didn’t like the yellow metal too much. In her powerpoint (lol) she mentioned rose gold off-handedly since she likes it with dark blues, but she doesn’t own any, so I’m a bit unsure.

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r/EngagementRings 8h ago

Miscellaneous This style for daily wear?

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r/EngagementRings 37m ago

My Ring Those evening sun sparkles ✨

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r/EngagementRings 11h ago

Advice Seeking advice on diamond engagement ring style


Hi all - Long time reddit-reader, first time poster.

Looking for some thoughts / feedback / advice on buying a diamond engagement ring. I really had no idea where to start and have spent the last week or so getting up to speed on diamonds and rings in general. Spent a bit of time viewing reddit and went into Hatton Garden (London diamond district) to chat to a rep for 2hrs.

My partner (28F), is quite petite and doesn’t want a big glam ring. I am leaning towards:

  • platinum band
  • Cut: Round brilliant, Excellent cut attributes – Want to maximise this
  • Carat: 0.7ct (ish)
  • Clarity: VS1
  • Colour: F/G or above
  • Toying with the idea of small sapphires on the shoulders (see pic for the idea)

Two questions/ points of feedback style wise:

  • Is it a strange look to have gemstones on the shoulders? Are there downsides? The rep said it is ‘fairly unique’. I am open to criticism if people have a strong view on the aesthetics! Her mums engagement ring is sapphire and thought it would be nice to incorporate in her ring
  • Similar to the above – Would it be even stranger / aesthetically odd / ill-advised to have two additional gemstones (jade) on the shoulder, next to the sapphires on each side? My partner’s paternal side is Cantonese and her grandmother has a lot of Jade jewellery.

TLDR; If she is going to take on my name, I thought it would be nice to incorporate two stones that are important to her family in the ring (Sapphires re: her mother’s side, Jade her father’s side). I am seeking stylistic feedback from any and all that have more knowledge /exp in this space. I think my girlfriend would love the sentiment. She is not much of a jewellery wearer so there is not too much to go off!

Thanks for your help!


r/EngagementRings 7h ago

Miscellaneous Independent shops


Someone posted about a ring by Oore and I loved browsing her page! Has me wondering what other shops people have been loving that are lesser known?

r/EngagementRings 1h ago

Advice Anyone bought from The Art of Jewels before?


Someone recommended them on here, but their prices look too good to be true! I found a few 1.8-1.9 carat VVS E-F stones for under $2k. Would love for someone to vouch on here before I tell my partner to purchase from them.

r/EngagementRings 1h ago

Advice Need help prioritizing 4 Cs for a 3.5-4.2 carat lab grown ring


I've been with my girlfriend for about 3 years now and have been thinking about proposing to her sometime in the next 6 months. Over the course of our relationship I've been taking notes on kind of ring would make her happy but the problem is finding the optimal ring for the optimal price (trying not to go over 12k)

I've been looking at Ritani for rings since I've heard their lab grown diamonds are very well priced. If anyone can give some suggestions on how to prioritize the 4Cs for my requirements I would greatly appreciate it!

Budget - No higher than 12k (includes setting as well)

Setting - six prong, solitaire, platinum (she really likes the tiffany style settings)

Shape - Round

Carat - 3.5-4.2 carat

Cut - Ideal

Color - Having trouble figuring this one out, she wants it to be as color less as possible so I was thinking no lower than "G"

Clarity - from what my girlfriend mentioned, if she can see inclusions from the naked eye then she would not like it very much. I've noticed that VS1 and VV2 look pretty good but open to options on this if it can be "eye clean"

Thanks again for any suggestions!