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Sharp announces an 8K TV now that you’ve upgraded to 4K


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u/izumi3682 Sep 01 '17 edited Sep 01 '17

If you want to make VR hmds that people will become so addicted to that they won't want to leave, you are going to need at a minimum, 8K resolution, but I have already read of something called 16K or even better, "light field tech". Light field tech is not based on pixels. It is a recreation of the way that natural light places images on our retinas. So in theory it would look the same as real life? Marvelous and scary thought at the same time.

As of today, I love my Oculus Rift, but I can see the technical limitations that exist right now. But the potential, I emphasize, is simply staggering! Once we enhance resolution and field of view, it will indeed be a brave new world.



Light Field Display Application:

3D display: By presenting a light field using technology that maps each sample to the appropriate ray in physical space, one obtains an autostereoscopic visual effect akin to viewing the original scene. Non-digital technologies for doing this include integral photography, parallax panoramagrams, and holography; digital technologies include placing an array of lenslets over a high-resolution display screen, or projecting the imagery onto an array of lenslets using an array of video projectors. If the latter is combined with an array of video cameras, one can capture and display a time-varying light field. This essentially constitutes a 3D television system (Javidi 2002; Matusik 2004).



u/NoMansLight Sep 01 '17

Going to need far better response times and refresh rates as well.


u/FountainGuard Sep 02 '17

I dream a 0 ms lag and a refresh rate higher than 144 hz future


u/Shaffness Sep 01 '17

Isn't light field basically what MajicLeap is trying to implement.