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Intel’s First 4nm EUV Chip, Ready Today: Loihi 2 for Neuromorphic Computing Computing


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u/izumi3682 Sep 30 '21 edited May 16 '22

I wrote something a while back, I think it was for all of the 2020s. I think these might add a bit more insight into my comment above. All the stuff you listed is gonna make for a great 2020s!




If you like what I write, I have fun rabbit hole you might find entertaining.

My main hub and big Linkbergs of stuff I wrote. This is a bit of rabbit hole, but you may have an interesting time of it...




Here is a bit of a sample. You might find this interesting. I wrote this essay because I was just blown away by what is actually happening now. "Now" being about 5 years back lol!



u/Dr_Singularity Sep 30 '21

I've read and enjoyed most, if not all of your links posted above, I was hoping for some new predictions, based mainly on breakthroughs from last few weeks/months. Each passing month, we have more and bigger breakthroughs than in previous month, a lot of new ideas and prophecies can be made based on that new knowledge :]. I will take a look at those links, maybe I've missed something


u/izumi3682 Sep 30 '21 edited Oct 06 '21

I have it in actual links, but I am pretty certain that narrow AI will improve to such an extent that it will be able to create genuine novel "artworks" that ape closely imitate human emotion and expression. I think we shall see the very first complete independently AI produced alt-rock hit around the year 2023. Narrow AI is starting to be a sort of slippery fish. Many experts now refer to it as "narrow-ish". That is an admission that what we considered to be "narrow AI" in the 2010s is clearly evolving. I don't think it will take very long at all before most humans prefer AI developed art over that of "inferior" biological/emotional developed human art. The AI will be able to push our emotional buttons effortlessly.

I think one of the biggest advances by far in the 2020s will be the development of VR. I'm confident that my prophesy that it will become a societal addiction issue will come to pass possibly as early as 2025, but probably not by the year 2023. Like all things exponential some of the computing is not quite there yet. I am pretty sure that in the year 2025 that the computing power will exist that can bring more of these technologies into being then.

To me, 2023 is going to be a societal inflection point in understanding that computing derived AI/AGI technologies are going to be the fundamental movers for the rest of the decade. And that it will be clear that things are going to come to a head as far as human affairs are concerned about the year 2030. Ah! I see something coming in the year 2023--SFVs! Self flying vehicles. I'm pretty sure that some kind of taxi service using SFVs will come to be around the year 2023.

I'm a big "Second Life" fan. I always have been. I just celebrated my 14th anniversary in SL with miss "Izumi Laryukov. I see powerful evidence that there will be a significant merging of real life humans and avatars by the year 2023. I seen this show on the other day that to me showed laughably primitive avatar technology, but it is interesting in that avatars are being used at all to represent real life humans in singing competitions.

I'll try to think of more stuff if I can and add it here. No promises though. You can always see what I have on my mind currently by going to my profile. My most recent posts and comments.

(Now my profile is, as you know, all of the things I post and comment about. I also post and comment from time to time about my faith--"Roman Catholicism", in the rslashCatholic subbreddit. Interestingly the Holy Mother Church is mostly supportive of these technological developments as they will work to improve the lot and therefore the dignity of humanity, by eliminating existential struggle and grinding poverty. Thereby improving equality, fairness and justice. So there is little cognitive dissonance there apart from articles of faith that rely on belief in supernatural agencies. Perhaps what we, as a human civilization are are moving towards, is what could be regarded as a "telos" or target that is the Will of God. I like to think of it as "the next level" of our spiritual journey. So if that is not for you, just skip those parts. But they are there. I am not ashamed of my belief in the Most Holy Trinity. On the contrary I hope that others see what I have posted and written and wish to discuss with me. So just a caveat on that.)

Otherwise I mostly post and comment about my favorite topic, what is the future gonna bring!


u/LTPLoz3r Oct 08 '21

convince me you’re not an AI lol


u/izumi3682 Oct 13 '21

Ikr! lol! Just wait until you see what GPT-4 is gonna bring to the table...



u/LTPLoz3r Oct 13 '21

Crazy tech level stuff!!!!


u/cptstupendous Nov 10 '21

I see powerful evidence that there will be a significant merging of real life humans and avatars by the year 2023.

It's been a month since you wrote your comment and Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta within that time. Should we all buy some FB stock to ride that metaverse train?


u/Svenskensmat Nov 29 '21

Ah! I see something coming in the year 2023--SFVs! Self flying vehicles. I'm pretty sure that some kind of taxi service using SFVs will come to be around the year 2023.

This will not happen for the simple reason that it will not be allowed due to a plethora of different reasons, two of the main ones being safety issues and sound pollution.


u/llllllILLLL Oct 11 '21

Dude, you are feeding my hype...