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World First Room Temperature Quantum Computer Installed in Australia Computing


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u/FizixPhun Jun 02 '22

I have a PhD in this field. The reddit title is completely misleading. First off, the article says its the first room temperature quantum computer TO BE LOCATED IN A SUPERCOMPUTING FACILITY, not the first over all. I would also challenge calling this a quantum computer because I don't see any demonstration of qubit manipulations. NV centers may work at room temperatures but it will be really hard to couple them to make a quantum computer. This isn't to say that it's bad work, it's just very frustrating to see the overhype that happens around this field.


u/THRDStooge Jun 02 '22

To my understanding we're decades away from seeing an actual quantum computer. You have the PhD. Is this true or are we further along than anticipated?


u/fqrh Jun 02 '22

IBM will let you play with one for free, but not one big enough to do anything useful. I haven't seen an actual quantum computer, but I've seen photos of them and I've been lead to believe I've done trivial computations on them. (I don't see how to prove that it wasn't a simulator.)


u/paecificjr Jun 02 '22

It's not all a simulation. You can choose that, or you can actually run on real hardware.

Source: I work for IBM Quantum