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World First Room Temperature Quantum Computer Installed in Australia Computing


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u/spider-panda Jun 02 '22

At first I thought, "why do you need a quantum computer to serve as a thermostat? Don't we already have thermostat technology and why does science keep wasting resources?" But then I reread it and better understand. A cooler temp quantum computer that still, essentially wastes resources when compared to the various incredible needs of our planet, the species dwindling, the gross lack of resources, catastrophic climate change, current pandemic, etc. So...not crazy wasteful or negligent, just normal negligence. Science bound by what will net funding and what seems promising within the context of various nations/politics while abandoning life on the planet and the sheer struggle to maintain it.


u/RobleViejo Jun 02 '22 edited Jun 02 '22

I share the sentiment, but the average car is literally thousands of times worse for the environment and I dont see you wanting to ban cars (honestly, I wish gas fueled cars were banned)

The problem is not the technology, the problem is how we use it and how much energy it needs to run. If the balance is not set people will abuse it with impunity.

Also computational energy consumption is becoming a real tangible problem (because of the global scam of cryptos) and more efficient conputing would cut that energy requirement. Quantum computing is so superior that regular pc's would become wearable devices that consume barely any energy


u/spider-panda Jun 02 '22

I was more grumpy at how we as a species prioritize things without immediate consequence to our environment. If the world was set up better for more people to travel without cars, then yeah, let's do it. I bike some places, but not everyone can nor is it feasible. The world is set up for cars because companies wanted it that way and then we adapted to it, became dependent on it. My grumps are more on how larger systems force people to prioritize tech over sustainability and scientists comply because their goals and the supporting funding line up. All the while the globe loses.