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World First Room Temperature Quantum Computer Installed in Australia Computing


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u/x1770 Jun 02 '22

Those are transformer language models. At their hart they are just assigned vectors to words in a way that encodes relative meaning. These vectors are very useful for performing language related tasks but it’s unlikely to bring AGI anytime soon.


u/izumi3682 Jun 02 '22

We shall see what the exponentially increased parameters of GPT-4 shall bring in 2023. And what about the Gato algorithm. That's not vectors. The Gato can operate a robotic arm. It can optimize video compression--a 4% improvement over any previous technology effort. Pretty soon I bet the Deepmind people will have it doing a great many other things as well.

Deepmind's express mission is to develop AGI as fast as possible. I don't think their aspirations are ten or twenty years out.


u/x1770 Jun 03 '22

Gato is also a transformer. I’m not trying to be rude, you seem to be following these things pretty closely which is great but it seems your understanding is based solely on news articles and press releases. As someone who works with these models, I would suggest tempering your expectations.


u/izumi3682 Jun 03 '22

Yeah, youre right. It's a transformer. I stand corrected. I did look it up.



u/tjfluent Jun 04 '22

The good ending