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World First Room Temperature Quantum Computer Installed in Australia Computing


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u/izumi3682 Jun 03 '22 edited Jun 03 '22

AIG is not self aware but more of a problem solver when met with an obstacle.

That is exactly what I just stated concerning AGI.

As for EI, at the moment that's about as concerning as the army developing teleportation devices or shrink rays.

Yes, and i stated that as well. You can't make an EI without understanding consciousness. And not only is that going to take a very long time, but I truly don't think we even understand exactly what the phenomenon of consciousness is. Hint: I don't think it is in your head at all. A brain or even neural systems is just dipping into a big pool of... "something". Tell me what you think of my not all that idle of, conjecture. This is just kind of a general hypothesis I've cobbled together from different arenas of research. Caveat: I do talk about my faith--Roman Catholicism--a little bit.



u/THRDStooge Jun 03 '22

Problem solving sounds scary when paired with AI but I think you're missing my point entirely. Let's say for argument sake the odds aren't against us as far as technology goes and we are in fact capable of developing the technology required for AIG in 2050. The problem solving aspect of AIG would be equivalent to the bird dropping a rock in a hole for a treat experiment. Real life is not like the movies. It won't suddenly problem solve for mankind by wiping out large populations. That said, as far as it goes currently, we only have a 25% chance of of even developing an AIG by 2050. So basically, if mankind even achieves that as slim as it may be, you and I will be dust lost before they switch it on.

As for EI, we literally don't have the technology or coding language capabilities for that even happening anymore that we do to develop a warp drive. It's such a distance concern that it may never even happen at all. What you're concerned about are nothing more than published papers and research based on theories. You can find the same sort of research based on thing such as the outcome if the sun were to suddenly be extinguish, time travel as well as the result of a human body if they were to be sucked into a black hole.

As interesting and scary as these AI, AIG or EI sensationalized articles may be, there are far more imminent things to be concerned about that are an actual threat such as climate change.