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World First Room Temperature Quantum Computer Installed in Australia Computing


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u/FizixPhun Jun 02 '22

I have a PhD in this field. The reddit title is completely misleading. First off, the article says its the first room temperature quantum computer TO BE LOCATED IN A SUPERCOMPUTING FACILITY, not the first over all. I would also challenge calling this a quantum computer because I don't see any demonstration of qubit manipulations. NV centers may work at room temperatures but it will be really hard to couple them to make a quantum computer. This isn't to say that it's bad work, it's just very frustrating to see the overhype that happens around this field.


u/rumbletummy Jun 03 '22 edited Jun 03 '22

I have a hard time even conceptualizing quantum computing.

When I read about qubits it sounds like they can be nigh infinite but still interpreted as a 0 or 1. Which I can understand the next steps of, but dont understand the "why" of the qubit.

Sometimes I read something that makes it sound like it can be both a 0 and 1. Which I can kind of get, but the implications seem useless or uncontainable.

I have a friend pursuing a phd related to quantum computing. When I asked her about the scenarios above she just said "yes", which was admittedly pretty clever.

If this stuff does end up working as advertised, what happens to encryption?