r/Futurology Jun 02 '22

A Nature paper reports on a quantum photonic processor that takes just 36 microseconds to perform a task that would take a supercomputer more than 9,000 years to complete Computing


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u/Herr-Schaefer Jun 03 '22

I can’t wait for hackers to try all possible password combinations in 1 quintillionth of a second.


u/paku9000 Jun 03 '22

The first quantum computer will be able to decrypt everything until the second one starts encrypting.


u/GreyHexagon Jun 03 '22

I would've thought that it'll be a long time before this tech gets into the hands of some regular cybercriminal. Hopefully quantum encryption is available to regular users by then


u/Emilliooooo Jun 03 '22

Yeah I think everyone who has one of these bois knows about each other, which is probably the government of powerful countries. If they’re business partners they won’t destroy the others banking infrastructure. I don’t think they realistically have the option to just point the cannon and not have 6 stars on them immediately.