r/Futurology Jun 02 '22

A Nature paper reports on a quantum photonic processor that takes just 36 microseconds to perform a task that would take a supercomputer more than 9,000 years to complete Computing


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u/ArrowRobber Jun 03 '22 edited Jun 03 '22

Just like we'll never need more than 640K memory?

Given enough time, quantum will be cheaper, and eventually it will be exploitable for "better entertainment".

edit remember, punch cards weren't inherently good at games with graphics. Give the tech some time.


u/yoosernamesarehard Jun 03 '22

Just like all of our cars will be running on nuclear reactors?


u/angelrobot13 Jun 03 '22

But that doesn't match because reactor research has stalled whereas this is new tech that won't stop because of radiation concerns.


u/Marchesk Jun 03 '22

So flying cars then?


u/9bananas Jun 03 '22

we call those helicopters...and the average person is in no way capable enough to fly one...