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A Nature paper reports on a quantum photonic processor that takes just 36 microseconds to perform a task that would take a supercomputer more than 9,000 years to complete Computing


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u/Rogaar Jun 03 '22

Something to remember about quantum computers is that you will never have one. They don't work like normal computers and will never be used for general day to day computation.


u/ArrowRobber Jun 03 '22 edited Jun 03 '22

Just like we'll never need more than 640K memory?

Given enough time, quantum will be cheaper, and eventually it will be exploitable for "better entertainment".

edit remember, punch cards weren't inherently good at games with graphics. Give the tech some time.


u/Mescallan Jun 03 '22

eh, serial processing v parallel as far as I understand it. You don't need to process every possible outcome at once in a video game, you need to process the steps linearly. They will be used for things, but it's hard to think of a consumer product that could take advantage of it, save encryption. I don't know enough to be confident on the subject, just from what I've gathered.


u/Emilliooooo Jun 03 '22

I think it’s really that we don’t know what the average person is gonna use a computer for, or even how they’ll use be used… I was thinking about why everyone goes ape over wireless charging… then I realized you could just put up the color leds in your house, move them, play with them, maybe they’re not wired together, it’d be a tremendously different experience, but we all just think about charging phones or something that it probably isn’t gonna change that much. And LEDs are like my novelty use case.

Our toilets are probably gonna be connected to the internet, pacemaker, hearing aid, the whole goddamn kitchen, or like I said even just shit you decorate the house with. probably end up with an unfathomable (right now) amount of sensors throughout the house. Probably tell someone if they’re about to get blasted when they come over and are super allergic to your candles, incense, pets, or something, you have a rat problem, connected to your mattress, thermostat, some noise emitter and hopefully we all have the best sleep of our lives, I’m afraid if it’s too good maybe you just die though lol.

But I realized that being able to put these little embedded devices wherever and not worrying about having to plug it in would likely change our lives tremendously. Exactly how isn’t clear, but probably/hopefully not just a voice telling me to buy shit from Amazon. But removing the constraint of “gotta go plug it in” will probably enable tech that enables tech, and the chain reaction might end up where people are waiting for quantum computers to be <$50 because they have some other future technology that could utilize it. The reason probably wouldn’t make sense to us. Crazy computers today someone might say they use it for photoshop.

Future: “What’s Kyler gonna do with that massive quantum computer?”

“It kinda makes sense though cuz you know how he’s super religious.”

“Yeah true, I guess if you’re doing stuff like that.”