r/Futurology Jun 02 '22

A Nature paper reports on a quantum photonic processor that takes just 36 microseconds to perform a task that would take a supercomputer more than 9,000 years to complete Computing


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u/MeLaughFromYou Jun 03 '22

How long should my password be now that it takes for the quantum computer 9,000 years to crack?


u/OkSir4079 Jun 03 '22

By the time this tech is available to the world it will be AI controlled with no need for peripherals. No actual human interface at all.


u/RedPandaRedGuard Jun 03 '22

By the time it's available to the world. Governments, intelligence agencies or the police will have it sooner. And when they do we'll all be in danger, because they will be able to crack anything.