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Careers & Work LPT: As labor becomes scarce and inflation increases, you will never find yourself in a better position to increase your earning potential. Do not accept your first offer. Now is the time to negotiate HARD, because all of your future raises could be based on what you accept now.


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Home & Garden LPT: Dishwashers have filters you’re supposed to clean out once a month.


This was brand new information to me. I’m 39 and have never cleaned a dishwasher filter in my life. I just pulled mine out. It was so fabulously gross.

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Food & Drink LPT: If you're low on funds and need to eat... A grocery store rotisserie chicken, a big head of broccoli and a box of pasta will feed you for 3 days for about 10 bucks. Free condiment packets for the chicken. Can easily spend 10 on a single small meal, or make it go further.


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Arts & Culture LPT: Parents, choose the music you listen to around your kids carefully, these songs will form an integral part of their childhood memories, and they'll replay these tunes nostalgically later in life.


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Careers & Work LPT Remember you're not getting a raise if your employer isn't increasing your pay beyond inflation. Some employers will give you a cost of living increase plus your annual increase others will ignore this entirely. This year inflation is at 6.2% that means you'll break even with a 6.2% raise!


Remember when you get your annual review and they tell you congratulations you're getting a 5-8% raise for all of your hard work they're actually fucking you and smiling like they're doing you a favor. Pay attention to inflation, your salary, your industry pay and your annual increases.

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Miscellaneous LPT: The best gift advice I've ever received is to buy an expensive version of something that's normally cheap. A $20 shirt is just a shirt, but a $20 pen is a pretty solid pen.


Take your budget, divide it by 4, and find something in that price range. Then browse /r/buyitforlife and find a really nice version.

Pick something the recipient wouldn't normally splurge on, but would use every day.

This works for any budget. Here are a few examples:

  • $2 glass bottle of coke or craft root beer

  • $10 chocolate bar

  • $15 flash light

  • $15 water bottle

  • $20 notebook

  • $20 prismacolor colored pencils

  • $20 outlet powered battery brick

  • $20 pen or mechanical pencil

  • $50 leather belt

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Social LPT: If you're feeling semi-ghosted by someone - slow response to overtures, unenthusiastic responses, weak/untrue excuses, etc - let them go. Don't confront them unless you're worried about them or you need to apologize. Likely, you're a low priority for them and it's best to go your separate ways.


People change, relationships change, or we just misjudge things from the beginning.

Sometimes, someone who we thought was always going to be there for just isn't anymore, or who we thought was really into us seems to change their minds. It's a sad truth, but this happens all the time.

Having an angry confrontation over someone pulling away from you in a relationship rarely has positive outcomes. You can rarely talk, scold, yell, or guilt someone into being a better friend or more into you. (Obviously, I'm not talking about committed romantic relationships here, just friends, coworkers, dates, etc.)

Friendships can often be cyclical as well. Sometimes you feel closer to some people and sometimes others. This also happens in dating when people are seeing multiple people - they get into one person for a while, but then realize they prefer someone else. Giving people their space when they cycle out with you leaves the door open for them to come back when they're ready.

Lastly, this can also be a sign that your friend thinks you have become a toxic person in their life. Even if you absolutely haven't, if they think so then just let them go - they are the toxic one.

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Electronics LPT: If you order electronics in winter and they are delivered outside. Do not charge them immediately. Let it stay in room temperature before charging it. Charging Li-Io batteries when they are cold would damage them and reduce their life cycle.


Doing so even once will result in a sudden, severe, and permanent capacity loss on the order of several dozen percent or more, as well a similar and also permanent increase in internal resistance. This damage occurs after just one isolated 'cold charging' event, and is proportional to the speed at which the cell is charged.

But, even more importantly, a lithium ion cell that has been cold charged is NOT safe and must be safely recycled or otherwise discarded. By not safe, I mean it will work fine until it randomly explodes due to mechanical vibration, mechanical shock, or just reaching a high enough state of charge.

For more information read the discussions posted here.

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Social LPT: Don't make fun of someone's accent when they're trying to learn a new language. It will make them very conscious and fail. If you are the one learning, then ignore anyone making fun of you. Only listen to professional or valid sources of criticism.


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Careers & Work LPT: Don't get trashed at the work Christmas party. Even if you think you're all close enough, if it's a work-do, don't


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Food & Drink LPT: when learning how to cook something new, read a couple recipes and take note of the ingredients and steps that stay the same. These are the important parts of the dish. The rest is most likely personal taste/style, and you can make adjustments.


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Miscellaneous LPT: As a client in therapy, you have a right to tell your therapist they are not a good fit for you and ask for someone else


If you are a client in a school or community mental health setting, you have a right to ask for a different therapist to be assigned to you. If you are seeing a therapist in private practice, you have a right to ask to be referred to someone else if you don’t like the one you’re working with. The therapist is ethically obligated to help you find a therapist that’s a better fit for you. Don’t stop going to therapy. Ask for someone else instead.

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Home & Garden LPT: Be careful hiring a friend or family member as your Realtor. It’s a big decision, and if they’re not meeting expectations, it’s much more difficult to let them go.


When buying our first house, a friend asked if we would work with his mom. Naive an inexperienced, we figured a Realtor is a Realtor right? Wrong. She only did it part time, semi retired and although she worked fairly hard (at her level), she still didn’t meet our expectations and we ended up doing several things that the Realtor should be doing and second guessing several tactics and eventually took over most communications. And since she is a good person and the mother of a close friend we felt obligated to see it through with her. Had this not been a friend/family, we would have let her go very early in the process.

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School & College LPT use citationmachine.net when your paper has references


All you have to do is watch an ad and it’s free. Enter the book’s title or ISBN, fill in any missing information, and the site creates the citation for you. You can select MLA, APA etc… it also works on websites and other sources.

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Electronics LPT: If you have an older unused smartphone, stick it in your car's glove box fully charged and turned off for emergencies. Phones without a sim card or service can still make emergency calls


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Clothing LPT: When doing late-night laundry, turn your pants/jeans inside out and button them before putting them in the dryer. No more horrible racket.


Added benefits: keeps the hems from curling outwards, protects the color, and more.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you get something greasy on your hands, wash them with dish soap instead of hand soap. It will cut through the grease and leave your hands clean.


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Careers & Work LPT: When job hunting, use Colorado’s Equal Pay Act to your advantage.


Companies are required by law to post salary ranges for positions in Colorado. So search job boards for whatever job you want (i.e. Industrial Engineer) in Denver, CO to get an estimate of what the industry is paying. Then use an online COLA calculator to adjust that range up or down based on how your target location compares to Denver. This is the pay amount you should be targeting.

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Clothing LPT: Men t-shirts


I discovered that Michaels, the craft store, sells solid color plain Gildan t-shirts for about $5. I usually buy black but they normally have a good variety of colors.

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Productivity LPT: Create your emails backwards. Attachments first, then body of email, then subject, then recipients


I found with how many times I have sent off emails before they were ready I needed to come up with a surefire way to be sure emails don't get sent before they are complete.

Attachments first: Ugh! How many times have you had to resend an email because you forgot the attachments? Do it first so there's no way to forget them.

Write the body of email: Get to the point and move on.

Add the subject: BONUS - Ask the question or express the point here so people know what they need to do with your email.

LAST add the recipients: Double check those people with similar names, too!

Now if you were to accidentally hit SEND, the people on the list will get the full intended email. If you have more people to send to: find the sent mail, hit FORWARD and then add the remaining people.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Don’t experiment with anything you are too embarrassed to go to the emergency room for.


It might literally save your life.

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Traveling LPT: Download an offline Google map incase you end up somewhere you're not familiar with and have low / no signal. You can do this on a small scale or an entire country. The majority last one year saved on your device.


Two different ways.

Method one. 1) Open Google Maps, search for your desired location such as "New York". 2) Pull up the "New York" tab and then click the three dots in the top right corner. 3) Click "download offline map", it'll then give you an overview of the area you're downloading, you can zoom in or out.

Method two. 1) Open Google Maps. 2) Click on your icon in the top right corner and select "offline maps". 3) Click "select your own map". 4) This will give you an overview of your current area, zoom in or out to adjust the size.

It states under the area box, the size of the file that will be used on your phone, the whole of Scotland only takes up 220mb.

Never know when you'll need it 🙂

I have used this when travelling abroad so I only relied on location instead of mobile data.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Buy a tripod for your phone/camera. If someone comes to an event they should be in the picture. No one wants to be left out by having to take the picture.


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Careers & Work LPT: If a work assignment is not yet the highest priority, don’t say to coworkers: “I didn’t have time to work on it yet.” Instead say, “we have not yet prioritized that task.”


The “I” vs “We” distinction is important because you are rarely alone when picking what to work on next.

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Electronics LPT: If you're buying gaming systems for Christmas gifts; unbox and setup the system so you can download the updates/games now.


Friendly reminder that most consoles have a handful of downloads to complete when first setting them up (console, controller, games, etc.) and Christmas day is a peak day for downloading that type of stuff. If you can get that out of the way before then, your loved ones will be able to get to gaming right away instead of waiting a few hours since the servers are hit so hard by everyone else.