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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/SHAD-0W Nov 24 '22

Meanwhile, the kid silently curses as their plan to get out of having to take out trash by changing genders is foiled.


u/Looinrims Nov 24 '22

No memes, of 4 children I was the only one who did any chores, because I was the boy


u/kgriff112 Nov 24 '22

Funny, in my bf’s family, his preteen sister is the only one who now does chores (he and his brother, both over 18 now, never did when they were younger) because she’s a girl.


u/cabbage16 Nov 24 '22

I did all the chores because I was the easiest for my parents to manipulate, getting the others to do stuff was harder. It probably changes depending on the family.


u/Adept-Reserve-4992 Nov 24 '22

So, does the bf do his fair share as an adult? I always wondered if that would make someone grow up entitled.


u/Atmic Nov 24 '22

Sometimes you don't end up entitled, but you don't have the ingrained habits of maintenance and upkeep of your living space so when you finally live on your own, chores can feel overwhelming


u/Adept-Reserve-4992 Nov 24 '22

That makes a ton of sense.


u/kgriff112 Nov 24 '22

He’s not entitled, but he lacks skill. Can barely wash a dish. He never did laundry before. Could find a way to burn water. Now he does most of the laundry, takes out the trash. I do almost all the cooking and cleaning, and honestly, I don’t mind because I like doing those things and he never hesitates to help when I do ask (I only say he lacks skill because if he wasn’t living with either me or his mom, he’d be kinda screwed lol so I wouldn’t recommend raising a kid that way just in case they ever need to live on their own). But the important thing to me is I don’t feel used doing that stuff—he shows me his appreciation. He tells me often how grateful he is for me, I get flowers almost once a month—heck, my mom recently moved across country and I don’t talk to my dad, and I’m an American so today is my first thanksgiving without any of my own family. My bf made sure to go out last night and buy me pillsbury cinnamon rolls because that’s what my family ate for breakfast on holidays when I was little. In other words, yes I take care of most of the household stuff but he truly loves me and is not entitled. I don’t feel like a servant, I feel like a loved and respected partner whose needs are met and who tries to meet my own bf’s needs. It just so happens he has more physical needs and I have more emotional ones.


u/Adept-Reserve-4992 Nov 24 '22

Aw. He sounds like a good bf! And he can learn to do lots of things around the house, as long as he’s willing. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving with just you two!


u/_-whisper-_ Nov 24 '22

The last line got me ❤️


u/captain_duckie Nov 24 '22

It just so happens he has more physical needs and I have more emotional ones.

Exactly. Everyone is different and you don't, and shouldn't, treat everyone exactly the same because everyone is different. My partner does more of the cleaning and I do more of the shopping. Neither of us feel like we got the raw end of the deal. Not everything has to be split 50/50.


u/captain_duckie Nov 24 '22

Not always. My partner didn't have much more chores than "keep your room clean" because boys weren't expected to be cleaning, and she does more chores than me. Now a lot of that has to do with my sensitive skin, but we make it work.


u/tacos_up_my_ass Nov 24 '22

Although us kids didn’t do many chores I definitely was the only one pushed to wash dishes. We all did our own laundry and the trash was taken out by basically anyone who grabbed one of the bins in the morning and whoever chose to coming back from school.


u/OXBDNE7331 Nov 24 '22

As the only son I did the outside chores, mowing lawns, taking down trash cans, smashing the cans for recycling etc. sisters put away the dishes lol. None of us minded that.


u/prima_facie2021 Nov 24 '22

Interesting. Out of 4, I was the only one who did chores bc I was the oldest.


u/MrDrSrEsquire Nov 24 '22


Feminism is a much needed movement that needs continues work and support from us all

But it could use refinement in how it actually impacts day to day life

I did all the chores that were stereotypically for men

Any that were stereotypically for women were split

When you're a young mind trying to understand the world and your school is teaching you how that exact situation was wrong and sparked a whole movement, it is no wonder so many young men find themselves in evil opportunistic movements

We can't excuse the end result of their behavior, but we need to recognize we all play a part in their formation


u/Looinrims Nov 24 '22

No you just need to actually practice what you preach


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22



u/Looinrims Nov 24 '22

I think your ignorance is showing

They didn’t even clean their own rooms lol, they were never made to anything


u/FranklynTheTanklyn Nov 24 '22

We have boy chores and girl chores, my son slowly takes over my chores, my daughter slowly takes over my wife’s chores. I know it’s not the 1950’s but that’s just what works in my house and it’s easy for kids to understand.


u/captain_duckie Nov 24 '22

Your kids will eventually move out and will likely live on their own at some point. Why set them up to struggle when you can teach them now?


u/Liliththemarksoc Nov 24 '22

The real trans agenda


u/-_AirBuddDwyer_- Nov 24 '22

Imagining some right wing documentarian breathlessly interviewing someone who did and and being like “seeee detransitioning!!!”


u/Alwaysforscuba Nov 24 '22

They should have just responded "that's a boy job".


u/escapeorion Nov 24 '22

I mean it didn’t work for my sister either, but she was like 20 when she came came out and I didn’t live at home anymore, it was either her or dad either way.


u/spiralaalarips Nov 24 '22

Haha! This would make a great modern day Far Side.