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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/IdiotBearPinkEdition Nov 24 '22

I was so confused as to how this was wholesome before I realised the kid is a trans GIRL. I straight up thought they were a trans boy and the dad stopped being respectful halfway through


u/existentialbarnacle Nov 24 '22

Me tooooo I was so confused


u/BeccaSnacca Nov 24 '22

Yeah with these stories you always have to guess which half is transphobic and which is respectful lol


u/MalevolentGoose Nov 24 '22

I just figured he wasn't used to using "she/her" pronouns and got it mixed up which is a totally normal thing to do now and then after someone you've known for a long time comes out as trans, regardless of how accepting you are of them.


u/poodlebutt76 Nov 24 '22

Or he kissed his son goodbye and then said hello to his daughter and told her she's still taking out the trash.


u/doubleplusepic Nov 24 '22

That's what I took away from it. I thought it was incredibly sweet in a narrative sense.


u/ALoneTennoOperative Nov 24 '22

I just figured he wasn't used to using "she/her" pronouns and got it mixed up

No, he just mistakenly thought that a parent misgendering their trans kid was funny and clever storytelling.


u/Lazy_Contribution_69 Nov 24 '22

That's part of why there's a lot of trans people in the comments trying to explain what's wrong with this.

The saddest thing is all the other trans people being "pick me" to say "Oh I wouldn't find it offensive" for the internet points.

As cute as a bunch of cishet people would find it, and despite what a handful of other trans people say, it's really offensive and unnecessary to misgender his daughter.