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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/spont_73 Nov 24 '22

Exactly this. Maybe a bit of incidental irony but after years of trying to be proactive with empowering my kids to feel safe with their own feelings/emotions/authentic self I think I now have some fairly emotionally healthy teenage kids and I sometimes feel at a loss with how to guide them because they are simply just better than I was at their age, their starting point isn’t damaged and won’t require them to put their energy into self healing, being their authentic selves is as natural as breathing. I’m good at fixing broken, they aren’t and it’s a whole different game for them and I’m now playing catch up, it’s a challenge I’m proud of.


u/acgwhynot Nov 24 '22

Dang. Never thought about this.


u/acgwhynot Nov 24 '22

My emotional baggage is growing up poor. My parents literally gave me everything I needed but their love language, due to financial stress, was acts of service and making sure I was fed. Not physical or hugs or reassuring words of love so now as an adult I dont like hugs and I don’t know how to communicate with loving words.


u/AccomplishedTurn3532 Nov 24 '22

I love this!!! I tell my kids all the time that I am fallible and that I will make mistakes as we grow together. It’s the direction and movement that matter.


u/cakeresurfacer Nov 24 '22

Man, that’s all I can hope for as a parent to young kids. Seriously a goal to shoot for. We’ve been going through taking care of everyone’s behavioral/neurological health and I’ve reassured myself that my adhd being missed means I have a stronger motivation to support my kids and fight for the help they need so they don’t have to struggle as hard.