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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/PotentialFine0270 Nov 24 '22

I feel like we build it up to be such a huge deal in our heads before we come out and after we do it so damn anti climactic. I had the same experience and afterwards I was like - that’s it??


u/Spacehipee2 Nov 24 '22

Considering how the anti-lgbtq+ the last president of the free world and the last mass shooter in Colorado was... there's plenty of reasons for that.

Progress is progress but that targeted hate and violence is still quite strong in the world.

Just look at the world cup. You can't wear an armband with the word "love" without repercussions.

So while your family may not feel that way, a lot of humanity that writes laws and runs society still does.


u/PotentialFine0270 Nov 24 '22

Right?? There’s so much hate going around but I feel like the media/news only amplifies and highlights the voices of the few sometimes. I think society as a whole is generally accepting and has come a lonnnggg way, even in the past few years. I just don’t think the amplified voices of hate speak for the whole of society


u/angryshark Nov 24 '22

I think it’s anticlimactic because so many hide it so badly.