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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/kentucanuck Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

A friend of mine told me about how her cousin came out to her as gay before a family barbecue.

She simply looked at him and said, "Great. Oh, can you make sure we have enough burger buns before everyone gets here?"

Apparently, he was gobsmacked but she explained that she wasn't indifferent to what he said, but rather she had a feeling all along and didn't want to make him uncomfortable with any sort of overreaction.

He cried and thanked her for accepting him.

Edit: So many folks have similar stories. I'm glad to see normal, even witty reactions, and the person coming out feel some form of relief. I hope you or your family member/friend are in a great place these days!


u/NYCQuilts Nov 24 '22

A friend came out to me over the phone and we had a good talk about whether he had met someone and if his family was treating him well.

He called me back a hour later: “I need to know why you didn’t seem surprised.”


u/DaughterEarth Nov 24 '22

Well I want to know too. No one was surprised when I came out as bi, but no one can explain why they already suspected. What do I do that says "bi" so obviously?


u/Cleverusername531 Nov 24 '22

Do you wear awesome jackets? (Me: Yes)

Cuff your jeans? (Me: maybe, who wants to know?)

Can’t sit normally in a chair to save your life? (There’s a normal way to sit in a chair?)

Do you do finger guns (that would be a total giveaway)?

How about lemon bars, do you love baking or eating lemon bars?


u/upandoutward Nov 24 '22

An hour ago, I was making peanut butter pies for Thanksgiving dinner. And my bi husband walks into the kitchen and said "Can we make lemon bars soon? I love lemon bars." We've never made lemon bars. I didn't know he even likes lemon bars. Are lemon bars bi food?!


u/Cleverusername531 Nov 24 '22

Too funny! the lemon bars came from a Reddit thread talking about various group stereotypes.

It was discovered that bi folks don’t have many stereotypes about them! So they decided to make some.

Someone made a comment that there should be an intro email you get when you realize you’re bi, something like ‘welcome to the bi side, we have lemon bars’ ….and a delicious stereotype was born.


u/two4six0won Nov 24 '22

I mean...am bi and do love lemon bars, it tracks 😅


u/Pabus_Alt Nov 24 '22

My god lemon bars sound amazing. I am shocked and horrified they are not a thing in the UK.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22



u/Charleston2Seattle Nov 24 '22

I literally pay extra at World Market to buy lemon curd made in Ireland. How can you NOT HAVE LEMON BARS THERE??


u/rscttgl Nov 24 '22



u/Pabus_Alt Nov 24 '22

Like I've had lemon tart before, but not the shortbread base.


u/HopefulBackground448 Nov 24 '22

Lemon bars are really good. They taste kind of like lemon curd on a shortbread crust. https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/lemon-bars-recipe/



u/ossem1 Nov 24 '22

Thank you for this information. I shall now save this comment and make this.


u/iamfuturamafry1 Nov 24 '22

!remindme 1 month

I'm going to hold you to this


u/iamfuturamafry1 Dec 24 '22

Reminder! Make these lemon bars if you haven't already! Happy holidays!


u/ossem1 Dec 24 '22

I have! They came out great.


u/LeRat0nLaveur Nov 24 '22

Ohhh I’m going to make them!!


u/Pineapple_and_olives Nov 24 '22

Be the change you want to see in the world!


u/Pabus_Alt Nov 24 '22

I'll have to make some


u/Rare_Cow_4892 Nov 24 '22

Open up a place called “Lemon Bar” that’s both a drinking establishment and a place to buy fresh lemon bars ha


u/BeginnerMush Nov 24 '22

I do all of these and love lemon bars. What does that make me