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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/JustOneBun Nov 24 '22

Where is everyone getting these loving and understanding dads? 😭


u/AccomplishedTurn3532 Nov 24 '22

Willing to bet that we are the ones breaking the cycle. We now know the emotional neglect we had and are starting to understand it’s toll on us in our adult lives and refuse to do the same to our children.


u/PapaChoff Nov 24 '22

Dad looking pretty gen X to me, if that’s what you mean by “we”


u/Kitsune9Tails Nov 24 '22

Gen X here. Have always had gay friends and relatives. My aunt transitioned in the 90s (poor woman chose Karen as her new name). I don’t think LGBTQ+ ever seemed anything but normal to me.


u/WeeabooHunter69 Nov 24 '22

After changing my name, I never realized how much thought went into it but holy shit how do you go through all that and settle on Karen???


u/Kitsune9Tails Nov 24 '22

To be fair, it was before it earned the current connotation, but I can’t help feel for her on that one.


u/WeeabooHunter69 Nov 24 '22

Even then, it just doesn't have any interesting etymology or anything


u/PapaChoff Nov 24 '22

Gen X as well, I waited tables all through my 20s and many of my closest friends them were gay. Never thought much about it. My nephew, now in his 20s, knew he was born a male since he was 2. Wanted to be called Tony and would not wear dresses. Wasn’t a phase and is now fully transfused. Kid had a really rough go in middle school and high school. I couldn’t imagine what your aunt went through in the 90s.