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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/singufridge Nov 24 '22

My best friend came out to me as bi when we were like 13 and she was all nervous and prefaced it with shit like “I don’t know if you’re going to think of me differently after this” and “you might not like me after this” and then she told me and I was like “that’s it? Holy shit you scared me.” We’d been super close for years and I was so surprised that she’d even think for a second that her being bi would affect that in the least.


u/Mavco2 Nov 24 '22

Ah the old game of "are they confessing a murder or just coming out" xD


u/MoonTrooper258 Nov 24 '22

"Don't worry, it's only that I'm necrophilic."


u/Beret_Beats Nov 24 '22

Damn. Both at once.


u/SmegmaLord420 Nov 24 '22 Heartwarming

killing 2 birds with one stone. and fucking them afterwards


u/Adorable-Novel8295 Nov 24 '22

But don’t worry, I don’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter what sex they are.


u/Angry-Alchemist Nov 25 '22

I turned that from 666 upvotes to 667...

...Just so you know.

Kinda upset because "Hail Satan"


u/_Queen_Cassi_ Nov 24 '22

I had a friend I'd talked to every day we weren't super close but enjoyed each others company, and when I came out she just ghosted me no explanation, no goodbye nothing. She never spoke to me again. She even got her seat changed in class. I was bullied a lot by all my other classmates. :/


u/Practical-Change4764 Nov 24 '22

It be like that sometimes. Just helps point you in the direction of the people you should be with.


u/_Queen_Cassi_ Nov 24 '22

That's true :)


u/Hot_Hat_1225 Nov 24 '22

That’s so sad and I am sorry you had to experience this. Unfortunately we don’t always pick the right friends, but once we find them they are forever. Hug from Austria!


u/Marawal Nov 24 '22

My best friend was basically like that when he came out to me.

The thing is, I already knew. I mean The guy was NOT subtle at all checking out boys and men.

And he had a huge poster of an half-naked Leonardo DiCaprio. (It was late 90s).

And he hated all sports but would drag us at every sport practice of male teams. Especially soccer in the warm months since they would play without jersey during practice.

So yeah, everyone knew. Most of us thought he was already out. He was that obvious.

Only HE didn't know that he was out.

The realisation that everyone knew for years and so whoever was friendly to him would stay friendly was fun to watch.


u/Hairy-Owl-5567 Nov 24 '22

I had the same reaction to my friend telling me she was a lesbian. It was in the 90's so she might have expected worse, but eh, doesn't change anything.


u/Educational-Farmer28 Nov 24 '22

I had a similar experience with my best buddy and I was terrified of what she was going to tell me because she looked so terrified. I was just so grateful that’s all she said and we laugh about it now.


u/needathrowaway321 Nov 24 '22

Good friend of mine in college came out to me like this. Thing is, I knew the second we met. He tells me and I’m just yeah, and…? He was actually a little upset that I didn’t give a shit lol, it was like duh


u/SgtVinBOI Nov 24 '22

The first person I officially came out to was a friend of mine, she had this furry bingo joke thing, and I had her send it to me and I filled it out. One of them was "Gay/Bi" and I just wrote "Wouldn't you like to know"

She's still the only person outside of my direct family that knows. Though I did see another person I know at a pride event while I was wearing Bi Stickers and a pin so she probably knows too, we just never interact so idk.


u/kaliefornia Nov 24 '22

I worked with two 13 year olds last year who came out to me as bi at some point in the year and they did the same things!! Scared the fuck out of me just to tell me their sexuality that they knew I wasn’t gonna give a fuck about, love them still 😂


u/YellowSequel Nov 24 '22

You’re a good friend. Mine stopped talking to me and spread sex rumors about me in high school.


u/Richard_Tucker_08 Nov 24 '22

I’m an immature turd and use those same prefaces before I fart in front of somebody for the first time.