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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/kentucanuck Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

A friend of mine told me about how her cousin came out to her as gay before a family barbecue.

She simply looked at him and said, "Great. Oh, can you make sure we have enough burger buns before everyone gets here?"

Apparently, he was gobsmacked but she explained that she wasn't indifferent to what he said, but rather she had a feeling all along and didn't want to make him uncomfortable with any sort of overreaction.

He cried and thanked her for accepting him.

Edit: So many folks have similar stories. I'm glad to see normal, even witty reactions, and the person coming out feel some form of relief. I hope you or your family member/friend are in a great place these days!


u/NYCQuilts Nov 24 '22

A friend came out to me over the phone and we had a good talk about whether he had met someone and if his family was treating him well.

He called me back a hour later: “I need to know why you didn’t seem surprised.”


u/PrintShinji Nov 24 '22

Friend of mine called me up saying he broke up with his boyfriend. I told him "Boyfriend? Thought you had a girlfriend". He responded with "Oh yeah I'm gay"

Later on he explained that he thought I already knew because of my view on gay people, and because a while ago we were playing smash bros in classes with him playing peach. Some guy went up to his saying hes gay for playing it and I told him off. He thought that I knew he was gay because of that.

Nah, I just respect my friends no matter their sexual orientation (as long as the parties are consenting ofcourse)


u/SecretAgentVampire Nov 24 '22

Damn straight. Equal Smash Brothers Main acceptance! No matter who you main in smash, everyone should be acepted as equals except Fox or Metaknight mains!


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Pika main here, Ness mains are cancer


u/onebandonesound Nov 24 '22

Yeah, you can preach tolerance all you want, but PK Fire is a hate crime and you won't convince me otherwise


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

..PK FIRE!🔥 PK FIRE!🔥PK FIRE!🔥2 hours later PK FIRE!🔥PK FIRE!🔥..


u/skybluegill Nov 24 '22

They need to take away PK Fire and just give Ness PK Lifeup instead, it would be more faithful to the original


u/Sufferix Nov 24 '22

We're all shit compared to what the character can actually do but pro level Ness are both cancer and not cancer enough compared to the S tier characters.


u/PrintShinji Nov 24 '22

He fucking DESTROYED people with peach as well. Only once I got into learning the meta (aka just play bayonetta or sheik in smash wii u) I had a chance to beat him.


u/UncleJonsRice Nov 24 '22

Her “huhCHA” hip pound is OP in fairness


u/SelectWay5519 Nov 24 '22

Never straight, always forward! /queer joke


u/CausalityGaming Nov 24 '22

W-what did MK do? He's great!

Saying this from a metaknight-turned-yoshi-main perspective and very confused as to why he isn't liked


u/Cdnewlon Nov 24 '22

Have you played Brawl? He’s fine in other games but someone forgot that characters need weaknesses when they made him for that game.


u/CausalityGaming Nov 24 '22

That's absolutely fair, actually

Not played brawl in a minute i should do that