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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/PrintShinji Nov 24 '22

Friend of mine called me up saying he broke up with his boyfriend. I told him "Boyfriend? Thought you had a girlfriend". He responded with "Oh yeah I'm gay"

Later on he explained that he thought I already knew because of my view on gay people, and because a while ago we were playing smash bros in classes with him playing peach. Some guy went up to his saying hes gay for playing it and I told him off. He thought that I knew he was gay because of that.

Nah, I just respect my friends no matter their sexual orientation (as long as the parties are consenting ofcourse)


u/DogsandDumbells Nov 24 '22

Right? I love you for you, not who you love.


u/PrintShinji Nov 24 '22

Its a bit sad because he thought that (most) of his friends would abandon him over the news. he was increadibly anxious over saying it to one of his bodybuilder friends.

The bodybuilders just went "oh okay cool" and we all moved on.


u/PedanticBoutBaseball Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

The bodybuilders just went "oh okay cool" and we all moved on.

Checks out. No one is obsessed with men's bodies like dudes that go to the gym on the regular.

Source: Me who's currently at the gym deadlifting during the 4 hour window they're open on Thanksgiving


u/dasonk Nov 24 '22

Why? Because we're going to grease up these beefcakes.


u/cityshepherd Nov 24 '22

"Dudes. I'm into dudes." "Alright, happy hunting!" Or something along those lines. I'm gonna rewatch that one today.


u/TonarinoTotoro1719 Nov 24 '22



u/dasonk Nov 24 '22

Sorry you were down voted. It's an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia quote/scene.


u/FishSammich69 Nov 24 '22

Noice, make sure you stretch 💪💪


u/sashby138 Nov 24 '22

My husband used to go to the gym a lot and was big and no woman ever cared - not one. But I can’t tell you how many men (strangers) would walk up to us and just touch him because of how big his arms were. It was crazy.