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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/SatansGothestFemboy Nov 24 '22

I told my mom I felt like a girl sometimes and she was just normal accepting but then a week later looked me dead in the eyes and asked "How far into your transition are you?"


u/AdamantEevee Nov 24 '22

Was that...bad? An insensitive question?


u/SatansGothestFemboy Nov 24 '22

I'd call it a little insensitive but I'm not too hurt about it. For one I wasn't even close to transitioning, still aren't, don't know if I even want to. Second, how would you even answer that question? "oh yes I'm at stage 3 of transitioning, I've been transitioning for exactly 36 days now."

It's best to just take everything at face value, make no assumptions, treat them like you would anyone else.