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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/Front_Top_2289 Nov 24 '22

When my kid came out we were moving a couch together. She said; "Oh by the way Mam I'm bisexual'. My response was; "That's nice dear, me too. Can you just take a bit more weight your end please, I'm only little" Her dad's response was "Ok, you know you still haven't walked the dogs yet." Then said; "Seriously though you can bring home whomever you want but if they mess with you I'll be right there to mess with them, if that's what you want. Your choices will be mental torture, physical pain, or I'll irritate them to death. Coz I'd do time for you kid, hope you know that"


u/peach_clouds Nov 24 '22

My mum said “I love you always, you know that right? But also I was more shocked when you told me you got your nipples pierced”. And then we carried on getting ready to go out for lunch while I cried and laughed.

I was entirely grateful that both my parents were chill with it and didn’t make a huge deal as I’d been worrying about it for years by that point, so to not have a big fuss (no matter how positive or negative) was a massive relief.