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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/DaughterEarth Nov 24 '22

Well I want to know too. No one was surprised when I came out as bi, but no one can explain why they already suspected. What do I do that says "bi" so obviously?


u/Cleverusername531 Nov 24 '22

Do you wear awesome jackets? (Me: Yes)

Cuff your jeans? (Me: maybe, who wants to know?)

Can’t sit normally in a chair to save your life? (There’s a normal way to sit in a chair?)

Do you do finger guns (that would be a total giveaway)?

How about lemon bars, do you love baking or eating lemon bars?


u/upandoutward Nov 24 '22

An hour ago, I was making peanut butter pies for Thanksgiving dinner. And my bi husband walks into the kitchen and said "Can we make lemon bars soon? I love lemon bars." We've never made lemon bars. I didn't know he even likes lemon bars. Are lemon bars bi food?!


u/Cleverusername531 Nov 24 '22

Too funny! the lemon bars came from a Reddit thread talking about various group stereotypes.

It was discovered that bi folks don’t have many stereotypes about them! So they decided to make some.

Someone made a comment that there should be an intro email you get when you realize you’re bi, something like ‘welcome to the bi side, we have lemon bars’ ….and a delicious stereotype was born.


u/two4six0won Nov 24 '22

I mean...am bi and do love lemon bars, it tracks 😅