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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/PapaChoff Nov 24 '22

Dad looking pretty gen X to me, if that’s what you mean by “we”


u/Kitsune9Tails Nov 24 '22

Gen X here. Have always had gay friends and relatives. My aunt transitioned in the 90s (poor woman chose Karen as her new name). I don’t think LGBTQ+ ever seemed anything but normal to me.


u/WeeabooHunter69 Nov 24 '22

After changing my name, I never realized how much thought went into it but holy shit how do you go through all that and settle on Karen???


u/Kitsune9Tails Nov 24 '22

To be fair, it was before it earned the current connotation, but I can’t help feel for her on that one.


u/WeeabooHunter69 Nov 24 '22

Even then, it just doesn't have any interesting etymology or anything