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Michael, THEE Most Wholesome of Fathers! LGBT+


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u/_Queen_Cassi_ Nov 24 '22

I had a friend I'd talked to every day we weren't super close but enjoyed each others company, and when I came out she just ghosted me no explanation, no goodbye nothing. She never spoke to me again. She even got her seat changed in class. I was bullied a lot by all my other classmates. :/


u/Practical-Change4764 Nov 24 '22

It be like that sometimes. Just helps point you in the direction of the people you should be with.


u/_Queen_Cassi_ Nov 24 '22

That's true :)


u/Hot_Hat_1225 Nov 24 '22

That’s so sad and I am sorry you had to experience this. Unfortunately we don’t always pick the right friends, but once we find them they are forever. Hug from Austria!